14 Condom Facts You Might Not Know Yet


In the previous article, we’ve covered how to pick the right condom size, and also mentioned some weird condom facts about it like condoms sold in vending machines.

Although for those who already knew about it, definitely, it’s not something new. However, for those who don’t know yet, it sounds interesting.

Here, we’re going to cover more condom facts existed for years or even decades that some of us didn’t know about. Who cares?

Well, there may be those who do not care, but for those who simply want to know for curiosity, they’re listed below.

14 Condom Facts

  1. Majority of condom have shelf life of 4 years when stored within the cool and dry environment.

  2. Condoms are 98% effective in preventing unwanted pregnancy.

  3. Women are just as likely to experience orgasm with or without a condom, according to sex expert and researcher Debby Heberneck.

  4. Trojan condoms undergo test beyond quality control as it goes through a called “bedroom panel” consisted of 20 to 30 couples who regularly work with the company. The couples in the bedroom panel agree to perform sex for a number of times each month to evaluate the product.

  5. There are 5 billion condoms are used each year worldwide.

  6. Over 80% of men admit to having used or at least 1 alibi or tactic to avoid putting on condoms during intercourse.

  7. Electric current is sent through the condom to test for invisible holes and tears as part of quality control during the manufacturing process.

  8. Condoms were used to cover barrels of guns by some soldiers during the World War II to avoid sands or salty water as they swam their way to the shore.

  9. Only 39% of American high school students are taught on how to use condoms correctly through health classes.

  10. According to research, women is responsible for 40% of condom sales in the United States.

  11. Only U.S. servicemen among the allied forces sent overseas without condoms during the World War I.

  12. Guilin Latex company made the largest condom in the world during the 2003 world population day in Southern China.

  13. A Magnum-XL condom can hold up to 7 gallons of liquid while a regular condom can hold up to a gallon.

  14. For a limited time, condoms were delivered by ambulance in Sweden when chlamydia cases in young people doubled in just a year. This was a new take on emergency contraception by health workers in order to boost the use of condoms.

Certainly, there are many other little-known condom facts that are not listed here.

If you know one, share it in the comment section below this article.

It might not be interesting for everyone, but certainly, it might bring interest to some for the sake of curiosity.


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