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Exercise Boosts Sex Life With Its Natural Viagra-Like Effect

Health and fitness experts recommend exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle. Certainly, regular exercise along with a healthy diet can reduce serious conditions like diabetes, osteoporosis and heart disease.

But there’s more to it. Studies find that regular exercise has a natural Viagra-like effect. Hence, it helps improve your sex and love life. Moreover, regular exercise has been found beneficial for men in lowering the risk of erectile problems.

Previously, we’ve covered how doing regular workout can boost libido. One study1 find that exercise improves sexual function.

In that study, middle-aged sedentary men were the subjects. They were put in a vigorous exercise program for 9 months. During the study, the men have improved sexual function, reported more frequent sexual activity and greater sexual satisfaction.

What’s even more interesting is that those men who have achieved the greatest fitness levels have the biggest improvements in their sex lives.

Can Women Improve Their Sex Life with Exercise?

Well, women don’t be disappointed. Just like men, women who do regular exercise have higher libido, better rate of arousal and sexual satisfaction than sedentary women.

In one experiment2, young women who undergo 20-minute intense cycling showed higher physiological arousal while watching erotic film compared to those who did not exercised.

Exercise allows the body to increase and facilitate proper blood flow. This is why exercise is such an amazing tool for boosting sexual performance and improving the overall quality of sex life.

Exercise Helps Enhance Self-Image

The enhanced figure and muscle gains through exercise are great self-image boosters. In men, regular exercise allows gaining muscles that make the physical appearance more lean and sexy eventually boosting self-confidence.

Moreover, regular exercise particularly weight lifting is a good way to enhance strength, stamina and even flexibility. In addition, weightlifting is one of the natural means to increase testosterone levels.

In addition, physical activity — especially strength training — can increase levels of testosterone, which may boost sex drive in men and women. However, overtraining can have the opposite effect.

Does The Body Get Tired or Weakens After Sex?

Conventional wisdom says that sex has bad after effects as it reduces strength and aggression as Rocky Balbo’s trainer says in the movie, Rocky. Do you want to hear it? Here is a clip and listen to it at 1:06.

But is it true? Well, one study3 says it won’t. In that study, researchers measured grip strength of former male athletes in the morning right after having sex.

Then, the researchers repeated the measurements on the same men while not having sex for at least 6 days. The results were the same.

Sex Does Weakens The Body

Moreover, having sex is a good way to calm down and reduce anxiety especially for someone practicing the ancient Taoist practice of sexual Kung Fu. You’ll more on this practice in-depth in a book The Multi-Orgasmic Man by Mantak Chia.

Does Sex Itself Counts As Exercise?

Yes, having sex counts as a physical activity but depends on intensity and length of time of intercourse. In one study4, young adults burned 3 calories per minute while having moderate sex, which is equivalent to walking.

Unfortunately, most people or couples do not have long sexual intercourse especially if a man suffers from premature ejaculation. Perhapsm aiming to last longer in bed is key to make sex counts as a physical activity.

Furthermore, in that study also, researchers compared a 30-minute sexual intercourse to a moderate treadmill workout. They find that working out on a treadmill burns 3 times more calories.

Having sex may not be the best form of physical activity but certainly, it has many health benefits. Hence, don’t rely on it as the primary form of exercise. Instead, take advantage of the benefits of regular exercise, which includes a boost in your sex life.

Bottom Line

Make exercise a habit and part of your regular routine. Regular exercise has many health benefits. Of course, combining it with healthy eating habits and lifestyle is vital.

On the other hand, don’t engage in overtraining as too much exercise can have negative impact on men’s sex drive. Therefore, do it in a balanced way such as doing high-intensity exercise every other day 3 times a week. Then incorporate yoga during days that you don’t do intensive exercise.


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