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Limiting Children’s Screen Time Is Good For Their Heart Health

Using and enjoying technology appropriately is good. Today, the use of gadgets with screens is not only prevalent among adults but also in children.

Unfortunately, there are negative impacts of using it this technology overly. Recent studies reveal that too excessive use of these gadgets with screens has caused the global epidemic of blindness globally. Moreover, exposing children to these gadgets without limits alter their behaviors.

In addition, using this technology without limits can lead to addiction especially in the young population. Of course, since it involves excessive sitting, it can easily lead to a sedentary lifestyle that causes various metabolic diseases including heart disease and obesity.

The Recommendation To Limit Screen Time

With all the above issues relating to excessive use of screens, the American Heart Association is urging parents and guardians to enforce screen limits on children.

This is in support of their previous recommendations about getting kids to involve in physical activities.

The American Heart Association even suggesting to remove television and other gadgets with screens from bedrooms and dining areas.

Instead, they encourage parents to let their children getting social interactions without gadgets. This is a good way of connecting children and developing their social skills. Eventually, this leads them to be physically active while playing outdoors.

How Much Time Should Kids Spent On Screens?

It would be difficult to completely ban children from using gadgets with a screen. But, of course, this is possible. On the other hand, is there an ideal time limit for children to use gadgets without affecting their physical and psychological health?

Common Sense Media says that children spend most of their screen time on gadgets like phone and tablets. In fact, they say that young people with ages between 13 and 18 years spent 6 hours and 40 minutes on screens.

However, only 2.5 hours of it is spent watching television, which means a major portion of it is spent on phones and tablets. And, today it is very apparent to cause smartphone and social media addictions.

The reason it leads to addiction is that companies and social media platform gather data that help them make these devices more addictive.

So, how much time you should allow your child to use the smartphone, tablet or watch TV? Well, 30 minutes to an hour daily is a good start. However, always encourage them to go outside and play.

Limitless Screen Usage Affects Toddlers’ Development

Today, the evidence is starting to emerge about the negative impact of technology on kids. This is something we should be aware of. And, while it is not totally bad to have kids use technology, it would be best if you delay them allowing to use the device.

For instance, infants need direct care and attention from their parents. However, many parents today are letting smartphones and television to do the parenting responsibility. And, while it may seem high-tech to perceive, it can have a toll in the end.

High-Tech Executives Are Low-Tech Parents

When it comes to raising children, most of us thought that people like the late Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and among others are high-tech parents. The truth is the complete opposite. They are the ones who model in limiting screen time with their children.

The majority of Silicon Valley elites raise their children tech-free. They don’t care if other people call them low-tech parents.

Because they know the ultimate impact of this technology on children. And, believe it or not, a school in Silicon Valley has no computers.

Open Up Your Eyes

If the technology elites are not allowing their children to use their technology, isn’t it a red flag? All we have to do is open our eyes to the truth.

Certainly, technology has its place. But when it comes to young children, we should delay in allowing them in using such technology.

Instead, let us encourage them to play outside along with other activities. This way, they can have a proper amount of sun exposure, which is a vital source of vitamin D and keeps the body healthy both physically and mentally.


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