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5 Healthful Benefits of Having Sex First Thing in the Morning

Many couples avoid morning sex session due to unpleasant experiences with unpleasant breath, or perhaps because of unprepared hairstyle.

However, having sex in the morning can make an enormous difference towards both the couple’s relationship and health.

Morning Sex Health Benefits

For those who do not have experience having sex in the morning, this might seem ridiculous.

However, researchers and studies have proved that morning sex can help improve the quality of life.

Adults who are accustom to having sex first thing in the morning are happier and healthier than those who choose coffee or tea, as their first encounter of the day.

Needless to say, it may be impossible to do it every day, but doing it a few times a week would be acceptable. Furthermore, having frequent sex offers lots of good health benefits for both sexes.

5 Reasons Why Morning Sex Is Good

Now let’s explore the benefits of having sex first thing in the morning. If you’re not into morning sex, you might find these health benefits rather surprising.

1. Good Mood

Having been rested already, it is easy to achieve erection early in the morning.

Unless there is some reason not being able to achieve it such as erectile dysfunction.

Indeed, early in the morning is the perfect time to pamper with a quick and impulsive sexual intercourse.

Additionally, the heart-pounding adrenaline of having quick sex will further intensify the whole experience.

Either partner can initiate the sexual act. Of course, men are more aggressive than women. However, if you tell your girl about experiencing the morning sex, she will probably light up the fire.

2. Good Workout

Great Early Morning Workout

Sex is an excellent means of working out the body. The experience during sex is intense for both mind and body.

Although, it is exhausting it does release endorphins that in itself offers many health benefits.

Having sex for 30 minutes can burn up to 85 calories or more. Adding it up for over 40 sessions of 30 minutes sex every morning can burn over 3000 calories.

However, not many couples can sustain vigorous sex of up to 30 minutes. But, if you can, why not. If you can’t, don’t try hard.

Simply aim at staying healthy with regular exercise. Who knows, one day you and your partner would be able to achieve it. It’s a good addition to your overall fitness program.

3. Gives A Healthy Glow

Gives A Healthy Glow

Just like with the typical way of working out, sex in the morning can give that healthy glow in the face and enhance that natural radiance, as well.

In fact, there is a scientific way of explaining why sex offers such brilliant benefit.

At the time sex is initiated, there is an increase of blood flow in the entire body.

When this occurs in a regular pattern, this promotes healthy blood circulation that helps keep the body healthy and active.

When orgasm is reached, estrogen is released by the body that promotes good health for hair as well as improves tone and texture of the skin.

4. Relaxes Both Mind And Body

The release of endorphins helps achieve good feeling. Endorphins can be considered a feel good hormone that when released, we feel good and relaxed.

Morning sex can achieve this as mentioned earlier. Therefore, just as Yoga, having sex first thing in the morning can relax both mind and body making ready to face activities throughout the day.

Believe it or not, when a good feeling is achieved early in the morning, it makes the rest of the day remarkably good. This makes the whole day relaxing, and some people will call it a lucky day.

5. Other Health Benefits

Research discovered that morning sex helps increase the level of Immunoglobulin A or IgA.

Immunoglobulin A is an antibody that plays a crucial role in fighting infections. Having sex in the morning helps the release of this antibody strengthening the body’s immune system.

Furthermore, sex in the morning releases oxytocin that is a potent hormone that plays a vital role in sexual reproduction.

Oxytocin also functions as a neurotransmitter within the brain.


There it goes, the 5 healthful reasons why having a morning sex is good. Of course, having sex first thing in the morning is a coordinated sexual activity.

You and your partner should talk about it and together both of you will explore and reap the benefits of doing it.

Additionally, you can choose to boost your sexual confidence by eating eating healthy diet and all-natural male supplement like VigRX Plus or any other dietary male pills that can boost a man’s sexual performance.

Erection Quality Means Something

For men who have difficulty achieving erections in the morning, or commonly known as “morning wood”, it maybe a sign of something not good going on within your body and overall health.

And, for that matter, observe if it’s stress causing the issue, or otherwise you may consult a urologist about it. A urologist is specialized in this matter.

Also, keeping physically active is one way of maintaining a healthy and active sex life.

Doing regular physical exercises at home or gym is a great way. However, don’t get stuck on exercising at the gym is the only way.

A daily brisk walking at the park or any place of your choice is another great alternative of exercising. Do it at least 30 minutes of brisk walking each day.

I think it’s not difficult to do, or perhaps if you have a car, park it away from the office or building at least 200 meters or so, and walk your way towards the mall for shopping.

If you’re going to your workplace, take the stairs instead of the elevators or escalators; you can do this in malls, as well.

However, if you’re office is situated 10 floors above, try to use the stairs at least 3 to 4 stories. That means, use the elevators up to 6th floor, and use the stairs from 7th floor to 10th floor, or vice versa.

Always remember, while working and keeping busy is good for achieving financial needs, it is also important to take care of our body and mind.

Having sex on a regular basis offers the many benefits, and among them are mentioned here. In fact, having sexual intercourse regularly is a form of therapeutic.

So, don’t ignore it. It’s both fun and healthy.

Improve Erection Quality and Stamina

For further improvement of your sexual performance, particularly for men, check out on how using a hydro pump like Bathmate can help maintain good erection quality and maintain both penile and sexual health.

Additionally, aside from being physically active doing regular physical exercises, there is one exercise for men to keep the penis healthy and achieve or maintain rock-hard erections; it’s doing the penis exercise known as Kegel exercises.

It’s about strengthening and balancing the pelvic floor muscles for better sexual performance, improve erection quality, and better control of ejaculation avoiding premature ejaculation, which can be frustrating knowing you can’t make your partner reach orgasms during intercourse.


  1. Just let the good times roll. I agree with Landoi…ask him about the smell if it\’s OK with him. Personally, I don’t really care about it. It’s a great experience in the middle of the night 🙂 Just make sure both of you are in the mood as suggested earlier.

  2. My partner wakes me up every morning wanting sex, but the thing is that I have hang ups about my body, particularly when it pertains to odor. See, I do not exactly feel fresh despite the fact that I take a shower every night, so I am hesitant and rather fearful to permit him to do this in the morning. I understand it could sound odd, but I was a virgin and had actually never ever had sexy with anyone prior to my husband, and hygiene issues bother me. I suggest I feel that my area has a scent. It’s not a bad scent, but all of us know that vagina does have a fragrance. I would not mind if he wanted it in the evening after I’ve showered, however he desires it in the morning, and I do not feel clean. Am I overreacting?

    • As a man, I don’t really care about the smell on my partner’s vagina. Me and my partner do it often during morning. We simply have sex and no oral stimulation using tongue on private parts. I don’t want her either to do a blowjob on me during morning, unless we both took a shower already.

      So, if your partner wants to have sex during the middle of the night(some say it’s the second phase of sleeping), do it… of course, if you’re in the mood. Your partner may initiate manual stimulation with his hand on your vagina, or if he wants to do use his tongue, just tell him it might have scent he don’t want… just to warn him.

      If he still insist, ask him if it’s OK and if he says “YES”… then let the game begins. Asking him allow your mind to be clear from worries about that smell and instead enjoy an amazing sex experience during the middle of the night or early morning just before you get off bed.


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