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Better Sex Helps Achieve A Happy and Fulfilled Relationships

This may be too early for a Valentine message to all couples, but I guess timing on this does not matter much especially a new year is fast approaching. In fact, a topic like achieving better sex is timeless.

Better Sex Means Better Intimate Relationship

This is about improving sexual relationships either for married or non-married couples. It is not uncommon for many couples who do not talk about their sexuality as intimate partners and try to learn what they can do to improve it.

Moreover, there are couples, even though, they are together for a long time and have sex on a regular basis, or both partners are reluctant to open up a conversation regarding sex. This may not be true for some, but certainly, this is happening.

Try to ask a couple how intimate they are when it comes to sexual conversation. You will find couples who cannot answer it well because they do not talk about it except by simply having sex.

Sometimes a simple issue about sex can lead to something bad, and even lead to broken marriages.

It produces a bubble effect when there is something very small bad happen it results to connecting various issues, and eventually, it goes wild and uncontrollable.

Couple sex therapy can be very helpful when this happens, but if both partners do not have any idea, who would then ask to consult a counselor.

Relationship Problems

Sexuality is among one of the primary factors in achieving a happy and fulfilled sexual relationship, whether for married or non-married couples.

Simply put sex, it is not just about satisfying each other’s sexual desires, but about a more effective open communication and intimacy. Hence, aiming to have a better sex is essential.

It is a responsibility of both partners to look forward towards an entirely satisfying sexual relationship and lifestyle that results in a more intimate and affectionate emotional connection.

Normally, couples undergo difficulties or some disagreements, but that is normal in a relationship, and experts marriage experts agree to it.

It is important, however, to address any disagreement as early as possible to avoid getting worse. This is where open communication helps.

Common Issues That May Arise Hampering Better Sex

A sexual relationship between the couple is supposed to be ideal, happy and fulfilling.

However, sometimes certain problems may arise, and both partners must actively be helping each other in order to overcome any problems.

After all, married couples swear they will be together through thick and thin.

Together Through Thick and Thin

Among the most common issues couples encounter are lack of intimacies, boredom, diminish sex drive, and less passionate in sex.

Additionally, one of the partners may not be able to perform up to one’s expectation resulting in a diminishing self-esteem, which is one of the causes of dull relationship.

We’ll discuss these issues below to make it clear what to do and how it affects the relationship either sexually, or emotionally. Knowing all these can be vital to anyone experiencing any of these issues making it easy to find solutions to make one’s performance improved.

Lack Of Intimacy

Lack Of Intimacy

There are some women who claimed they often feel rejected with their partners due to lack of intimacy. Eventually, this small no big deal sexual issue from the get go can take a toll on both physical and emotional states of either or both partners.

Some people are able to gain weight while partially losing self-esteem due to lack of sexual activities. On the other hand, individuals enjoying active sex lives become happier and closer to their partners emotionally and sexually.

Sexual intercourse is not just all about an act of lust. Intimacy, on the other hand, is a form communication between partners says Dr. Robert Holden.

Dr. Holden specializes in emotional health added, among the notable mistakes people make in a relationship is they do not put much effort and energy to people who matters most.

Sexual Performance Issues

High Blood Pressure

There are many couples wherein one of the partners fail to perform sexually. This is mostly attributed to men having the inability to perform sexually.

If you are among these men experiencing difficulty in performing sex, it is highly suggested consulting your doctor or Urologist and seeking advice on how to improve your lifestyle.

Health experts agreed such inability to perform well sexually is due to food intake or unhealthy dieting and lack of physical activity or workout.

Alcohol also plays an important part in man’s sexual performance.

While moderate consumption of alcohol is proven to improve sexual desire, it does the opposite when consumed excessively resulting to temporary erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation due to lack of control when the brain is not well-condition.

A study conducted on 17000 alcoholic men have shown after a number of years without drinking alcohol, almost 50% of the respondents were able to gain normal erections while the remaining 50% partially or completely able to achieved full erections.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is another contributing factor that causes sexual performance deterioration as it results in erectile dysfunction.

In fact, one study conducted and published in the Journal of Urology in 2000 revealed 68% of men who are suffering from high blood pressure with age ranging from 40 to 79 experienced ED at one time or another; and at least 45% were considered severe ED condition.

Moreover, high blood pressure may also result in low testosterone level, which is a male hormone that plays a crucial role in male sex drive.

Other contributing factors include cigarette smoking and unhealthy eating of fatty foods resulting to high cholesterol levels resulting in high blood pressure.

Over Training

Getting involve in regular exercise or other physical activities is important, but it should be done appropriately and moderately to avoid over training. Exercise done appropriately enables the body to increase testosterone level, though not permanent, but when done consistently and regularly it offers long-term health benefits.

A good and well executed workout produce endorphin, which is a hormone that provides a great level of relaxation especially for those who are stressed or experienced anxiety.

On the other hand, overdoing the workout may contribute to infertility and fatigue resulting to low sperm count and its quality temporarily. The reason intense physical workouts may lower hormone level in the bloodstream that affects the production of sperm.

Specialists in physical fitness say this happens because over training kills the body itself. Experts believed sperm levels return to nearly normal in 3 days.

Also, coffee consumption after a few hours of training may help protect the quality of the sperm due to caffeine’s antioxidant properties, but it should be noted that consumption should be moderate as over consumption of it can lead to erection issues as caffeine is a stimulant… that when consumed above normal can cause anxieties.

Inferiority Complex

In the field of psychology, inferiority complex is an unrealistic perception of inadequacy or feeling inferior to others. This is particularly true for men who think about their penis size is not adequate to satisfy their partners sexually.

Previously, we’ve explained the psychological benefits of having a bigger penis that proves to help improve self-confidence and performance in bed.

There has been surveys and research conducted in finding out male average penis size, and one survey revealed American men have an average penis size over 5 inches.

Now, although it has been told over and over again that penis size does not matter many women even say it, still men have the perception of small penis size is not enough, at least for some men.

While it is true that penis size does matter in sex, performance is vital, as well. This is where size does not matter all the time, and bigger is not always better.

Choosing certain positions during sex can also help to maximize pleasure resulting to a better sexual experience for both partners.

The good news, there are certain ways to increase penis size like regularly performing penis exercises to using enlargement devices like hydro penis pumps and traction penis extenders, or one can perform a combination of routines instead of just relying a single strategy.

At the same time, improving performance by avoiding premature ejaculation as previously mentioned is important. Knowing how to perform foreplay well can have a significant impact especially those men who are not well-endowed.

Frequent Sexual Encounters

Sex and medical experts agree that having frequent sex lowers feeling of a doubt while it helps boost the level of commitment and offers many health benefits. The entire process deepens the couple’s physical intimacy and bolsters the bond of love.

These are some of the fundamentals of improving a couple’s sexual lifestyle keeping the relationship fervent.

Simply by discovering ways on how to have better sex can lead to fruitful relationships either in married couples or not.

Willingness and openness along with mutual trust are essential to achieving happy, fulfilling, and active sex life. Ultimately, the bond of love between the couple is supposed to be exciting and fun.


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