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5 Quick Tips To Stave Off Food Cravings

Uncontrollable food craving is one of the causes of weight gain and eventually lead to obesity.

How to prevent food cravings from happening? We’ll explore a few food cravings prevention tips. But first, let us know what causes food cravings?

What Causes Food Cravings?

Have you experience something at the back of your head to reach that chocolate and eat? Well, you’re not alone. Others may not crave chocolate but foods loaded with added sugars, which is even worst.

So, let’s get the basics why we crave foods.

Food Cravings Prevention Tips

The sudden and intense desire to eat a slice of pizza or brownie can be tough to resist. When a craving for something unhealthy strikes, try these tricks.

1. Take A Brisk Walk

Brisk Walk - Food Cravings Prevention Tips

A brisk walk can slash stress reducing the desire to eat particularly sugary foods. One study1 found that 15 minutes of walking can slash food craving for sugary snacks.

2. Create Distractions

Making Distractions Reduce Food Cravings

Texting a friend, checking your emails or grabbing and reading a magazine is good distractors that can divert food craving attention.

The brain can juggle only so much at once before it forgets that chocolate bar.

3. Sniff A Scented Candle

Sniffing Scented Candles Curb Food Cravings

The sweetness of the flavors of scented candles is helpful in curbing appetite.

4. Just Take A Small Taste

Piece of Chocolate

Whatever you’re craving, simply take a small piece of it and that’s it. Just satisfy what you crave with just a little piece of it and you’ll be surprised it’s all you need.

5. Drink Natural and Non-Caloric Beverages

Drinking Water

The most abundant non-caloric drink is water. So, when you feel craving certain foods or perhaps, feel an untimely hunger, drink water.

Green tea is also another good substitute. Whenever you feel an untimely hunger, always reach for a glass of water.

You’ll find, your hunger and crave for food is simply a thirst or at some point, a mild dehydration.

Bottom Line

These are a few of the many food cravings prevention tips that you can apply quickly anytime an untimely urge to eat occurs. Restricting calorie intake is also good for curbing appetite and reducing food cravings.

In one study2, those who ate low carbohydrate foods were less hungry over the course of the study. Additionally, eating a low carb diet is more beneficial to men than women, at least in this study.

Moreover, including healthy fats as part of an ideal diet is also helpful in food cravings prevention. Eating whole foods that are rich in dietary fibers are also helpful such as fruits and vegetables.

In the long run, aim at controlling and even eliminating your food cravings by addressing certain areas in your health, including;

  • Stress management
  • Getting enough sleep every night
  • Spending time with nature
  • Sticking to eating small portions
  • Eating fiber-rich foods
  • Eating protein-rich foods preferably plant-based

When an untimely urge to eat occurs, remember these quick food cravings prevention tips. Food craving is not normal and that you can have full control over it if you want to. Minimizing consumption of added sugars is also helpful.


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