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V-Stretch Penis Stretching Technique For Enlargement Purposes

The V-Stretch is one of the methods of stretching the penis specifically designed to exert a greater force on the penis ligaments and tunica than simply pulling or stretching the penis outwards.

V-stretch is one of the many variations of stretching in which when used appropriately, can help add girth to the penis.

Previously, we’ve covered the basics of penis stretching, bundled stretching and other numerous variations, but not V-Stretch, hence, we’ll be covering it in this article.

The V-Stretch Advantage

Doing simple penis stretching routines, or with the aids of weights applies or exerts the force from the point at which the penis is attached to the pubic area in an outward direction stretches the penis’ internal structures.

The angle of the stretch also results to unequal stresses within the internal structures.

Fortunately, V-stretch can help balance this unequal stress through a force produced by stretching known as secondary transverse force.

With V-Stretch, a wider cross-sectional tension and angle is produced making the force applied through the thumb become more effective in targeting the tunica area than stretching it with the equal stress or tension using simple stretches.

Typical V-Stretch is done by applying force on top of the penis shaft until the penis forms a V-Shape. Doing so provides a balanced stress exerted onto the suspensory ligaments and tunica.

On the other hand, inverted V-stretch applies pressure at the bottom of the penis shaft stressing the fascia, pubic rami, and tunica.

In addition, the fulcrum or pivot point can be situated at any angle across the penis shaft to target stress at a particular spot.

In order to perform V-Stretch properly, it requires good gripping, hence, using things like a latex glove, string of cotton and baby powder can help enhancing the grip without applying too much gripping force that might cause pain.

Below is basic instructions on how to perform simple and basic V-Stretch. Although take note, there are many variations of V-Stretch that can be used to target specific body fibers such as the tunica and suspensory ligaments.

How To Perform V-Stretch

  • Perform a warm wrap.
  • Make the initial overhand “OK” grip behind the penis glands(use suitable grip enhancement mentioned earlier).
  • Apply a moderate pulling tension.
  • With the thumb of the hand, hook it over the penis shaft(mid point)
  • Using the thumb, push down slowly and carefully until the penis shaft forms a “V
  • Hold it for a few secondstypically at least 10 seconds)
  • Release it slowly and carefully.

V-Stretch Penis Stretching Exercise Variation Video Demo

Instructions In Details

When performing the V-Stretch routine, take note the penis should be in a flaccid state. Never perform a V-Stretch on a slightly or fully erect penis. In addition, make sure the warm wrapping covers the entire penis shaft and the area around the pubic where the penis is attached. At some point, if the grip starts to slip, carefully release the tension and re-apply the procedure mentioned.

Position the closing between the thumb and forefinger centrally over the penis shaft when making the initial palms down “OK” grip to allow the best possible protection of the nerves. Observe, the pressure produced by the grip should impact primarily on the sides of the penis shaft.

For an uncircumcised individual, it may be beneficial to fully retract the skin prior to attaching the “OK” grip. In addition, the grip should be positioned at least half an inch from the glans’ coronal edge, which is roughly in line with the circumcision scar(for those who are circumcised).

Gripping Adjustments

As mentioned earlier, gripping pressure should be exerted enough not to cause pain, but avoid slipping. Adjustment of proper gripping force or pressure should be done prior to applying the stretching force.

Now, using comfortable but enough gripping pressure, the initial tension should be produced gradually to the point where a gentle stretch is sensed within the ligaments along with its attachment points right at the penile base.

Then, lace the thumb of the other hand over the penis shaft close to the base while maintaining the outward pull.

Gradually begin the pushing the thumb downward. On the other hand, when implementing the inverted V-Stretch, to help increase the effective tension exerted, performing a couple of Kegels can be helpful.

Keep on exerting the stretching stress until no more stretching is sensed.

When reaching that point, release the tension back a bit. Take note, the threshold of comfort may be attained prior at this point, and it is vital to keep in mind not to exceed that point.

Also, when trying to target the ligaments, the stretch may be held for at least 10 seconds while aiming the best impact for the tunica, the stretch should be held much longer, typically up to 5 minutes.

Holding a stretch for an extended time needs modification of postures depending on body and penis size.

Moreover, when performing V-Stretch in sets, it is often practical to vary the center of the fulcrum where the thumb generates the stress on the penis into different areas allowing to cover many points on the penile shaft and prevent soreness.

Additionally, it is a good idea to massage the penis or slap it against the thigh after each V-Stretch session to restore and allow proper blood flow into the penis.

Let your common sense work when performing V-Stretch, and always remember to avoid sudden movements and excessive force when doing the V-Stretching routine.

How Often To Perform The V-Stretch?

Penis exercises like the V-Stretch and other exercises that involve stretching the tunica and ligaments can be performed regularly, daily. The exercises can be done either as a complete routine or done repeatedly in short sessions throughout the course of the day.

Also, penis stretching workout can be done without completely warming up the tissues; however, the efficiency could be less compared to performing a fully warmed penis prior to performing the main routine.

Soreness that is caused during the previous exercise sessions is not an excuse to do the exercises as long as the penis is fairly taking cared of. As mentioned, massage the penis after each session and never apply too much pressure to it during each session.

Expected Results Doing V-Stretch

Just as with any penis exercises routine whether using manual or with the aid of penis enlargement devices, or perhaps the combination of both, results may vary from person-to-person. Some of the factors that can affect results include;

  • Full penis enlargement routine using the V-Stretch
  • The intensity of the routine
  • Duration and number of sets performed
  • Frequency of performing the routine
  • Some dietary supplements help speed up the process
  • Individual’s dieting or eating habits, or lifestyle in general
  • One’s genetic make-up or physiology

Final Thoughts

Intensity is very important for a routine to work effectively. The reason, the body quickly adapts, and the initial routine used could quickly lose its effectiveness.

When appropriate intensity is not enough, those torn fiber tissues will not be replaced with or bigger and stronger tissues that would allow the penis to increase in size.

It is vital to understand such as process especially for maintaining or what is commonly called in the penis enlargement world as “cementing the gains“.

For instance, the length of a flaccid penis usually hang longer for at least 2 hours right after a stretching session done adequately, then after that period, fibers of tunica and ligaments slightly start to retract to its original size and form.

Only continuous stretching of the length of the fibers inside this area can increase its size permanently both in flaccid and fully erect states of the penis.

It is OK to starts at a lower intensity, but don’t get caught up with it permanently. Gradually increase the intensity if you feel the routine is not as effective anymore during the time when you just got started.

However, results can still vary. Gaining several inches in length under optimal conditions is possible employing a well-rounded stretching routine combined with consistency and determination, and such gains might require a certain period to be accomplished ranging from months to years.

The Timeline

The timeline is somewhat discouraging to some, but there are no shortcuts to achieving desirable gains and make it permanent.

If you’re looking for quick solutions, yes, you might find a routine that would work for you(depends on the individual), but surely that quick gains will also be quickly returned back to its original condition if not properly cemented.

The V-Stretch is perfectly safe and effective when performed correctly along with one’s determination, the patience and consistency of implementing a routine.

It is, however, normal to experience light discomfort around the penis area during or after the stretching routine as fiber tissues are being stretched at this time beyond its normal size.

On the other hand, when experiencing any throbbing or sharp pain during the routine session, stop the exercises immediately.

Keep that in mind, penis enlargement exercise routines should not induce sharp pains and discomforts. Most penis enlargement related injuries will heal over time. Give time for your penis to recover and heal.

Tip for Novices

If you’re a novice, no previous experience in doing the routines on your own and afraid about the outcomes, don’t let that crippled your desires to increase and achieve a bigger penis. There is no other way but to do the routines.

Fortunately, there are full guides on penis enlargement routines, or if you really wanted it badly and want guidance as you go along, better sign-up for a penis enlargement program created by known self-help coach in the enhancement industry.


  1. Also, when trying to target the ligaments, the stretch may be held for at least 10 seconds while aiming the best impact for the tunica, the stretch should be held much longer, typically up to 5 minutes. Man that makes no sense. is it 10 seconds or 5 minutes? and do you rest after 10 second stretch?

  2. I’m one of those who are desperate about penis size, with just 4 inches at 26 years old, I think I need a bit more. My girlfriend don’t have any issues with it and even with those I had with previously, but I think it does not mean they don’t want if I’ve got something better.

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    • I wouldn’t do tying it to a door and slamming it, he could end up a broken penis instead. It looks like your friend is desperate. Male enhancement pills don’t work for penis enlargement, but there certain male enhancement supplementation that do work for improving erection quality.

      Yes, extenders work and stretching and Jelqing exercises both work well, also. In fact, routines using a device and manual exercises can be combine to make it more effective.

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