The More Sleep You Get, The Better Sex You’ll Experience


Science has spoken that the more sex you’ll get, the healthier you will be. Sex has many health benefits including those early morning encounters. But you know that not having enough good sleep has a negative impact on your sex life?

Having to maintain good quality sleep every night is vital for health. In fact, depriving yourself of sleep causes many health issues including prostate problems in men and skin health.

How Sleep Affects Sex?

There are many men and women who think they are too tired for sex. Hopefully, you’re not one of them. One study1 says women over age of 50 with less than 7 hours of sleep are less sexually active. So, is this sleep-sex link increases with age?

Maybe not. On the other hand, women who get more sleep as the study finds do not experience the same as those women with less sleep. Clearly, there is something going on.

The researchers say that sleep disorders can interfere with a person’s sex life. In fact, in an earlier study2 on men with obstructive sleep apnea, researchers say these men have lower sexual activity. Probably, as the researchers suggested, it may be due to lower testosterone levels.

Moreover, obstructive sleep apnea can increase risk of cardiovascular issues, which lead to men suffer sexual dysfunction.

More Sleep Equals Better Sex

If you are thinking if lack of sleep causes bad impacts on sex life, what about more sleep? Well, let us see what the study says about it. Back in 2015, one study3 monitored female college students.

In that study, the researchers found female college students in romantic relationships have a higher sexual desire when they sleep longer. In fact, every extra hour of sleep corresponds to higher sexual desire and better vaginal lubrication.

Furthermore, these female college students also experience a 14% boost in having good mood the next day. Is it due to an increase in oxytocin level due to sexual activity? If it is, then, it’s another domino effect of getting more sleep.

Obtaining sufficient sleep is important to the promotion of healthy sexual desire and genital response, as well as the likelihood of engaging in partnered sexual activity.

What Else Can Affect Your Sex Life?

Clearly, sleep is among categories that affect sex life and activity. However, other factors can also affect one’s sex life quality and experience.

For instance, diet is a significant factor. Although it does not affect sexual performance immediately, it does take a toll in the long-term. Hence, make sure you maintain a good nutrition plan.

Focus and increase your intake of fruits and vegetables particularly dark green leafy veggies and those aphrodisiac foods.

Moreover, stress plays a substantial negative impact on sex. Additionally, stress also increases cancer risk, affects men’s sperm quality and a predictor for heart disease.

Therefore, make sure you keep your stress level at bay. The good news is that there are many ways to manage stress and keep it at a minimum where it does not interfere with health and overall wellbeing. Simple activities such as grounding, yoga and tai-chi are all helpful natural ways to minimize stress.

Of course, eating appropriately healthy foods matter, as well. Hence, eat mood-boosting foods to avoid stress but increase energy levels.

From now on, always keep in mind that sleep has tremendous health benefits. Therefore, don’t ignore it. Instead, focus on getting and maintaining good quality sleep at night. Getting sleep at night is important as it is during this time when the brain does its cleaning process.

At this point, we learn one crucial thing worth considering, which is better sleep not only lead to better health but also better sex.


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