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Penn Jillette Lose 100lbs on Potato Diet – Is It A Good Diet Plan?

Penn Jillette is a magician, actor, musician and better known as the other talking half of Penn and Teller.

If you have seen his previous appearances, you could tell that Penn Jillette is overweight. However, he loses 100lbs on a potato diet, which could be considered a fad diet but it works for him.

Losing weight is one of the most difficult to achieve especially for people over 40 years old. But with some determination and trying something, there is always something that will work for everyone.

Penn Jillette Weightloss

He was proud of the 100lbs he lost and even wrote a book about it and inspired other people, as well. How he did it? Let Penn tell his own story.

It’s More Than Just A Potato Diet

Penn is serious about losing a third of his weight. And, he is happy with his results. In fact, he says his health is getting better.

Particularly, it has positive effect on his blood pressure. He realized that everything about eating is habitual. And, that’s a good thing because knowing that it is habit, it means it can be broken.

In other words, a bad or unhealthy habit can be turned into a healthy one. This is what he did.

However, besides eating only potatoes, he also made changes on avoiding processed foods. And, by the way, although he is on a potato diet, the actual diet is a mono diet, which is eating the same food every day.

In his case, he chooses potatoes for two weeks and loses 14 pounds initially. Plus, it also resets his taste buds, which means he overcomes food cravings.

Although there are appetite-suppressing pills, Penn proves that you can win against food cravings without pills.

And, perhaps, the biggest changes he made in his eating lifestyle, he is not eating animal products and refined grains.

Eliminating the refined grains alone can have positive impact on weight loss. So, his mono diet with potatoes is more than just that. It made more healthy changes to his lifestyle.

He is now eating whole plants or whole foods. Penn Jillette went vegan. And, of course, exercise.

Final Thoughts

Penn’s shift towards a vegan lifestyle allows him to eliminate cravings of highly processed foods including fast foods.

If Penn did it, anyone can. You may not go vegan but it’s OK. There are many other diet plans that will suit for anyone.

The key is to commitment change and shift towards a healthy lifestyle. Once you make that decision, the rest is history. Of course, it may be difficult initially but as long as you stick to your plan, you’ll be able to achieve what Penn did.


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