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2 Tricks To Control Food Cravings Naturally Without Pills

Overeating is one of the most common causes of weight gain. Food cravings can be elevated when eating certain foods. Hence, it is vital to eat foods that don’t cause a spike for food cravings. In addition, there are two tricks that can help anyone control their cravings.

These tricks are natural. You can put these tricks into practice and see if it works for you. Both tricks for curving food cravings are backed by science. Studies have been conducted and researchers found their effectiveness. If you haven’t heard these tricks for curbing hunger pangs, read on. The good news, we’ll share these tricks for your benefit especially if you’re struggling in losing weight.

Interval Exercise

Regular exercise or any form of physical activity is just part of the entire equation for weight loss and fitness. In one study1 published in the Journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise found that short and strenuous exercise can curb hunger pangs after work involving the use of mental function.

Interval Training Exercise

One of the researchers, William Neumeier, Ph.D., University of Alabama at Birmingham postdoctoral scholar said that during mental work, the brain utilizes energy. Then, the brain sends signals that it need additional energy triggering hunger even if you’re not yet actually hungry. When you eat food, of course, the brain is happy to use to replenish energy. Unfortunately, this can result in overeating and eventually gain weight.

William Neumeier, Ph.D., and his colleagues believed that exercise may offset food cravings. The researchers particularly looked at the high-intensity exercise, which can boost the available in energy in the bloodstream. In turn, this promotes short-term satiety. The researchers theorized that the brain is could recharge energy when there is a deficit due to tasks that involved mental function.

Thoughts of Food

Imagine your food and you reduce your food cravings. One study2 conducted by researchers of Carnegie Mellon University found that by simply imagining the food you want to eat can reduce actually consumption of that food. This is a very interesting technique, which is related to mindful eating.

In this study, the researchers conducted experiments where they let people imagine eating a food they want prior to actually eating the food. Those who imagined the food before they eat it consumed fewer compared to those who don’t imagine. However, the researchers note that, if the person imagined eating cheese, he or should eat cheese. If he or she eat a different food other than he or she imagined does not reduce food consumption.

More info of this study can be found at Carnegie Melon University. In 2015, another study conducted a similar study reported by BBC found similar results as the previous study.

The Imagination Diet

This study actually gained the attention of mainstream media. First, BBC and the other one is ABC News, and perhaps many others, as well.

Are You Willing To Do These Tricks?

Gaining weight due to uncontrolled eating habits can be a health risk. This unhealthy habit can lead to weight gain, which causes the accumulation of belly fat. In the past, experts believed that belly fat is benign. Later, experts found they’re wrong as abdominal fats are toxic to the body.

The devastating effect of obesity has been recently shown in a BBC documentary. The documentary performed a post mortem of an obese woman, and what the experts found inside revealed the ultimate health risks.

If you’re concern about your health, try these tricks. It’s not difficult to do. All you have to do is start doing one or both of these tricks. Additionally, while you do these tricks, you might want to focus on good nutrition as this is key to good health.

Aim on eating whole foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables. If you have no idea how to get started, check out the Mediterranean diet. Doctors and nutritionists consider this eating plan as an anti-inflammatory diet. In greek, the word “diet” or “diaita” means “way of living”.

Therefore, looking forward to shifting towards healthy lifestyle practices is a vital and smart move. Eating whole foods can also improve gut health, which is one of the crucial factors for losing weight and boosting the immune system.

Another major benefit of getting into a healthy lifestyle is its anti-aging effect. One of the major contributors to food cravings and hunger pangs is stress. Therefore, manage stress and maintain it at a minimal level. You can do that through yoga, or grounding, and minimize sugar consumption.


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