Penis Enlargement Exercise Benefits and Safety


Implementing proper penile exercises is a healthy means of maintaining and improving penis health. Just as running or cardiovascular workout for the heart and body, penis exercises helps improve blood circulation. Eventually, when one is dedicated to doing exercises, it can help one achieve a fulfilling and satisfying sex life.

Benefits Penis Enlargement Exercises and Safety

On the other hand, accidents can happen during exercises. It is vitally important to take all necessary steps doing the exercise especially for those who are just getting started.

Particularly, one thing that entails negative impact to the penis is over training. Over training the penis can lead to temporary erectile dysfunction, which is not good as it resulted to a negative impact instead of providing good results.

Therefore, especially for beginners or newbies in penis exercises, carefully follow procedures and start slow and increase the routine gradually when the penis is ready for the next level of exercise.

Keep in mind, penis exhaustion can last for days, and when over training is continued persistently, it can lead to damage of the penis tissues resulting to permanent ED.

Tips On Avoiding Penis Exercise Accidents

PE Safety Tips

Exercise slow. There is no magical formula for increasing penis size quickly. Therefore, avoid doing penis exercise at full speed as it will not produce any good in the long-term. Doing so can only results to detrimental growth of the penis.

Educate and research all possible safe penis exercise practices. Becoming familiar and educated about safe practices in penis exercises determine how much gain one can achieve. Never settle on one source. Instead, consult all possible sources and gather every safe practice in training the penis for maximum growth.

Read books and online sources such as or even ask a professional. Additionally, joining penis enlargement forums can be very helpful as there are individuals who are willing to share previous experiences.

Use common sense. Probably, the safest and number rule when it comes to penis exercising is to observe the outcomes carefully. When there is something wrong, or dubious about what would happen, stop it. Most of the time, hunches, and instincts are the best to trust.

Avoid painful exercise. When there is pain during exercising, stop the exercise immediately.

Important Note On Penis Enlargement Exercise

  • Always warm-up the penis before performing any exercise.
  • Always warm-down upon finishing performing the exercise.

  • Penis Enlargement Exercise Advantages

    Although, the primary purpose of doing penis exercise is to increase penis size, either girth or length, or both, there are many benefits in which penis exercise can offer. Just keep in mind, different exercise targets different muscles.

    Depending on the exercise done, one can either target an increase in girth or length. On the other hand, there are also exercises that can target both increase in girth and length.

    Penis Enlargement Benefits

    • Helps develop a more muscular-looking penis and larger mushroom-head.
    • Potential solution to straighten curved penises or Peyronie’s disease
    • Potential means to eliminate impotency or erectile dysfunction
    • Potential means to control premature ejaculation
    • Can help extend and intensify orgasms
    • Can help develop increased sensitivity and sensation during sex
    • Can help attain strong, rock-hard erections
    • Can help shorten recovery time between orgasms
    • Can help increase the power and distance of ejaculations
    • Can help improve your thrusting power
    • Can help achieve a healthy, fulfilling sex life
    • Can help boost confidence in virtually every area of your life

    Penis exercises are very effective when in maintaining and improving penis health, increase penis size in girth and length, as well as a potential solution in correcting irregular penis appearance, such as curved penis provided it is done the right way.

    Nevertheless, there are other great penis enlargement devices such as penis pumps and traction penis stretchers that can be use along with typical exercises. Keep in mind, when doing a combination of typical exercises along with penis enlargement devices, caution must be taken.

    Devices that are intended for penis enlargement has its own safety measures, along with their recommended routines. Just as with exercise, the routines must be taken slowly and gradually to ensure safety and maximum positive results.


      • If you’re looking to increase your girth size, it’s good and yes you can do it regularly and eventually see the results in months.

    1. I’m having difficulty pleasing my partner sexually. I’m not sure if this is something that is psychological-related, maybe or maybe not, I might need help of a therapist for this. On the other hand, I’m also thinking it’s due to my penis size especially that we don’t do foreplay that much. There are whole lot of mysterious causes that is my mind, right now. My penis size is 3+ not even 3.5 inches and somewhat slim. I’ll do my best to tryout these exercises while doing what I can to get closer to my partner both sexually and socially. Just sharing my experience, as there might be of you who are reading this who has similar experience just as me. It’s embarrassing, but it makes me feel better if I tell it out instead of keeping on myself.

    2. I was really concern about the safety as I’ve heard many bad things about it like red dots forming on the penis. Now, I have a complete overview if ever I have to do it in the future because I’m planning but not yet taking action of doing it.

    3. I thought pills and creams are enough for increasing penis size. One thing that bothers me as what I’ve learned from one documentary, cream got the highest results compare to extender and pump on those participant. I don’t know how, but they have shown the results.

      • What exactly do you mean by that? Penis exercises like Jelqing and stretching plus the numerous variations are real.

    4. Does jelqing and kegel workout actually enhance ur dick. I’ve read a short article stating that doing jelqing and kegel daily will help to increase ur penis to 1-2 inch. Is that tru?

      • If you approach penis enlargement in a long-term perspective, both exercises are very helpful in achieving gains. And, yes, 1-2 inches gains is possible.

      • You’re still very young to begin delving into penis enlargement, @Knewhervel. If you’re 16 years old, your body is still in the process of growing and that happen until the age between 22 and 23, and within that period, your penis can still grow naturally just as your body. So, suggest wait until you reach full growth before you start any penis enlargement routines.

        You can, however, do light massages on your penis as it helps facilitate proper blood flow that improves erection quality. And, along with it… live a healthy lifestyle as it is important not just for the body’s overall health, but for your sexual health, as well.


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