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9 Quad Stretches Helpful In Minimizing Workout Pains

Stretching prior to an exercise or workout routine is vital. Even if it just a simple exercise as running or even brisk walking.

It is essential to perform some sort of stretching. One common, and yet essential warm-up stretch is the quad stretch. But, first…

Quad Stretches
Quad Stretches

What Is The Quad?

The quad is a shortcut word for quadricep muscles found in the upper half of the leg and front of the thigh.

These are the muscles where you place your laptop.

Furthermore, the quadricep muscles are strong muscles running from the top of the knee up to the waist.

Unfortunately, when these muscles are overworked during a workout, it becomes painful.

It also causes tiredness and the rest of the day could be rough.

Why Quad Stretches Are Important?

Getting into the main workout routine without stretching particularly the quad muscles is a bad idea.

It causes pain, tiredness, less productive at work even in personal life. In fact, warm-up stretches are vital in every exercise routine you will do.

Fortunately, doing these quad stretches before exercising can reduce the pain during and after workout. These quad stretches signal and prepare the muscles for a more intense work.

However, for those who have problems working out due to injury or other reasons, make sure you talk to your doctor or a fitness professional for appropriate guidance.

These quad stretches get you well-prepared for the workout while at the same time gaining the energy you need during the day.

1. Easy Standing Quad Stretch

This is the most common and widely used among quad stretches particularly prior to running or jogging.

Standing quad stretch can be done anytime and anywhere. It requires a little balancing but if you have difficulty doing it, just look for something you can hold on to like rail, post, or a tree.

The easy standing quad stretch can also be done for people working in the office. During mid-afternoon, doing this stretch can help overcome tiredness and let you go through the remaining of the day be productive.

For those who have problems with balance, use something that you can hold on to like a chair. This is particularly helpful for beginners and older people.

2. Lying Side Quad Stretch

This quad stretch requires more effort than the standing quad stretch. However, for those who have issues with their knees, this quad stretch variation is useful. Or, perhaps, you just prefer doing it lying on your side rather than standing.

3. Kneeling Quad Stretch

Here is another varations of the quad stretch with a slightly different effect than standing and lying. In kneeling quad stretch, it helps relax the muscles located just above the knee.

The kneeling quad stretch is ideal for pregnant women, or even elderly people. This reduces pressure and less balance is required doing it.

Additionally, to make it more comfortable, use a cushion or pillow underneath the knee. This cushions the contact between the floor and knee avoiding pain.

4. Frog Pose

This quad stretch is actually a yoga pose stretching both left and right quadricep muscles simultaneously. It is also good for flexibility and mobility, as well as a quick stretch for fixing tiredness.

Moreover, this stretch or yoga pose also gives you nice stretches on your chest and shoulders.

5. Pigeon Twist

This is somewhat similar to a yoga pigeon pose, which you can also try doing. The pigeon twist may be challenging for some people to some extent as it requires hip flexibility and mobility, but the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

It is a fantastic energy-boosting quad stretch and reducing workout pain significantly.

6. Straight Leg Raises

This is not just a quad stretch but a knee-friendly stretch, as well. In fact, this stretch is well-suited for people with knee problems.

7. Hamstring Curls

So, what are hamstrings? Hamstring muscles are found at the back end of the thighs. In other words, hamstrings are at the opposite side of the quadricep muscles.

While hamstring stretches primarily stretches the harmstring muscles, it does provide stretches to the quads, as well.

8. Prone Straight Leg Raises

Here is another quad stretch that takes many considerations of the quad stretches mentioned earlier. This requires some flexibility for you to do it efficiently and be able to feel its benefits.

9. Wall Squats

This is somewhat an advanced quad stretch activating not just the quad but many other muscles, as well.

Final Thoughts

Although quad stretches cannot completely prevent and relieve muscle pains, it can help ease the pressure. Even if it’s just temporary, it is helpful not to overtrain the quadriceps muscles. Regardless if you are doing a workout at home or gym, try these quad stretches.

If you are looking into running, these warm-up stretches are valuable during training and even during competition.

Overall, the benefits of quad stretching before exercising is undeniable. It is a common situation in which it is difficult to go through the day working and be productive after a stressful workout. It happens sometimes but doing these quad stretches can be helpful.

Moreover, quad stretches also increases the range of motion as it loosens up the stiffness of the muscles. Eventually, this makes the muscles able to endure exertion after doing a stressful workout.

On the other hand, not stretching the muscles and tendons is not good as they will not work properly. It may increases the risk of developing a particular strain or tear.

Always keep in mind that stretches are vital on every exercise or other physical activity you will be doing. Even in penis exercises, stretching as a warm-up is essential including using devices like a penile pump or penis extender.

So, stretch before you exercise, run, or even a doing brisk walking. Consider any or combination of the above quad stretches to your advantage.


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