Exercises Men Should Do To Transform Sexual Energy For Health and Healing


Many think that doing penis exercises is solely for enlargement purposes. Although it is true, it is just the half side of the story. Master Mantak Chia, a Taoist master, and healer explains how to harness the power of sexual energy for healing.

If you’ve read how to do testicle massage, you may be familiar with Mantak Chia. He is also the author of many books relating to sexual health and energy including The Multi-Orgasmic Man and Woman.

Master Mantak Chia - Taoist Master and Healer
Master Mantak Chia – Taoist Master For Transforming Sexual Energy For Health And Healing

Brian Rose, founder of London Real interviewed Master Mantak Chia where he reveals how to harness sexual energy for healing. Achieving is simple but involves consistent practice and exercise.

3 Steps To Harnessing Sexual Energy For Healing

The full length of the entire interview is close to 2 hours. However, in 8 minutes, Master Mantak Chia reveals a quick overview on how to harness sexual energy for healing and health.

Basically, these 3 steps are penis exercises common to penis enlargement routines. If you already doing penis enlargement exercises, it’s not difficult to implement these 3 steps.

Here are the three(3) steps;

1. Sharpening the Knife

Brian Rose, call it “sharpening the pencil”. Well, at least jokingly. But in its essence, sharpening the knife is doing Jelqing. In penis enlargement, Jelqing is one of the most and widely used penis exercises.

When it comes to sharpening the knife as Master Chia calls it, you have to do Jelqing exercise daily. And, he recommends jelqing 50 repetitions in each of the 4 jelqing directions. It means, jelq 50 times to the left, 50 times to the right, 50 times downward, and 50 times upward.

Do this daily until you will be able to fully control your ejaculation. This is also another way of overcoming premature ejaculation. Moreover, jelqing is also appropriate for increasing penile girth and a good warm-up exercise prior to using a penis pump or penis extender.

Master Chia recommends using baby oil as a lubricant for jelqing. However, if you want more of your efforts, you can opt to use a Jelqing serum or cream by Bathmate.

2. Learning To Contract The Prostate Gland

If you’re doing penis enlargement, you may be familiar with one simple exercise involving contraction. Contracting the prostate gland is the Kegels exercise. Just like jelqing, Kegels improve erection quality and the ability to fully achieve ejaculatory control.

Contracting The Prostate Gland For Sexual Energy
The Man’s Prostate Gland

In other words, doing Master Chia’s recommendations on Jelqing and Kegels, you’ll be able to last longer in bed and even achieve multiple orgasms, which is also known as dry orgasms.

In terms of repetitions, Master Mantak Chia recommends doing 300 contractions of the prostate daily. Now, you don’t have to do it at once. If you want, you can spread the 300 reps throughout the day.

For instance, you can do 50 or 100 while sitting in your car, then another 50 or 100 while at the office, and the rest perhaps, doing it while taking a break. The great thing about Kegels exercise is you can do it anywhere and anytime.

Do this consistently until you will be able to achieve orgasm even without having sex or masturbation. The male prostate gland is the male G-Spot.

The Importance of Good Sexual Performance For Men

You might think or ask, why do all these hassles achieving longer sexual performance?

Well, Mantak Chia says that women also need orgasms. However, women are slow in terms of sexual arousal. But, the fact, orgasm is vital for women for both health and healing.

This is why men should care about women’s orgasms and help their female partner be able to achieve better arousals and boost sex drive.

3. Massaging The Testicles

If you’re new to testicular massage, please read and visit “>how to do testicle massage article. Appropriate and correct testicular massage has many health benefits.

Additionally, Master Mantak Chia works with energy, and working with energy is important. And, he says that massaging the testicles produces energy, which can be directed for health and healing.

Frequency Of Ejaculation

One of the reasons men should work on prolonging their sexual performance is conserving energy. Of course, one of the reasons includes working with women’s slow orgasms, which is essential as previously mentioned.

Man’s Optimal Ejaculation Frequency To Preserve Semen and Energy

Every time a man ejaculates, he expends energy. The more energy he expends cause fatigue and even a toll on its health in the long run. Of course, the younger the man, the more he can ejaculate without affecting his energy levels.

For instance, in the interview, Mantak Chia says that a 20-year-old man can ejaculate every 5th day. This means, for 4 consecutive days, no ejaculation should occur. But it is OK to ejaculate on the 5th day.

Moreover, a 30-year-old man can ideally ejaculate every 9 days. This means, for 8 consecutive days or over a week period, no ejaculation should occur. And, then on the 9th day, ejaculating is no problem.

If you notice the trend, the older a man gets, the fewer ejaculations are ideal for conserving energy. Because energy conservation means the body can harness that energy for the body’s health maintenance.

However, this does not mean a man should only have sex every time he wants to ejaculate. This is where the importance of being able to fully control ejaculation because you can have sex as often as you can without actually ejaculating.

This is called dry orgasms or male multiple orgasms.

Mantak Chia’s Tip For Penis Lengthening

Watching the entire length of the interview allows you to learn more about sexual health and healing. Brian Rose is generous enough to allow access to the entire interview for free. So, take advantage of it.

There is also another interview about Sexual Energy. So, make sure you watch it, as well.

One tip Master Mantak Chia reveals about lengthening the penis is about sticking the tongue. In the interview, Mantak Chia mentioned the 3 gates to female orgasms.

Tongue Out for Longer Penis
Simple Technique To Make The Penis Longer

In short, this involves foreplay not just kissing but vaginal stimulation using the fingers and licking using the tongue.

Interestingly, he says that having a longer penis is beneficial for stimulating the third gate for female orgasm. This third gate is the female uterus and it’s about stimulating the uterus with the penis while the woman on top.

Mantak Chia says it is this sexual position well-suited for stimulating the uterus with the penis.

And, a simple way of penile lengthening is the sticking out the tongue technique while grabbing and pulling the penis and testicles. The exercise is somewhat funny.

In fact, Brian Rose is laughing as Master Chia demonstrates it. Master Chia says, if the tongue is short, the penis is short. On the other hand, the longer the tongue, the longer the penis.

The key to this exercise is doing it daily until the tongue elongates. So, grab the penis and testicles, stick out your tongue as long as you can while grabbing your stomach upward.

Moreover, in the full interview, Master Chia also shows how to find women’s G-Spot. The problem is finding a woman’s G-Spot is it changes every time. So, you have to find it. But when you know the technique, it is easy.

Final Thoughts

The results you will get from doing these exercises are priceless. However, results do not come without consistent exercise and dedication. As Master Chia says, most people will find it difficult to do the exercises.

However, if you are already doing penis enlargement, this may give you more encouragement to pursue it. There are no shortcuts but only through a persistent exercise to develop and harness sexual energy for health and healing.


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