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One Reason Men Should Care About Female Orgasms

In men, one of the primary reasons to reach orgasm is to ejaculate in order to deliver sperm. Of course, sperm delivery is done during sexual intercourse. And, the other reason is the pleasure. But, what about female orgasms?

Although the common reasons for men to reach orgasms is reproductive purposes and pleasure, it also provides therapeutic benefits. On the other hand, scientists are baffled about female orgasms until recently.

Female Orgasms

One study1 has looked at the evolution of female orgasms. In the study, researchers found something amazing.

The Evolution of Female Orgasms

Of course, just like men, women deserve to reach orgasms. Just as men, it gives women intense pleasure during sex, which can also have therapeutic effects. Sex has many health benefits especially morning sex.

In men, it is clear that when it comes to reproductive purposes, orgasm allows the delivery of sperms. Surprisingly, female orgasms have something to do with reproductive purposes, as well. Earlier studies on female orgasms were focusing on the biological perspective and modification of trait.

But, in this study, the researchers took a different approach by looking at the evolutionary perspective of orgasms in women. The scientists in this study led by Gunter Wagner, say that orgasms in women also play a role in reproduction.

Men Should Care About Their Female Partner’s Orgasms

Today, just like men, many women have issues achieving orgasms. In fact, the medical industry formulated a female version of Viagra. They call it the “Pink Viagra”. However, just like the blue pill or Viagra for men, it does not absolutely solve orgasm issues in women.

Fortunately, there are many alternatives to Pink Viagra that can boost orgasms in women. Moreover, there are certain ways men can do to help and make their female partner boosts orgasm.

The male orgasm is explosive while female orgasm is implosive. When it comes to reproductive purposes, this totally makes sense. Men that delivers the sperm in an explosive manner by releasing it inside the female’s vagina.

Then, to receive the sperms, women reach orgasm in an implosive manner. I guess it works the same way as an electrical connection when a male and female sockets connect electricity flows. In human reproduction, it leads to conception.

Nevertheless, whether a man and woman get into sexual intercourse, both should achieve orgasms. It may not be for reproductive purposes, but achieving orgasm alone has therapeutic benefits.

There may be other reasons we don’t know yet about orgasms particularly, female orgasms. But, hopefully, this study will be able to encourage men not to focus on their own orgasms but also care for his partner.

When it comes to amazing sex, there is no better experience than having both partners achieved orgasms. This is why foreplay and mindful sex are both important when it comes to intimacy.

Lastly, some couples are practicing orgasmic meditation. This is especially helpful for women who have a hard time reaching orgasms.


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