How To Use A Hydro Penis Pump – Quick Tutorial For The Bathmate and Penomet Pumps


The best way to maximize the benefits of penis pumps, particularly the more modern hydro pumps like the Bathmate and Penomet is using them correctly.

Bathmate and Penomet Pumps Quick Guide
Quick Guide on Using the Bathmate and Penomet Correctly

With correct and appropriate use, you as the user can greatly benefits with great results, as well as safety avoiding injuries due to incorrect use of the device.

For quick overview purposes, here are the basics of using a penis pump. Keep in mind, every user although the manufacturer recommends certain way on how to use the pump, it is at the user’s hand to harness every potential of the device by experiment while keeping safety mind.

The Bathmate Pump Quick Guide

The Bathmate has been a trendy choice, whether it be for penis enlargement or penile health therapy. Even a urologist recommends the use of the Bathmate pumps as part of an overall treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Here is a quick guide on using a Bathmate pump applicable for Hydro and Hydromax series. For a quick guide on using the Bathmate Xtreme series, click here.

Quick Guide On Using The Penomet

Another popular water-based or hydro penis pump is the Penomet. Similarly, it functions as the Bathmate pumps but with a different design due to its removable gaiter system.

While the Bathmate pumps are designed with various models for a wide range of penis sizes, the Penomet’s design is a single model but with different gaiter sizes with varying capacities of pressure.

Here is a quick guide on using the Penomet penis pump.

What About Using The Conventional Air Vacuum Penis Pumps?

The conventional penis pumps that use air to create the vacuum are still a popular choice for some men. There is a quick guide on using the traditional penis pumps, but for the sake of completeness of this quick guide, here is another quick tutorial.

Where to buy a conventional penis pump, you may say? You can still buy them online. Probably, the best place to purchase it is on Amazon. Check out these air-powered penis pumps.


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