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4 Ways A Regular Yoga Can Help You Achieve and Maintain A Better Sex Life

Yoga is an ancient practice, and yet its health benefits are still applicable at present. This ancient practice helps keep the stress level at a minimum for better focus and health. Of course, yoga helps in achieving better sex.

Better Sex with Yoga
Enjoying Better Sex Life with Regular Yoga Practice

How Can Yoga Make Your Sex Life Better?

You may have known or seen people practicing yoga. Moreover, you might say it only involves subtle stretches but the reality, it has tremendous health benefits to both mind and body.

While yoga is known for its many health benefits, let us quickly explore how yoga can help you achieve in improving your sex life.

But first, do you know how to say hello the yoga way? It’s “Namaste”.


Before we explore how yoga can improve your sex life in 4 ways, know that yoga means unity in mind and body along with controlled breathing. Hence, as you perform yoga poses those poses for better sex mainly, you’ll be able to learn controlled breathing.

Furthermore, most people, while having sex, are not paying attention to their breath. It is crucial to sustain stamina and focus on your partner. Plus, it ables you to connect your partner emotionally.

With regular yoga practice, you will be able to control and be aware of your breathing. It allows and helps you perform better or last longer and thoroughly enjoy the experience.

So, let’s get started!

1. Improves Flexibility

Yoga Helps Maintain Flexibility of the Body

One of the leading hindrances for achieving better sex is pain, particularly back pains. Fortunately, there is one science-back sex position that can help people with back pain.

However, to make the experience more exciting, it is always a good idea to explore new moves and positions. It means flexibility is an asset. The more flexible you can move, the better the experience and the more pleasure you can give to your partner, as well.

Through regular yoga practice, it trains your entire body to achieve flexibility. It allows you and your partner to try a wide range of positions and postures during lovemaking.

2. Promotes Acceptance of Your Body

Comfortable with the Body and Appearance

A lot of people do not feel comfortable with their bodies. With yoga, you will not only increase your body’s flexibility, but it also improves your mental flexibility, as well. Just like meditation, yoga promotes some core values, including non-attachment and acceptance.

It is essential in sex as it allows you to too attached to an idea relating to your physical appearance while enjoying the experience without judgments. Some people feel less comfortable, resulting in feeling less attractive and sexy.

Having thoughts of attachments and worrying about your physical appearance can ruin your sexual desire resulting in inability or difficulty achieving full orgasms. In other words, yoga helps you feel more confident with your body and eventually improves your performance and experience.

3. Exercises The Pelvic Muscles

Bow Pose Stimulates The Pelvic Floor Muscles

Perhaps, one known exercise to effectively stimulates the pelvic muscles is Kegels. However, yoga is also valuable for exercising the pelvis.

There are particular yoga poses that help in strengthening the pelvic muscles for better erection and ejaculatory control. In other words, yoga is an excellent way to overcoming premature ejaculation resulting in better sex.

In one study1, women who practiced yoga experienced improvements in orgasms, sexual desire, arousal, and sexual satisfaction. Another study2 also found yoga along with mindfulness and acupuncture, show promising results.

4. Helps You Stay In The Present Moment

Being In The Present Moment

Some people get distracted while in the middle of lovemaking. If you are among this group of people, yoga can help you.

The key to better sex is each partner should focus on the experience. In other words, be in the present moment. Have you been into lovemaking with your partner, then thoughts of worries and anxiousness arise?

It does not feel good, right? With regular yoga practice, especially if you include a daily meditation practice, this can help you control your thoughts. It helps you bring back your attention to the present moment with your partner.

This results in a better sexual experience and deeper emotional connection, which is also a key to amazing sex.


While yogis don’t engage in sexual activities, just as most men and women do, yoga can truly enhance a person’s physical, mental, and primarily spiritual life.

The truth is that yoga, with regular practice can improve overall blood flow in the entire body. It is crucial for health as proper blood flow means proper delivery of oxygen to all the organs. In turn, it makes the body function at its optimal performance.

You don’t have to do yoga only for better sex solely. Yoga health benefits encompass everything, even lowering a person’s blood pressure and enhances brain function.

Even men with prostate problems can benefit from regular yoga practice. Of course, practicing yoga on a regular basis is an excellent stress reliever.

So, start your yoga practice today. You don’t have to start with advance poses, but doing easy stretches is a good start. Sooner, you’ll be able to notice the difference. Of course, make it a part of your healthy lifestyle practices with proper nutrition as a part of it.


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