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2018 Diet Trends Dominated By Mediterranean and DASH Diets

When it comes to aiming healthy, it’s diet and exercise that comes to one’s mind. While exercise is essential, focusing on good nutrition is even more important. With that mind, what is the current diet trends in 2018?

2018 Diet Rankings

2018 Top Diet Trends

Whether you search online or browse health magazines, there are countless of diets you can find. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to find a diet that suits one’s preference and needs. However, hopefully, this diet trends ranking could give people a good idea which one to opt to.

In the current diet trend ranking, the DASH diet ranks No. 1 followed by the Mediterranean diet. On the other hand, the Ketogenic diet earns the last position.

Both the Mediterranean and DASH diets are both backed by the government as a lifestyle eating for lowering hypertension. In the present ranking, it’s the DASH diet that ranks No. 1. DASH is short for Dietary Approaches To Stop Hypertension.

The diet trends ranking says it’s easier to follow the Mediterranean diet as DASH diet requires cutting back on salt intake. However, the DASH diet ranks top over the Mediterranean diet due to weight loss purposes.

What’s Next In The Recent Diet Trends?

Ranks No. 3 is the flexitarian diet. This is a vegetarian option in which an individual who follows this diet can have meat occasionally. The Weight Watchers is in No. 4 among the 40 diets and is also rated best weight loss diet.

The present diet rankings were rank by a panel of health experts across various categories. These categories include long-term and short-term weight loss. Of course, how easy to follow the diet is also considered in the ranking, which important for sustainability.

Here’s the complete diet trend ranking beginning with the No. 1 in the list.

  1. DASH(Dietary Approaches To Stop Hypertension) Diet
  2. Mediterranean Diet
  3. Flexitarian Diet
  4. Weight Watchers Diet
  5. MIND(Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay) Diet
  6. TLC(Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes) Diet
  7. Volumetrics Diet
  8. 2018 Rankings of Top Diet Trends

  9. Mayo Clinic Diet
  10. Ornish Diet
  11. The Fertility Diet
  12. Vegetarian Diet
  13. Jenny Craig Diet
  14. The Traditional Asian Diet
  15. Dr. Weil’s Anti-Inflammatory Diet
  16. Flat Belly Diet
  17. Nutritarian Diet
  18. Spark Solution Diet
  19. The Engine 2 Diet
  20. Biggest Loser Diet
  21. Nutrisystem Diet
  22. Vegan Diet
  23. Eco-Atkins Diet
  24. Glycemic-Index Diet
  25. South Beach Diet
  26. Zone Diet
  27. Macrobiotic Diet
  28. SlimFast Diet
  29. HMR(Heatlh Management Resources) Diet
  30. Medifast Diet
  31. Acid Alkaline Diet
  32. Paleo Diet
  33. Raw Food Diet
  34. Supercharged Hormone Diet
  35. The Fast Diet (Intermittent Fasting)
  36. Atkins Diet
  37. Body Reset Diet
  38. Whole30 Diet
  39. Keto or Ketogenic Diet

For quick and complete descriptions of each diet, click here.

Why Ketogenic Diet Earns The Last Spot?

As you may notice, several of the diets that make the top 5 are variations of the original Mediterranean diet. However, the Ketogenic diet, which is really a good diet to follow for weight loss and energy boost ranks last.

However, it does not mean that the Ketogenic diet is a bad diet. The panel of health experts who rank these diets say they put ketogenic diet last they are concerned about the extremely high-fat inclusion.

However, as long as one is eating the good kinds of fats, it’s not a problem. I’ve been on the ketogenic diet for several years with coconut oil as the primary source of fats and it’s going well.

So, if high fat inclusion in the Ketogenic diet is good, how much is too much? Let’s hear from Dr. Eric Berg.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have this diet trends rank in order, hopefully, it’s easy for you to choose which diet to follow. The diets that rank No. 1 and 2 are truly excellent diets. In fact, you can make any of the two your lifestyle diet.

However, as for me, I’m sticking to the Ketogenic diet while at the same time maintaining a high amount of fruits and vegetables particularly dark green leafy.

Of course, always make physical activities a part of your healthy lifestyle. There are many exercises you can do particularly HIIT, which is also the No. 1 fitness trend in 2018. Of course, simple physical activities such as walking and running always count.

Moreover, while following your diet, never forget to consume other healthy foods outside your diet’s recommendation such as eating mood-boosting and energy-boosting foods. Of course, aphrodisiac foods are amazingly healthy.

Another thing you should be focusing on working starting today is managing your stress. There are plenty of stress relieving activities you can do including yoga, tai chi, grounding and meditation.

And, lastly, the diets that top this year’s ranking in diet trends are also anti-inflammatory, which is a truly suitable diet for people with depression.


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