6 Tips On How To Achieve And Maintain Stronger Erections


It seems that women are subconsciously programmed to enjoy hard erections from their male partners. Strong and hard erections mean better orgasms and sex drive. The good news, achieving and maintaining such ideal erection state is not difficult.

Tip #1 – Maintain A Healthy Eating Habit

Simple changes in the diet can increase libido and help give hard erections. Foods like bananas, chili, eggs, onions, nuts, and even wine in moderation can increase one’s sexual prowess. In other words, maintain eating a diet in which experts call anti-inflammatory.

Eat Healthy

One example of this eating regimen is the Mediterranean-type diet that includes a high amount of beneficial healthy fats plus proteins.

You may not be able to strictly follow the Mediterranean diet, but eating close to eat as well as eating a wide variety of organically grown vegetables and fruits help. However, stay away or avoid junk foods or foods that barely contain no essential nutrients such as pre-packaged and processed foods.

Tip #2 – Perform Penile Exercises

Perform Penis Exercises

Manual penile exercises such as Jelqing, Kegel, stretching and even employing penile enlargement devices such as pumps and extenders can increase sex drive and potency substantially. In addition, reduce or eliminate stress as it is one of the major sex drive killer leading to weak erections.

Be active physically through regular workouts. No need to become a gym junkie, a simple run outdoors or run indoors using treadmills is a great workout and a stress reliever, as well.

Tip #3 – Explore The Right Sex Positions

Foreplay is crucial prior to the actual penetration or intercourse. During the actual penetration, it is helpful for both partners to explore which sex positions provide the best and maximum pleasure. This is a cooperative effort for both partners to explore various positions as some positions may hurt the other partner although it is pleasurable to other.

Explore Sex Positions

Exploring sex positions during intercourse can be fun, fulfilling, and exciting. Both partners should discuss and open about this exploration. It is rewarding when both partners, too. Doggy style or enter from behind is good for partners with low back pain.

Tip #4 – Minimize or Avoid Smoking and Alcohol Consumption

Smoking causes the blood vessels to constrict leading to poor blood circulation. Erection is all about blood flow, and when there is something wrong or the blood flow is deteriorated, erection quality can be affected substantially. The same is true with excessive alcohol consumption as it can lead to numbness, and perhaps cause a temporary erectile or sexual dysfunction.

Quit Smoking Tobacco

It is not a healthy idea to smoke and drink, but if done in moderation both cannot affect sexual health noticeably. There are numerous men who smoke and drink in moderation who are also involved with penis enlargement, and they achieved great results.

Tip #5 – Avoid Frequent Masturbation

Masturbate For Better Longer Sex

Masturbation is one of the proven effective means of overcoming premature ejaculation. However, if premature ejaculation is not an issue, avoid frequent masturbation as it can lead to weak erections due to decreased sex drive or sexual appetite. The more semen discharged so often, the weaker the sex drive even when taking volume pills. There should be a GOOD BALANCE when and not to masturbate.

Tip #6 – Replace Tight Undergarments With Loose Ones

Boxer Shorts

Wearing loose underwear can allow unrestricted blood flow to the penis. As mentioned, proper blood circulation can influence erection quality significantly.

Hence, it is about time to change tight underwear with a bit airy ones.

More Tips On Achieving Stronger Erections

Supplements That Can Help Improve Erection Quality

  • Male Extra contains L-Arginine and other ingredients producing Nitric Oxide(NO)
  • VigRX Plus contains Bioperine for better absorption upon taking the supplement
  • ExtenZe, which is also another popular male enhancement pills, and with its extended released it is now available in fast acting liquid gelcaps
  • Virility EX, one has various natural male virility boosting ingredients

Male supplements are excellent for improving the quality of erections. However, supplements are not penis enlargement means. It simply aid improves male sexual performance providing an increase in libido and proper blood flow to the penis erectile tissues.

Furthermore, it is important to remember that not all supplements are formulated equally. The ones listed above have been used by many men who have experienced exceptional results. Of course, not all who have taken these supplements have a great experience due to some factors. Everyone is different hence results can vary from person-to-person.

It is not a requirement to take supplementation, but it can help. The 6 tips mentioned in this article are enough for a man to achieve and maintain strong, hard erections on demand.

Do You Have Tips To Share On Achieving Hard and Lasting Erections?

Put them in the comments right below this post to let others know what you have in mind. Certainly, there are numerous way to achieving hard rock erections, or perhaps a combination of any of the above mentioned.

Most of the time, supplementation aren’t necessary, but helpful when it comes to boosting and complementing your healthy diet and lifestyle. Don’t be shy to try supplementing your healthy eating habits specially it is not only for erection purposes, but overall performance boost for your workouts and day-to-day activities.


  1. I like to do cock slaps on a woman’s left butt cheek and right butt cheek. It really helps strengthen my already big hard rock cock. Thick as bat, and all i do is hit home runs. I always cum inside

  2. Doing Kegels is a tested exercise for stronger erections and improve stamina. It works for me, and there’s no reason it won’t work for you if you stick to it.

  3. Herbal dietary sex pills are also ideal for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, and women with disorders of libido.


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