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Boost Testosterone and Fertility (Even Weight Loss) Through Cold Showers


Have you heard about Russian power lifters froze their balls before lifting heavy weights during pre-steroids era? Today, having cold showers work.

Health Benefits of Cold Showers
The Health Benefits of Daily Cold Showers

It boosts testosterone level naturally.

I didn’t find any article that backed the Russian story, or even an old newspaper screenshots.

However, recent experiments about cold showers have good health benefits including a boost of testosterone level.

Having a cold shower is really uncomfortable for first timers. But once you get into it, it’s a lot better than a hot shower, seriously!

Today, icy dip bathing in Finland is a popular destination for tourists. Interestingly enough, Stanford University conducted a research back in 2012 showing how cooling effect(with just the palm of one hand) has effect on recovery.

Researchers claim this technique has a lot higher success rate compared to taking steroids.

While there are not much research about exploring the health benefits of cold showers except for widely mentioned Thrombosis Research Institute research(can’t find any direct article for it), Dr. Weil confirms there are few actual studies about it.

Cold Showers Shrink The Penis, Temporarily

Take note, though, cold showers and baths can temporarily cause the penis to shrink, but that’s just temporary and positive effects can be experience later, which sort of having a lag effect as study confirmed.

Looking more closely at the basics why it works, there’s only one thing we can think of. The reason testicles are outside of the body is something interesting.

Testicular temperature needs to be lower than the rest of the body. If it’s inside the body, it won’t be able to function optimally due to heat generated within and it’s not good when it comes to fertility, which we’re going to cover later.

For a decade now, more or less, freezing the ballsack theory has been floating around in the bodybuilding community for the sole purpose of increasing testosterone without requiring to take steroids.

Of course, not everyone is convinced about this theory and remained skeptical and consider it a myth. There are even rumors that some boxers prior to a fight have ballsack freezing routine to increase aggression. Whether that theory is true or not, it’s for you to try.


What I personally experienced, taking cold baths is really refreshing. It’s not fun if it’s your first time and not getting used to doing it, but the more often you do it, the better it gets.

You can try cold baths or showers at home, or while checking at a hotel. These days, modern hotels have the option for both hot and cold showers. Ignore that hot shower knob and go for the cold shower instead.

Yes, there are times you need to relax while on a hot bathtub, but if you want to experience the benefit of cold shower or bath, do it, and just like I said earlier, it’s not fun, but it feels good if you get used to it.

Improved Fertility

Good news for those who are planning and trying to become a daddy as cold showers or baths help little swimmers healthy. Yes, you’ve read it right.

Aside from eating and living a healthy lifestyle, cold showers and baths can increase male fertility.

About a decade ago, yes it was a long time, but I can still clearly recall about a couple who rented an apartment who was my neighbor had difficulty having a child.

Until one day, someone gave the couple an advice to take a cold bath prior to having sex.

The couple did it for a week straight taking cold showers and then have intercourse. What do you know? Just after of doing that routine, results were positive.

At that time, I had no idea and very surprised about the results. It seems a coincidence, but I’ve learned other couples are doing it, too.

I wish I could talk and ask those couples, but it was a decade ago when we parted paths due to career and job changes.

Although I haven’t even met or see them recently, memories about cold baths are still fresh and being refreshed until I’ve read articles about it.

Sperms Don’t Like High Temperature

Back in 2007, BBC reported a study that soaking in the tub may reduce fertility in men.

The male testicles are not designed to get hot as mentioned earlier it’s the reason it hangs outside the body. Sperm count decreases as temperature rises in the testes.

During the 1950s, several experiments were conducted on using hot baths as a contraceptive. Hence, the BBC reported study was not new at all.

One of those experiments let men took a 30-minute hot bath every other day for a total duration of 3 weeks. The men who took part of the study became infertile for the next 6 months.

In a more recent study conducted by the University of California observed men who were exposed to hot baths for half an hour for a period of one week.

Upon cutting the men’s exposure to hot baths, there is a significant increase in sperm count, and motility, as well.

Researchers were able to observe a whopping 491% increase in sperm count upon the cutting back of hot baths exposure on those men who participated in the study.

Through this data, I think this also clearly explains why sperm count of men in certain countries dropped when there is more hot running water around.

On the other hand, this also explains why in certain countries during colder seasons, the percentage of pregnancy increases.

More Health Benefits From Cold Showers Explained

Among the many benefits of cold showers include boost testosterone level and male fertility. Now, we’ll go over numerous other health benefits as listed below;


9. 1. Improves Blood Circulation

Erection is vital for erections and cardiovascular health, plus it helps accelerate recovery time every time you do cardio exercises and strenuous works. When cold water is applied to the body as in showering or bathing, blood rushes to the various body parts to keep them warm.

On the other hand, the effect of warm water when applied to the skin causes the blood towards the surface of the skin causing light-headedness and fainting.

But, when it comes to warming prior to main penis exercise routine, always use warm water, which is also applicable for penile hydro pumping routines.




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