Achieving Strong Erections – Secrets Revealed [Infographic]


Erection is an important part of a man’s sexual life. In fact, being able to achieve good and strong erections is an indication of good health. Erection is all about blood flow, and when the body is in good healthy condition, certainly, blood is good.

We’ve covered factors that contribute to achieving strong and lasting erections in the past such as essential nutrients, nutritional and healthy tips. For sure, one thing is clear, healthy men achieve better erections compare to unhealthy men who smoke and drink alcohol heavily.

Infographic Revealing Secrets On Achieving Strong Erections

Below, is an infographic originally published at presenting quick secrets to achieving strong erections, which is a good addition to the above-mentioned topics. There might are a lot more tips and secrets that are mentioned here. If you have anything helpful, and valuable tips to contribute, please them at the comment below this article.

Strong and Harder Erection Secrets Infographic

Penis Exercises

Don’t forget, manual exercises that are used in penis enlargement are also an excellent way to keeping proper blood flow to the penis. Penis pumps like Bathmate hydro pump are being recommended by a urologist for sexual and penis health maintenance. Listen to a two-part interview series with a urologist and why he recommends using Bathmate pump. Of course, one must need to practice living a healthy lifestyle. One substantially notable cause that contributes to erection quality deterioration is obesity.

Maintaining a healthy and well-balanced diet along with regular exercises are valuable to achieving better health. It is not necessary to implement a strict dieting routine or become a gym junkie. A simple choice of healthy foods and consuming the right amount in combination with home exercises will do.

When it comes to physical workouts, spending at least 30 minutes a day will do. A combination of short full-body workout and some stretching routines is a great workout. Additionally, if you owned a treadmill at home, do a 30-minute run or brisk walk on, then add a short full-body workout like the 7 minutes scientific workout, you’re good.

Be healthy, and achieve better and strong erections on demand. And, lastly… some tips from a sex expert’s point of view. She mentioned erectile dysfunction, and if you are interested in learning more about this male sexual health condition, you can read it here in details. On the other hand, watch more tips below on video.


  1. I am in my mid 20’s and for the last few years I have actually had problem with erections. My blood/testosterone levels are Normal, and I don’t have diabetes/heart issues. I have taken Viagra like 1 year earlier on a handful of occasions and it worked. Just recently when I have taken it, I will certainly get hard but all the sudden lose my Erection QUICKLY… in the middle of foreplay, masturbation, or even during SEX! Went back to the Urologist and he did a Doppler Ultrasound and stated I have a Venous Leakage which is why my erections are going away. I’m completely unaware an have no idea how this might have occurred since I haven’t had injury in the past, and now I hardly ever get morning erections, as well. I will consult with another doctor but for the meantime, I’m hopeful that exercises like kegels and jelqing might work. Not certain, but I’ll do it.

  2. I’ve been experiencing a lot stress lately and both sex drive and erection hardness were affected. This might be psychological but of course it made me worried a bit. I’m young and single and want to have an active sex life for the rest of my life.

  3. Hey there,

    Is it actually normal for someone like me who is my 20’s to still get an erection around when I’m with women I like as friends? Even though i’m not assuming about sexual thoughts or that were not touching or anything, they just occur. Like we had dinner the other night, and half the time I’ve tried to avoid getting an erection for no reason, all we were doing was discussing stuff dealing with life.

    Likewise because i get these urges (erections), does it indicate i just care about her in a desire type. Because I enjoy getting along with these ladies although they just wants to be friends with me, too. Thanks.

    • Well, I have friends like that, but they eventually managed to avoid erections every time they were with girl friends discussing general topics in life.

      Btw, do you masturbate? Because, sexual tension that is building up within the body can sometimes cause random erections. If you don’t, you could try to do it from time-to-time just to release this sexual tension.


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