Quick Fixes For Bathmate Hydromax Pump Suction Issues And Basic Troubleshooting


The new Bathmate Hydromax series is designed for better performance and accommodate bigger size penises than the previous Hydromax. In fact, Hydromax X30 is the second biggest hydro pump in the Bathmate pumps, Goliath being the biggest of them all.

However, since the March 2013, there have been issues encountered on the Hydromax series, X30 in particular. The issue being not able to sustain good suction. On some occasions, users reported the pump produces bubbles while using it. Bathmate offers some quick fixes and tips about how to use Bathmate Hydromax penis pump properly.

Hydromax Release Valve

A Short List Of Quick Fixes

That You Can Go Through Solving Common Bathmate Issues

The release valve can be out of alignment when it is left in a locked position for a long time. When not in used, the lever should be in the central position, ideally.

In Hydromax models, when it is left locked either to the left or right for a long time, the lock becomes unbalanced or misaligned and need to be reset manually.

Switching the valve from left to right locked positions several times is a way of resetting the lock. If it straightens itself out, there is a good chance the lock is working. If it does not, try to switch the lever/switch from to left to right lock positions once again.

Alternately, flick the cap off using a screwdriver, and manually straighten the valve using the fingers.

Install or put the valve back into the cap making sure it is in the correct orientation holding the grey nipple, and then click the cap back again to its operational position.

How To Replace Hydromax Valve

Replacing The Comfort Pad

Basic Troubleshooting Steps On Determining A Faulty Hydromax

Quick Step-by-Step Procedure
  • Fill bucket, bathtub or sink with water that is deep enough to submerge the entire Hydromax pump.
  • Take the Hydromax pump with the valve on unlocked, or straight position.
  • Hold the pump in an upright position with its gaiter or rubber base pointing downward, and then submerge the Hydromax pump unit into the bucket, bathtub, or sink filled with water.
  • Press the gaiter against the bottom of the bucket, bathtub, or sink until a vacuum is produced, just as pumping normally with penis inside the pump.
  • When the vacuum is produced, Hydromax pump unit should stay in place, and it should remain stuck at the bottom for a few minutes ideally.

In case the Hydromax pump unit did not stay in place as it supposed, check the O-Ring if it creates a good seal. Follow the instructions below on testing the internal O-Ring.

Testing The Internal O-Ring

For Hydromax Pumps
  • Take off the grey insert comfort pad.
  • Fill the pump with water and seal it with a smooth plastic surface cup.
  • Hold the pump in your hand vertically, and wait 5 seconds until water the water is settled. When there are no bubbles at the lower gaiter pump area, it is air tight and sealed fully.
  • Rotate the pump 180 degrees to continue observing and testing. If it is air tight, expel the remaining air from the pump by holding the neck part of the pump and pushing the gaiter to expel any remaining air inside.
  • If air bubbles are present and rising from the valve O-Ring, twist the valve head to clear any dirt obstruction to fix the leak.
  • Vertically hold the pump again and observe if bubbles are present. If bubbles are present, press the pip inward to see if the bubbling stops. If not, the valve is faulty. Take off the faulty valve and replace.

Replacing The Bathmate Hydromax X30/X40 Valve

Bathmate Is Sucking The Balls or Digging In Pubic Skin

The new Hydromax series X30/X40 and its corresponding Xtreme series include a comfort pad to prevent this from happening. This is the purpose of the comfort that comes with the new Hydromax series, and it’s removable. This means, you can take it off the pump and can still use the pump without the comfort pad being on it.

The reason a pump user would do this is to experience more suction power, which in turn generate more negative pressure or vacuum inside the pump resulting to a more intense pumping experience.

However, there is a bad side using the Hydromax pump without its comfort pad on it as it tends to dig into the skin right where it has direct contact at the pubic area, or worse it sucks in the balls while performing pumping routine, which can be uncomfortable.

If you’re among such Hydromax users who like to use the pump without the comfort pad but still want the comfort, you can use a universal penis pump sleeves. You can get this from eBay or Amazon.com, or even at the local sex toys shop near you. This type of penis pump sleeves are similar to those used on conventional air vacuum pump, but of course, can be used with the Hydromax pumps without the comfort pad.

Universal Penis Pump Sleeves

Hydromax Valve Test and Repair Guide

Taken From Bathmate Support

This troubleshooting and testing method is taken from Bathmate’s official support. Check below on how to get in touch with the Bathmate helpdesk for other concerns not mentioned in this article. The first part of this 10-Step troubleshooting and testing guide is to test Bathmate’s internal O-RING making sure it’s properly positioned and no air leak. This applies to Hydromax models

  • Step 1

    Take out the grey insert comfort pad.

  • Step 2

    Fill the pump with water and using a smooth surface object like a cup or beaker, pump it to seal.

  • Step 3

    Once the seal is made, hold the pump vertically waiting 5 seconds to allow the water to settle. There should be no bubbles that appear inside the pump cylinder, which means the seal is air tight.

  • Step 4

    Rotate the pump position to 180-degree position, which means if in Step 3 the valve is in upside, it should be in downside with this position. Again, there should be no bubbling appears.

  • Step 5

    Once all the tests are confirmed for both the seal and O-RING, the remaining air inside the pump should be expelled.

  • Step 6

    By holding the neck part of the Hydromax pump, press towards the gaiter to expel remaining air inside the pump.

  • Step 7

    Check again for any present of bubbles

  • Step 8

    When air bubbles are present and coming from the grey valve, press the pip inward using your finger and if the bubbles stop, the valve is faulty. Either clean, or replace it. First, try to remove and clean it. Video instruction is provided above on how to remove/replace the black pip.

  • Step 9

    When air bubbles are present and coming from the valve O-RING, twist the valve head around in order to clear any obstructions or whatever causing it to stop the leak.

  • Step 10

    Once everything is confirmed working, depress the release valve and the cup or beaker can now be remove.

This is how it looks like when air bubbles are present due to air leaks.

Hopefully, at this point, everything should work normally. If not, try this method/tip used by a Bathmate Hydromax X40 user;

I pumped it rapidly with force against a wall while having the valve in the lock position. Then press the release valve so air can escape.

The reason I did this is for the air to push the O ring into place as I believe it wasn’t seated properly.

You could also use warm water and flush it through the O ring as the warm water may help the O ring expand.

When Everything Fails

It’s Not The End Of The World!

Unfortunately, when the quick fixes above suggested by Bathmate fails, you need to contact Bathmate support and let them know the trouble. Bathmate will send the replacement valve for free.

Visit Bathmate Hydromax Official website to contact support. Once you are in the official website, scroll towards the bottom of the page and click on “CONTACT US” link to fill up the form for U.S. customers.

Bathmate Contact Page

For Europe-based customers, Bathmate provided a phone number that can be contacted at the contact page. If you need more info about Bathmate hydro pump series, check the Bathmate pumps review page.


Start Gaining Bigger!

The Bathmate series will surely be able to help you achieve your goals in either penis enlargement, or penile hydrotherapy.


  1. I’ve been using Bathmate x40 four about a year really see no gains except for stretch skin and very dark skin purpose of me right in this is I cannot find a site where I could order the measurement sticker can you help

    • A year may not be enough to see significant gains, but you should have at least noticed improvements on your erections.

      About the sticker, I had mine come loose, too. But, unfortunately, it looks like there is no available sticker with measurement on it.

      What I do now… do a manual measurement using a ruler and a tape measure for girth measurement. I think it’s more accurate than solely relying on the measurement included on the pump. Of course, it is still useful as a quick overview, but for more accurate measurement, I stick to manual measurements using a ruler and a tape measure.

    • I feel your frustration when it comes to results. Hopefully, you’re doing the right routines with your X40. Although you have the Bathmate Hydromax X40, it is also helpful to include manual routines especially jelqing and its variations.

      You may also want to check the following penis pumping tips:

      1. http://www.menlify.com/helpful-penis-pumping-tips-maximum-gains/
      2. http://www.menlify.com/penis-pump-routines-tips-and-techniques/

      As for the sticker, there is no available for it. Even the official manufacturer does not sell it. I would opt for manual measurements, too.

  2. I hear you guys are selling fake Bathmate Hydromax pumps. Is this true? Is hydromax direct selling fake Bathmates as well? The prices they have seem to be too good to be true.

    Thank you for your time.

    • All Bathmate pumps from original series like Hercules and Goliath to the latest Hydromax series are ship from the manufacturer. We are not aware of the units(pumps) sold at that mentioned website, but we’re aware there are fake bathmates in circulation. This is why we have a warning about fake bathmates, which you can read more at this article;


      If you want to make sure you’ll get the authentic Bathmate Hydromax pump model of your choice, order it from this page:


      Or, simply click the ORDER button at the end of this article(which is above the comments) and you’ll be taken to Bathmate’s official order page.

  3. I bought my bathmate in 2013 I believe or 2014. It was always working fine, in fact I never used it in 2015 for some reason. Anyway, it still works but the top black lock at the top when you try to use the bathmate and push too hard the black pin pushes up and the water falls out. Any way I can fix this?


  4. I have problem with my Bathmate Xtreme x40 model. The pump connection on the end of the house broke after falling on the floor. The plastic is really brittle. Any idea how to fix or replace it? Thank you.

    • Ouch… that’s bad news! Have you contacted Bathmate if they have available replacement parts for it? I guess it would be the entire hose…hopefully not.

  5. I purchased the Goliath as well about three weeks ago and at first it was working well. Now for some reason when I go to pump the water out to create suction the water will not pump out. It won’t allow me to pump it at all with water in it. What’s the problem with it??

    • What about the valve, have you check it already? There’s a video above as well as below on how to clean the valve. Yours may not require cleaning as it’s new, but procedure is the same when it comes to checking.

  6. Im having some real issues with the Goliath. Ive only had it a week and it worked fine, but lately i have not been able to get a suction at all. im thinking its the pad but im not sure, and ive tried almost everything. i like the product and want to continue using it. What do you suggest?

    • Hi Shawn, you can try a seal or leak test, just as shown the video below, which is also posted here as part of cleaning instructions. But, this part is useful for testing seal and suction. Notice how the finger is slip a bit into the base of the gaiter allowing water to fill and letting the air out. If you want, you can do this on the base of your penis and see if the suction improves. Also, try to position the gaiter base high as possible at the penile base so it creates a well seal right at the scrotum area. You may not get it the first time, as it sometimes need a little practice.

      Also, make sure you trim a bit of your pubic hair to make the sealing more consistent.

      As you mentioned, you think it’s the pad, make sure it’s intact. Check if it’s properly in placed. If you have a replacement pad for Goliath, try replacing with new one, and make sure it’s in its proper place.

  7. Cheers Michael! This article was extremely helpful…with patience and through this helpful article I was able to solve the problem X40.

  8. I have used this product for 2 months and its working super good ! I’m from sweden. I have a problem with d´the vacuum or suction? it don’t suck anymore? i have tried switching the lock back and forward. i Need help now. the bathmats is so good ! recommend it for everyone

  9. So far…so good and I’m having great time and experience with my X40 I’ve got 3 months ago. However, these tips may come in handy when something is not right, but hopefully…I can max my X40 without any troubles.

  10. I’ve heard both good and bad things about bathmate not working particularly with the suction. Knowing these tips can be very useful and helpful in the future, thought.

  11. Stumbled some valuable tips here. Sometimes, the manual does not say it all, but doing a little research, there are many golden tips available online such as this one.

  12. One reason I haven’t got any penis pump yet is the suction issues I’ve heard from all over. I guess, it’s both defect in the device and wrongly used, as well. Now these tips could be helpful for me as I’m ready to give a green light for my very first penis pump. In this case, I’m picking up X40.

  13. I was once had issue with bathmate pump… I owned an X40. My issue was bad suction. What I did was contact support and they replaced the unit as it was proven flawed.

    This quick tips however are very helpful for those who are first timers in using the device. Great job on compiling the list of quick tips. It’s fun to troubleshoot, but if you get frustrated without any progress, better contact support at their website.

  14. I was thinking about buying the Hercules. Im new to this things i just heard good things about the hercules browsing the internet. Once i got the the Bathmate page to order it i saw they had this hydromax which is expected to be like the new and enhanced hercules. I such as the idea of being able to fill this up in the shower and exactly how its got even more suction simply makes it seem much better.


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