How To Avoid and Spot A Counterfeit or Fake Bathmate Pump?


Back in November 2012, I’ve posted a video by Ultramax Bathmate, which is a YouTube channel by Ultramax products, creator of Bathmate.

In that video revealed how a counterfeit or fake Bathmate pump looks like. Now, for your convenience, the video has been provided below so you won’t switch from this page to another page. You can just watch the video below;

The issue of counterfeited or fake Bathmate pumps was originally reported in 2009, or even earlier I think. There have been no other reports online about fake Bathmate hydro pump, particularly with the newer models.

Although I have posted the video on that video resource page on this website, I feel it would be helpful creating a separate article for this, especially it’s about customers’ concerns.

Well, it was a long time since I posted that video, and recently I’ve seen searches on this website about fake Bathmate, so I think it’s time to get this more conspicuous as a warning and information especially for those who are eager and ready to buy cheap penis pump without considering the quality first.

A lot of these fake Bathmate pumps are sold mostly on eBay. I haven’t seen one in, though.

Now, I’m not saying that all Bathmate pump sellers on eBay are not legitimate, this simply serves as an information that there are those who are trying to exploit and rip their customer’s money by providing fake ones.

Moreover, these fake penis pumps might be sold on some online stores also. So, be careful about where you get or buy your Bathmate pump or any other penis enlargement device.

It is a common fact that almost every great product out there sold online, or offline have their counterpart, the fake ones or counterfeits.

Scouring various online news resources, there has been no source about any fake Bathmate, except of course, with that video posted above by creator of Bathmate.

Check Out Authentic Bathmate Hydromax Pump

On the other hand, a Russian-based Bathmate store published this incident.

The post is entirely in Russian, but I’ve managed to get a translation from a free translation program online that reveals the Russian post in English, quoted below…

The Actual News Publication On Fake Bathmate Pumps

Thousands of fake Bathmate wholesale seizure of bases. In the course of the year proceedings were conducted and this is just a drop in the bucket. Companies encroaching on quick profits, more and more, said John Oakes, the inventor of the Bathmate.

A year of court battles finally ends from the opening of the proceedings, up to the final phase of the complete destruction of the counterfeit Bathmate, izgotavlivaûŝegosâ skilled craftsmen of South Korea.

A four-member organization, which practically ‘ fly-by-night ‘ at home poddelyvala water pump bathmate. Bulb pumps were poured at the factory on manufacture of bottles, pumps at a local rubber factory. Normal glue parts just glue together a bunch home.

Cbyvali this product in sex shops under the brand of tampering with the bathmate original. Moreover, the goods get on wholesalers. Judging by the number of craftsmen, labored day and night. Exposed the scam client of one of the seksšopov. Box pumps have been imprinted with an excellent layout. But the quality of the pumps, like better. “It’s a sigh of relief, but we know that the battle is not yet over, ahead of China”, adds Oakes.

“The infringing activity of small and medium-sized enterprises, led mainly by greed, short-term profits. They did not develop, do not pass the tests, were not paid for patents and trademarks. Simply copy, sometimes in such a miserable way, as in this case.

Now 90% of Internet sekšopov-day, filled with dangerous kontrafaktnom, counterfeits from China, Korea, India, all known companies. Without funding, the factory product, the young entrepreneurs who call themselves: we ‘ team ‘. Young people, often 13-18 years, creates online shops and is ready to buy up large quantities of goods at knockdown prices to sell cheaper than the original, with strong competition real firms ‘ Explains Mr Beaumont, legal compliance for the brand of the Bathmate.

Images Of The Seized Fake Bathmate Pumps

Destroyed To Prevent Further Circulation
Fake Bathmate Pumps
Fake Bathmate Pumps In Boxes
Fake Bathmate Cylinders and Gaiters
Fake Bathmate Pumps With Gaiters Attached
Fake Bathmate Pumps Crushed and Destroyed

For those who do not owned a Bathmate hydro pump of any model, yet, take not of the signs of a fake or counterfeited Bathmate in the video posted earlier in this article.

Sure, there are other numerous legitimate resellers of Bathmate including websites like and

Also, visit our review page for Bathmate pump, simply click here for easy access to that page.

Bathmate Pumps On Amazon and eBay

Does Bathmate Guarantees The Authenticity of Those Penis Pumps?

Unfortunately, Bathmate cannot guarantee the authenticity of those Bathmate products sold on Amazon and eBay. Therefore, be sure to buy your Bathmate pump from Bathmate’s official online store for guaranteed authenticity.

On the other hand, you have a way of checking the authenticity of your Bathmate pump. Bathmate, as part of their enforcement action, provides a PID code in every product label printed on the box.

The PID Code is a 6-letter unique code to every product. If you want to check the authenticity of the product you’ve purchased, you can check it here by registering it.

If for some reason, you don’t find a PID Code in your Bathmate box, it should have a Batch Number. You can check the authenticity of your Bathmate using Batch Number here.


Make Sure You Get It Through A Legit Source

Don’t get caught on cheap offers. Make sure you get it from a legitimate source. Our Bathmate Hydromax pumps are direct from the manufacturer. In fact, when you ORDER NOW, the transaction is processed directly by the manufacturer.


    • Yes, Bathmate PID code is a unique 6-letter code located/printed on the pump label/box. If you’re in doubt about the authenticity of your pump, you can check it via Bathmate support website at:


      or at this link using the batch number printed on the box if you don’t have the PID code:



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