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8 Known Benefits Of Losing Weight And Staying Healthy

If you’re overweight, or worst obese, don’t hesitate to embark on a weight loss journey. Soon, when you start to notice you’re losing weight and with good progress with it, you’ll also experience the many benefits of being physically fit and healthy.

If you’re previously fit and healthy, you probably forget the feeling of being it if you’re overweight for a long time. Imagine those who are overweight since their childhood and never experience of a physically slim, fit and healthy body.

If you’re just being overweight for a year or less, chances you can still recall those happy moments and feelings when you’re at your ideal weight.

Weight Loss Health Benefits
Lose Weight and Feel Good

While most people who embarked on a fat or weight loss journey wants to achieve a healthier life, being healthy and fit also offers the benefits of becoming smarter, achieve better sleep, and even become popular …at least among friends.

1. Make You Smarter

Findings on several studies suggest cognitive functions declines as BMI number increases.

…could be that since obesity is a widely known cardiovascular risk factor, due to the thickening and hardening of the blood vessels, that the same happens with the arteries in the brain

Dr Maxime Cournot

One study conducted over a period of 5 years among 2,200 adults found that individuals with BMI under 20 could recall 56% of words in a vocabulary test, while those with BMI over 30 were only able to recall 44%.

In a different study by Kent State University found 12 weeks after substantial weight loss, people who are now slim experienced and improved concentration and memory function.

There had been numerous findings that being overweight can lead to many unhealthy consequences including cognitive functions.

Hence, if you’re overweight, don’t wait and think twice, start losing weight now.

2. Frees Toxins From The Body

Scientists have confirmed during a study the connection between environmental pollutants accumulation and obesity.

There is no doubt that pollutants around us in which we are exposed is bad for health. In this study, researchers found that it can also trigger obesity.

Fortunately, choosing the right foods particularly free from harmful chemicals like pesticides can significantly help. When you start eating clean and healthy, in short focus on proper nutrition, you’ll lose weight and the body starts to release the toxins.

It is triggering the body’s natural detoxification process.

3. Better Financial Compensation

There is solid evidence that being obese and overweight can pose havoc to a career aside from getting hammered from any form of insurance.

According to a 25 years of research by Wayne State University found weight did make an impact.

This was most seriously experienced at the assessment and interview phase of a job. However, as one progressed into their career, the weight may become less likely to have a huge impact.

Having Advantage at Workplace

4. Instant Penis Size Gains

Particularly, this advantage is for men. Fat accumulation especially in the pubic area can make the penis appear buried and shorter. By losing weight, those fats melt away and the entire penis size is visible making it appear longer.

There was a campaign in the U.K. called “The Big Check” found that 1 in 3 men are too fat to properly see their penis. It also suggested that losing weight between 30 and 50 pounds could regain an inch of visible penis.

I do agree with this because when I was a bit overweight, I felt that fat accumulation in the pubic area that probably measured over an inch thick. When I tried pressing down the fat around the base of the penis, it does reveal hidden length.

Finally, when I gained back my ideal weight, I’ve had my penile length back plus the gain I have doing penis enlargement exercise routines.

5. Improve Sex and Quality Of Life

While the previous weight loss benefit is for men only, this one is for both men and women.

Fit and Sexy

Indeed, obesity can lead to stress and depression resulting in less interest in sex or low libido. Plus, being lean creates that boost in self-confidence because of physical appearance.

Obese people are not really good to look at even by themselves in front of a mirror. It may not be true for all, but for sure many don’t like to see themselves in the mirror if they’re fat and obese.

6. Improve Erectile Function

This benefit is for men, again. Of course, every man’s benefit has a counterpart for women especially when it comes to sexual health and performance.

There are studies that found slim men have a better sex drive and fertility level compare to fat and obese men. In fact, obesity is one of the potential causes of erectile dysfunction.

When it comes to ejaculation, the typical volume of ejaculation is 3.3 ml for men with ideal weight, while it’s only 2.8 ml for men categorized as obese.

Additionally, men with a waist measurement of 40 were found to have a 22% lower sperm count compare to men with waist measurement under 37.

7. Better Sleep Quality

Having an ideal weight helps in improving and achieving sleep quality.

Losing weight improves sleep quality

John Hopkins University researchers found not only losing unwanted weight is helpful in improving sleep quality, but losing belly fat, and having over 150 minutes of physical activity per week also significant factors.

8. Boosts The Body’s Immune System

Being obese or overweight causes an increase of pro-inflammatory cells in the body. These cells can result in various health issues including heart-related diseases.

Losing weight and maintaining an ideal healthy weight is the solution in order to stay healthy and avoid the increase of these pro-inflammatory cells.

As part of your weight loss journey, focus on increasing your fruits and vegetable intake as these are immune system boosters.

More importantly, avoid consuming a high amount of sugar as it makes you gain weight and weakens your immune system, at the same time.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the many health benefits of losing weight and maintaining a healthy and physically fit body. Check these tips on how to lose weight and set yourself apart from others who are struggling to lose weight.

On the other hand, if you’ve been struggling to lose weight regardless of your effort, you may be affected by certain factors.

It is always advantageous to know the potential causes of the struggle, as this allows you to have options. With these options, there is always hope for achieving and maintaining your ideal weight.

Keep in mind, losing weight is simple, but it does not mean it is always easy. Always consider and try to look at the benefit when you finally lose the unwanted weight you are carrying.

Imagine the things you can do again, clothes you can wear again when you finally able to achieve your ideal weight. You may not be aware, but every small change, every pound or kilo you lose, your body is celebrating such gradual success.


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