Finding The Right Condom Size That Fits Perfectly


Condoms are possibly the quickest and easiest way to prevent the spreading of sexually transmitted diseases, or STDs, and an effective method of preventing unwanted pregnancies.

Globally, condoms are continuously endorsed by NGO(Non-Governmental Organizations) striving to prevent AIDS, and additionally to educate or enlighten men and women about family planning including safe and responsible sex.

Condoms Are Available in Variety of Sizes

How Condoms Are Made?

Here is a quick overview on how condoms are made. In a factory, it is fascinating to watch the process using high-tech machinery in action.

Condom Factory Showing The Process on How Condoms are Manufactured

Feeling Of Embarrassment

Lots of men are not comfortable when buying condoms from drugstores because they feel awkward in telling others about their private activities.

In fact, simply going to the drug store and inquiring about condoms with the sales lady or pharmacist is enough to cause men to become queasy.

Men are also scared that some individuals around them might criticize their decision or choice of utilizing condoms, or perhaps afraid of being ridiculed about it in a malevolent manner and being judgmental.

In an attempt to solve the following issues in men, condoms are sold in Western countries through vending machines including places like university dorms and bathrooms that enable buyers to maintain their privacy. However, this has raised a new issue on its own.

Vending Machine For Condoms

Just like any other food products, condoms can be bought from vending machines in certain countries.

Condom Vending Machine At Munich Airport(Germany)
Condom Vending Machine In Japan

Getting The Right Condom Size

Men who avoid buying condoms from drugstores will also be struggling to get suggestions about the top features of this or that brand of condoms, particularly involving the length and circumference.

This is a serious problem since buying the incorrect size means the condom will either snap or slide off the penis during sexual intercourse; hence, defeating the main purpose of buying and using a condom for safe sex or prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Getting The Right Condom Size
Determining The Right Condom Size

With this in mind, professional guidance is vital because most men do not have any idea about the size of condoms fits them best, while other men can not even depend on the standard sizes.

A study conducted in India has proven 60% of Indian men uncovered standard size condoms are too large for them.

However, take note, this is not to imply certain ethnicity has a smaller penis than others. It just happened this particular culture has been the subject of the study conducted.

Men with smaller penises than average have a hard time buying condoms that fit them well.

No one wants to be seen due to the potential negative view of people who happen to take the shop at that second, while the wide array of flavors, forms, and colors available is sure enough to baffle anybody buying the lowest size available.

Moreover, the feeling of humiliation is not exclusive to men with little dicks. Men with bigger than average penis size may also be embarrassed in regards to identifying the precise size that fits them.

In addition, although, well-endowed men often control the esteem of others, it’s still unpleasant to be stared at with other people around.

Every condom is designed to have an extra space at its tip to collect semen during ejaculation. Also, condoms can stretch many times over than their normal size.

In fact, if you put water in an average size condom, it can take over two liters of water in it without breaking as long as you don’t lift it up. Some studies have found that men with bigger penis size experience breakage of the condom more frequently than men with small to average penis size.

Also, in some studies found similar breakage rates regardless of size, and that might depend on the condom quality. Likewise, wearing too short condoms might not totally protect the user from STI as part of the penis is exposed.

Condom Fit Is Important

Another thing that plays a vital role in picking the right condom size is penis girth size. Penises with above-average girth, the standard condom might have an uncomfortable fit, or too tight, and in this case, larger size condoms could be more appropriate.

On the other hand, penises with average girth size or under might not be a good idea to wear larger condoms as it has risks of falling off during intercourse, so in this case, pick the medium condom size.

How Big is Big?

In order to find out how big is big the appropriate condom size, it is a good idea to measure the erect penis. First, measure the length of the penis from the tip(glans) to the pubic area where the penis attached to the body, and record it, or simply keep it in memory as long as you don’t forget it. You can either use a ruler or a measuring tape for measuring penis length.

For girth measurement, it is best to use a measuring tape. With the penis fully erect, choose the widest point on the penis shaft, wrap the tape measure around it taking note of its measurement.

But, what if you only have a ruler, how do you measure girth? Well, you can take a piece of non-elastic string or cut a piece of paper .5 inch wide with the length that can wrap more than your penis girth size. Wrap it around the penis widest point just as with a measuring tape, but with a paper mark where the exact measurement meets, take it off and then measure it with a ruler.

Measuring Penis Length and Girth (Circumference)
Penis Size Measurement Demo

To make it more fun measuring the penis size, you might want your partner to help you with it. But, note that you can do all these measurements all by yourself.

It is also important to note, it might take you a few tries before finding the exact condom size that fits yours perfectly.

Keep shopping around, or you may buy different sizes you think that fits your size and try them all when you get home and see which size fits well.

It is also worth noting, different condom brands have different sizing standards. So, it’s also a good idea to buy different types of condoms, try them on and see which brand you would prefer in terms of fit and sensitivity.

Condom Size Categories

For men who completely have no idea about what condom size fits well, refer to this quick reference guide that indicates approximate condom size for particular penis size.

In Western countries, condom sizes are categorized into 4 categories; small, medium or regular, large and extra-large, usually labeled as XL.

  • Small is 6 inches (15 cm) in length and 3.9 inches (9.8 cm) in circumference
  • Medium is 6.5 inches (16 cm) in length and 4.1 inches (10.4 cm) in circumference
  • Large is 7 inches (17.5 cm) in length and 4.1 inches (10.4 cm) in circumference
  • Extra Large(XL) is 7.5-8 inches (18.5-20 cm) in length; 4.3 inches (10.8 cm) at the base; 4.7 inches (12 cm) around the glans

How To Put On A Condom Correctly?

Ok, now you have a perfect idea about your perfect fit condom size, and where to buy it. Once you have the condom at hand and getting ready to put it to use, it is vital to know how to properly put it on.

Lots of people don’t have any idea on the proper way of putting on a condom and later wonder why it didn’t serve the way it supposed to be.

Here’s an instructional video showing how to put on a condom in the right way ensuring it will serve its purpose well.

Correct Way of Putting On A Condom

Where To Buy Condoms?

Generally, condoms are available at drug stores and pharmacies. However, there are countries where condoms can bought openly in other places.

On the other hand, condoms are also widely available online. Probably, Amazon has the widest choices of condom brands.

One advantage of buying condoms online is privacy. Of course, you need to check the vendor supports discreet shipping and billing.


  1. I think whatever condoms you choose to buy, the best way to find perfectly fitted is to sample as many different varieties and types as possible. So you will know which is best size and fit for you.

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