4 Watermelon Rind Health Benefits Including Better Sex Drive


Watermelon is a delicious and thirst-quenching fruit. But there’s more to it. Although watermelon composition is mostly water, studies1 found it has many health benefits. The nutrient not only comes from the red fleshy part but including the watermelon rind or peel.

The watermelon fruit is popularly known for its Viagra-like effect. Hence, many call it as nature’s Viagra.

Instead of focusing on the health benefits of red fleshy part of the fruit, which most people consumed, we shift our attention to its rind. The rind is not really the peel of the watermelon. It is the part of watermelon between the green peel and the red fleshy part.

The Rind Part of Watermelon

Studies Backing Watermelon Rind

If you search the internet on watermelon rind health benefits, you’ll find a lot of them. One study2 finds that watermelon rind is a good source of dietary fiber and phenolic compounds. These compounds are antioxidants and believed to have a potential for cancer prevention3.

Another study4 finds that watermelon rind has high concentration of citrulline, which is valuable for men with erectile dysfunction.

In fact, citrulline or L-Citrulline is available in supplement form and good for men with erectile problems. In the study, the researchers concluded that watermelon rind is underutilized and mostly end as agricultural waste. Yet is a good source of natural citrulline.

Watermelon Rind Health Benefits

There are four known health benefits from watermelon rind consumption. Of course, there are far more benefits, but we’ll just mention four.

Unlike a targeted pharmaceutical drug, naturally occurring nutrients in watermelon rind have a wide range of beneficial coverage. It’s not just about sexual health, but overall health, generally.

1. Boost Your Sex Drive

Watermelon has been known for its Viagra-like effect especially the rind. There are studies showing that nutrients found in watermelon rind are beneficial on men with mild erectile dysfunction.

The primary driver for its sexual enhancing property comes from citrulline. This amino acid is more concentrated in the rind compared to its presence in the red fleshy part.

2. Beneficial for Prostate Health

Aside from citrulline, lycopene is also present in watermelon rind. It is an antioxidant in which the NCI(National Cancer Institute) says it could potentially prevent prostate cancer.

Although more studies are needed, the preliminary studies brought promising findings. The lycopene present in watermelon rind is also present in tomato skin. Hence, this a good hint not to throw away the skins of tomatoes and watermelons.

In addition, watermelon has a diuretic property5, which can be helpful in maintaining the urinary tract clean and healthy.

As part of a plan-based diet for prostate health, always include watermelon in the menu.

3. Beneficial for Proper Blood Pressure

One of the common health conditions in men and women is hypertension or high blood pressure. Today, most doctors prescribed medications that have more side effects than the actual benefits.

If you can find a doctor that provides a balance prescription between pharma drugs and nutrition, watermelon would probably be one of the recommended foods.

In fact, there are studies6 using watermelon extract in supplement form in controlling blood pressure on obese adults.

Hence, once watermelon season comes, take advantage of its abundance. Eat it regularly both the red fleshy part and the rind. It’s in the rind where you get most of the health benefits.

Of course, if you don’t have hypertension issue, it is also healthful. Always remember that one of the watermelon rind health benefits is for lowering blood pressure.

So, don’t just eat it when because you have a condition, but eat it because it’s healthy.

4. Boost Your Workout Endurance

The primary driving nutrient for boosting athletic performance is citrulline. The same amino acid that boosts performance in bed.

In one study7, researchers find L-citrulline supplementation has been found beneficial for cylists reducing their completion time.

You don’t have to take the supplementation if you prefer. Instead, you can get L-citrulline naturally from pickled watermelon rind.

Watermelon Rind Preparation Tips

There is a wide range of ways in which you can prepare the watermelon rind. Whichever way you prepare, you’ll be able to enjoy its health benefits.

One of the most popular ways of watermelon rind preparation pickling. Watermelon rind pickles are widely available. You can even find it in online stores like Amazon.

How To Make A Pickled Watermelon Rind?

Here’s a visual presentation on making your own watermelon rind pickles. It’s not that difficult. In fact, it’s easy.

Hopefully, this can encourage you to utilize the entire watermelon fruit by pickling its rind.

Making A Juice of Watermelon Rind

If you want nature’s Viagra, this is it! However, this is not a pill or a drug. Instead, it is a watermelon rind juice.

Here’s another way to prepare watermelon rind along with carrots and pineapple.

And, what about a watermelon rind fries? It’s somewhat surprising but watch how this man did it…

There are more ways to prepare the watermelon rind. Regardless of how you prepare it, you’ll surely enjoy its health benefits.

As mentioned earlier, the main concentrated nutrient in watermelon rind is citrulline. This is also available in supplementation form.

However, should you choose to get it naturally, go for consuming watermelon rind. At the end of the day, if you choose to throw them away, they’ll end up as waste. It means you’re also wasting valuable nutrients.

Hence, you better keep in mind always the health benefits you’ll get from watermelon rind. Hopefully, that would be enough encouragement for you to utilize the rind and enjoy the health benefits it offers.


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