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15 Penis Facts Every Man Should Know

A man’s penis has defined masculinity throughout the history of mankind. Sometimes, discussions about penis are associated with ridiculousness, and for some, it is considered socially unaccepted or taboo. On the other hand, penis length, girth, and function have been an issue for me. Know Your Penis

In modern society, penis size becomes one of the major cause of anxiety for men. Particularly, this concern is true in both psychologically and socially.

Men who feared that they have small penis feel inferiority complex due to fear of relationships and lack of self-confidence.

This is one primary reason why men feel enlarging the penis can help improve self-esteem, and satisfying a woman sexually.

Penis Facts

Below are 15 intriguing facts about a man’s penis but are rarely known, or ignored by most men. These facts include erection and male sexual lifestyle.

1. Penis Length

Most men have 3.5 inches average penis length when not erect and 5.5 to 6.4 inches when erect fully.

Any man wants to go beyond that length can consider various male enhancement methods both natural and surgical.

2. Possess A Mind Of Its Own

The penis is a member of the nervous system regulating both heart rate and blood pressure, which man does not have complete control at all times.

Hence, it is not as controllable compared to the legs or arms.

3. Time Requires To Regain Erections

The average time for a man to regain an erection after the last ejaculation can range from 2 minutes to 2 weeks.

The time variation will depend significantly on a man’s psychological and physical conditions. A man who is active sexually can gain erection back quickly.

4. Erection Frequency

Man and his penis

There are 11 normal erections per day and 9 erections during night time. However, Dr. Steven Lamm does not recommend counting erections as even 1 good erection every morning is a good sign of a healthy penis.

5. Stress Causes Detrimental Effects On The Penis

For instance, psychological stress is associated with the sympathetic nervous system that can render the same effect as the cold shower affecting erection.

6. Tobacco Smoking Shortens The Penis

Smoking affects proper blood flow significantly. Similarly, erection involves proper blood flow and smoking tobacco or cigarette heavily affects it.

Experts estimated that smoking can shorten the penis as much as one(1) centimeter.

7. Factors Affecting Erections Temporarily

There are certain situations that can cause or affect a penis erection capability temporarily such as going swimming or during cold weather.

When this happens, one needs to worry as all these factors effects are temporary.

8. Flaccid and Full Penis Erection Lengths

Alfred Kinsey (1894-1956)

Studies found that increases from a flaccid penis to a fully erect penis varied widely from .25 inch to as long as 3.5 inches.

The result of the study suggested that there is no consistent link between the size of a flaccid penis to a fully erect penis length.

Alfred Kinsey who is a sex researcher conducted a study of over a thousand measurements revealed, shorter flaccid penises, have a better chance of gaining twice length when erect than longer flaccid penises.

This simply means the assumption for a man who has big flaccid penis can achieve bigger erections. Surprisingly, a man who has short flaccid penis can achieve longer and bigger erections.

9. Boomerang-Like Shape

Penis appears distinctly like a boomerang in examined through MRI. Imagine an oak tree that is visible above the ground the root of the penis is not visible outside.

The penile root is tucked up within the pelvis area that is attached to the pubic bone.

10. Penis Can Be Fractured

Although the penis does not have any bone, it can break or fracture. Penile fracture commonly happens during aggressive sex with the woman on top sex position.

To learn more about penile fracture, click here.

11. The Fact About Circumcision

Circumcising baby boys has been a practice in the U.S. for cosmetic and medical reasons, yet it has become controversial.

Recently, both WHO and UNAIDS recommended that adult men should be circumcised as it helps lower the risk of being infected with HIV.

Statistics of circumcised males comprise 30 percent only globally.

12. Erection and Aging

Approximately 95% of men have difficulty achieving the same erections by the age of 28 as compared during their 20s, and by mid-30s, erections are less than one-tenth as frequent.

The frequencies or occurrences of erections decline as men aged. This dramatic change is due to the decrease in testosterone level.

13. Peyronie’s Disease and Aging

Peyronie’s disease or curved penises are likely to occur as men age. PD cause difficulty in having sex and can be painful for either or both partners.

14. Poor Blood Flow Affects Erection

Basing the facts gathered on clinical tests and studies, over 75% of men experience difficulty achieving an erection due to poor blood flow to the testicles and penis areas.

When this happens, it causes a dramatic drop on sex drive. When there is no proper blood flow to the male’s genital, male sex hormone or testosterone level decreases, as well.

15. Bad Penis Performance Lowers Self-Confidence

Experts estimated that 1 of every 5 relationship break-ups is caused by sexual dysfunction. Sexual dysfunction such as erectile dysfunction or ED, which is also commonly known as impotence.

The statistics are based on U.S. studies, which also accounts impotence as grounds for divorce in 24 American states.

However, this is not only happening in the United States, but on other countries such in India.

Bigger Penis Is Better

Perhaps, an additional fact should be added when it comes to penis enlargement.

In recent surveys, almost 100% of men concur that healthier and larger penises help improve the quality of life.

In today’s modern medical advancements, various ways and means are accessible to increase penis size, both in length and girth.

Such methods include surgery, pills, using penis enlargement devices such as traction extenders and penis pumps.

When thinking about increasing penis size, opting for natural means is highly recommended.

Of course, some methods work quickly while others give slow and steady results.

For instance, male enhancement pills such as Male Extra and VigRX Plus do not truly help increase penis size, but it improves sex drive and erection quality.

On the other hand, penis extenders like the SizeGenetics and PeniMaster help increase penis length and girth in gradual but steady pace.

Additionally, penis hydro pumps are perfect, as well; and two of the most popular and effective hydro penile pumps today are Bathmate and Penomet.

Whichever you choose, or use a combination of method, knowing these facts can make you aware and effective when it comes to achieving and maintaining a healthy penis.


  1. Hy i am 38 years of age . My issue is that u i am tall and had been great sex and size all the way through being married for ten years , but now my falccid penis has becime so tiny looking , so small and if i jogg or even walk it tends to stretch even shorter, whereas the errected size has also transformed into decreased size. It is relevant to mention tht i hv been using anti depressants since 7 years . All oils tried , medicines trued but no affect . Even partner feeling the size decrease. Pl advise.

  2. Hi my name is Mohammed and I’m 27 years old. My problem is that my penis is so small at the moment but expands when I’m watching an erotic movie and when I want to have sex it also erect but not fully. It is weak. Could this be a medical problem. Please I need help as this is seriously affecting my life negatively. Thanks

    • It looks like you’re a “Grower” wherein your penis is small when flaccid, but expands significantly during erection.

      If you have a hard erection when you’re watching erotic movies, it’s normal. But, when you have sex the erection is not that hard, it looks like you don’t have enough confidence in yourself.

      Be yourself and have confidence when having sex with your partner. Don’t worry about your performance, just be yourself and if you think you’re not doing well at this time, aim to do better next. Probably, one of the reasons you’re not achieving a full erection during sex is you’re anxious, and you’re the only one who knows why.

      Probably, due to penis size, color, and thinking about how you’re going to perform. Develop that confidence and try again.


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