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Tips For A Healthy and Quick Weight Loss Results

You might noticed I’m very actively talking about weight loss recently covering topics like benefits of losing weight and how to use willpower to achieve ideal weight. That’s because I find there are more and more people getting overweight year by year.

Almost 40 years ago when I was a little boy, I can still remember when I looked around the city, I barely saw people with big belly walking around. In fact, fat people back in those days were very prominent because there were only a few of them.

Quick Weight Loss Tips

Today, however, I barely see people who are slim and lean. Instead, almost everyone around walking, or sitting drinking their coffee at coffee shops have huge, oversized belly fats.

Now, it might not seem significant, but there are numerous health risks associated with being overweight, or worst morbidly obese. For men, being overweight can lead to various unhealthy consequences particularly erectile dysfunction, and among other numerous illnesses like diabetes and heart-related illnesses.

Five years ago, I was one of the overweight people and experienced numerous unhealthy consequences including depression, high-blood pressure, and difficulty achieving erections. There are times when the feeling of loneliness just hit me and I get stressed easily. It’s hard to move as walking around 100 meters, I feel my body heavy resulting to pains on my back and knees.

Going up on stairs is a lot more punishing to me at that time because by the time I reached the top, I was gusting and my heart beat so fast. I realized I was not the healthy guy anymore.

Weight Loss Decision

Reaching A Decision To Lose Weight

Due to the nature of my work, I easily gaining weight. I was working on the field prior to my current job which involved sitting mostly all day. I quickly became 30% overweight, and it was not good.

Lots of pains came up for no reasons, and I can’t understand why I get all those. I was not the only one packing on weight, my wife did, too. So, we decided to lose weight and gain back the body we had before, which is slim, lean and healthy without anything wrong, and it was light as far as I can remember.

Along with our journey of losing weight, we’ve found two important factors to losing the extra unwanted weight and keeping it off to maintain ideal weight. These two factors are nutrition and physical activity.

The Importance of Nutrition In Weight Loss

Weight Loss and Good Nutrition

Nutrition is important. When we began our weight loss journey, we started with exercise. For almost 2 years we exercised heavily but still struggling to lose the extra weight.

We read magazines and books on fitness, as well as numerous health and fitness tips online including those paid ones. We followed the diet regimen recommended but it’s difficult to stick to a diet with restrictions, and we end up relapse on our eating plan.

Fortunately, we didn’t give up doing the workouts even if we have not seen any substantial results, but it feels good when we exercise. This is the primary reason we keep doing it.

We don’t go to the gym because we bought ourselves a treadmill that we can use at home instead, plus the numerous other videos available on YouTube that we can follow along. The exercise was fun, but we never reached our weight loss goals until we take a second look at how we eat and this time we take a deeper look into it.

Importance of Good Nutrition

When taking a second look at our diet, or should I say healthy eating lifestyle, we found out we’re eating too much highly processed foods.

We cook our meals at home, but the ingredients we were using mostly processed by the food industry. We started changing the way we prepare our meals as we switched towards more greens and fruits. Before we changed our eating lifestyle, we were eating lots of canned and bottled products. So, we started eliminating most of it and retained only some.

Moreover, we started cutting back on soda and various bottled beverages and switched to eating whole fruits and vegetables. The switched was not difficult because the whole foods taste a lot better for us, so there was no struggle except for the fact we have to spend a little more extra time preparing the meals.

Over time, we get used to it and we were able to make it as part of our daily routine, which is now a fun activity in the kitchen. I learned to cook vegetables into different dishes, and it was fun discovering new ways to cook especially for a person like who barely cooked in the past.

Clean Eating and Cold Brew Coffee

Coffee While Losing Weight

A few months passed, we were enjoying the healthy and clean eating with significantly reduced highly processed food consumption. In about six months into eating healthy with whole foods, I finally decided to stop drinking sodas.

I started experimenting with freshly brewed coffee. I’ve heard about the bulletproof upgraded coffee, so I tried and it was delicious and helpful when it comes to boosting performance.

The only difference between my version and bulletproof version mine is using coconut oil instead of coconut oil. Just a few weeks ago, I’ve started making cold brew coffee. It tastes better.

The huge weight loss I experienced when I was implementing intermittent fasting. But first, I tried fasting for three days. This is the fasting where you only consume liquids and no solid foods. To my surprise, I was able to survive easily during that three-day period.

After the third day, I resumed eating normally, but I wanted to try fasting again. So, I did, and this time I was able to do it for five straight days. I can tell, even while I feel hungry, my focus was on the roof. I was able to complete five-day fasting without a problem. However, I realized it was not healthy in the long run, but during that 3 and 5 days fasting with only 2 days interval between them, I can feel the difference already.

At that time, we never weighed ourselves. By the way, my wife didn’t opt for intermittent fasting because her weight loss was amazing unlike mine, which is very stubborn even after switching to healthy and clean eating. Then I’ve heard about intermittent fasting, so I read an intermittent fasting online.

Intermittent Fasting Guides

There are lots of books and online guide for intermittent fasting. Start at YouTube as you’ll find a lot of it there free. Although, I find Brad Pilon’s guide called Eat Stop Eat has more details on it.

Then, I decided to do intermittent fasting until two months switching from a typical fasting. After two months we weighed ourselves including blood pressure. I was surprised how much weight I’ve lost. From 30% overweight, I was down to around 5% overweight. For many people I’ve asked, most of them told me it’s fine already and I should stick to it.

But, at the back of my mind, if I did it, I think I can reach my goal, my ideal weight with no more belly fat. Hence, I decided to do intermittent fasting for the next months for 3 months, and I was able to reach my ideal weight.

Now, I still do intermittent fasting, but I only do it a few times each month. However, I keep watching what I eat and I don’t overeat anymore. I stop eating once I feel it’s enough already. I don’t easily get hungry because I eat lots of proteins mostly plant-based and once a week meat-based proteins.

We eliminated white bread on our diet, but we do eat occasionally whole wheat bread. We still eat at no fast food chains, but we bring extra with us like fresh green vegetables like lettuce along with tomatoes, beets, carrots, and fruits.

We are the only ones(along with our only daughter) who eat on these famous popular fast food chains with fruits and veggies. People around are looking at us. We don’t know what they’re thinking, but I hope they’re thinking of doing similar.

Physical Activity Is Very Helpful

When it comes to physical activities, I don’t complicate things. I have a treadmill, the cheap one, but it does a good job for a 30-minute jog and a run workout. I don’t do it treadmill workout every day. Instead, I alternate running on treadmill and HIIT(high intensity interval training).

First, my tip on using the treadmill effectively is to do a progressive speed from walking to running. During the first 5 to 10 minutes, I do walking, then I speed up a bit to simulate jogging and finally during the last 10 minutes, I switch to high-speed simulating running.

The short high-intensity interval training also works really well. In fact, this works better than treadmill when it comes to fat loss. I have a combination of endurance training with the treadmill, and fat loss workout using HIIT.

On top of these two exercise routines, I also install a pipe on our door jam where I do my pull-ups and chin-ups. When it comes to doing pull-ups and chin-ups, I do this whenever I can especially that I work at home…whenever I feel sleepy or out of focus, I simply do 5 pull-ups and 5 chin-ups and I’m charged again.

I’m also doing push-ups a lot throughout the day, and when I’m at the park with my wife and daughter I like to hang on monkey bars doing pull-ups and chin-ups, or push-ups on a bench and on grass.

Convict Conditioning

It’s fun to do especially that I have gotten my ideal weight, doing push-ups and pull-ups are a lot easier now than when I was overweight. A push-up is a good exercise. If you want to learn many variations of push-ups, check out the Convict Conditioning Guide, or watch the video below, which is available at YouTube.

The convict conditioning guide is a full series guide for bodyweight exercises previously used by prisoners. I don’t lift weights. Although, my brother-in-law who is a body builder recommends to me doing it.

However, I feel very good with bodyweight exercises. It feels good, and I feel lighter and a lot stronger. You don’t have to spend money on physical activities like going to a gym or buying expensive home exercise equipment. Simply make use of the video guides available online, or use body weight. They’re all effective. If you’re just beginning to do it, start easy with low reps.

Old School; New Body

Weight Loss Motivation

Another guide, which is not free is from Old School New Body. It also includes a good beginner dieting regimen that restricts calorie, which is very effective especially for overweight people who are looking for quicker ways to lose weight. However, it is vital to know upfront that calorie restriction dieting is not for long-term eating practice. You can do it a few times a year, not the entire year.

I recommend getting the guide if you’re hesitant to apply the same thing to what I’ve done. As you’ve learned, mine was a bit steep, but if you have the willpower to do it, it is possible. I did it, that means you can, too. Or, if you have the money, get a personal trainer at the gym near you, and work with your personal trainer to reach your weight loss goals.

However, if you opt for personal trainer option, make sure you follow the nutrition plan given to you to maximize your results. Otherwise, if you would just be wasting your time, money and effort.

How To Stay Motivated

If there’s one thing I can recommend to stay motivated, watch ABC’s Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition reality show. If you missed some of the shows, try watching them at Youtube.

Instead of watching drama, watch this if you want to stay motivated with your weight loss goals. It is on this show where I’ve learned to stay motivated. If you have something that you use for motivation purposes, use it.


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