5 Nutritional Tips To Help Achieve Better and Stronger Erections


Achieving a healthy and active sex life involves healthy lifestyle choices especially food choices. It is no secret that proper nutrition helps boost sexual drive and achieve better quality erections.

Men should never wait when there is a noticeable decrease in the quality of erections. It is vital to keep erections as hard as possible on demand.

Strong and Rock-Hard Erections

Checkout these 5 nutritional tips that can help any man maintain strong erections and help keep up with an active sex life. The saying goes; “We are what we eat.”

Hence, we should take care of our health because when we are healthy we are sexy, and that means keeping the partner satisfied sexually.

Tip No. 1 – Eat Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

The key to strong and rock hard erections is proper blood flow, and this not only benefits the penis but for the body’s entire cardiovascular system.

During erection as the penis receives sexual stimulation, blood flow rushes and fills up the blood vessels of the penile erectile tissues. Anything that causes blockage in the blood vessels will hamper the proper flow of blood into the penile area.

Fresh Fruits And Vegetables

Consuming fresh fruits and vegetables on a regular basis can help maintain and boost cardiovascular system by reducing the amount of cholesterol in the bloodstream.

Fruits and veggies contain lots of antioxidants that fight free radicals in the body causing degradation of the cardiovascular system. Therefore, make it a habit to include fruits and vegetables in a daily dieting routine.

Whenever possible, choose fruits and veggies that are produced organically.

Tip No. 2 – Drink Green Tea

Green tea is known for its high antioxidant contents. These antioxidants fight and eliminate free radicals in the body, particularly in the cardiovascular system. As mentioned in the first tip, the cardiovascular system is crucial to achieving and maintaining good quality erections.

Green Tea

Another great benefit of regular consumption of green tea, it has a component that helps strengthen the bones and fight against cancer cells.

Hence, start including green tea consumption on a regular basis along with other beverages daily such as black tea, which is also great in improving blood flow.

A daily cup of green tea is enough to sustain and help the body to maintain proper health.

Tip No. 3 – Avoid Overeating

Overeating can lead to obesity eventually. Normally, fat men have low sexual drive especially those men who have large bulging belly fat.

There is a toll for overeating. It is not a sin to eat, but it is also essential to maintain the proper amount of foods to eat. Overeating simply is not an ideal habit to sustain.

Obesity Caused By Overeating

The production of testosterone is substantially affected by the amount of fat due to overeating and unhealthy eating habits. When there is a declined in testosterone level, there is also a declined in libido or sexual drive. Testosterone is a sexual hormone that provides high sexual drive.

In fact, obesity due to overeating is a high risk causing erectile dysfunction. When a fat man consults a urologist due to a decline in sexual drive, the first advice would be to lose weight.

Losing weight, maintaining a healthy lifestyle with healthy eating habits would be the key to restoring sexual vigor and strong erections.

Tip No. 4 – Eat Performance Foods

The amount of calorie intake plays an essential role in the cardiovascular system as this is important for the entire body and sexual function.

Avoid eating fatty and fried foods. It is not completely a disaster eating fried, and fatty foods, just eat them in moderation and do not eat them daily.

Healthy Foods

Additional tip when eating fatty and fried foods, balance it with green salad, vinegar and healthy oils. Eat fish such as salmon, tuna and other fishes that have high Omega-3 contents.

Avoid cocktails after dinner, and it is also healthy to eat skinless chicken.

Tip No. 5 – Spice Up The Foods

Spices like ginger, cayenne and black pepper are known to have aphrodisiac properties.

In fact, there are many other uncommon spices used as ingredients in certain herbal-based male enhancement supplements. For instance, peppers have capsicum, which has a thermogenic effect that helps melt away fat.

Aphrodisiac Spices

A lot of Asian spices have been used for centuries and still in use today due to their aphrodisiac properties. Hence, keep spices handy during meal time. It will not only make the foods taste delicious but offer many health benefits, as well.

Hopefully, these nutritional tips can help anyone get started in boosting a healthy and active sex life. Keep in mind, what you put in your mouth determines the health outcomes.

Furthermore, you might have noticed that this article keeps mentioning cardiovascular system because it plays an essential role when it comes to sexual health.

Some medical professionals even call the penis a barometer to a man’s overall health. When a noticeable declined in sexual performance, there can be something wrong with the man’s cardiovascular system.


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