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Mindful Sex Is An Amazing Way To Boost Intimate Experience

When it comes to intimacy, experiencing a deeper connection matters. And, there’s no better way to achieve a more connected intimate encounter but through mindful sex.

It’s clear that a regular mindfulness practice is beneficial to boosting sex life to both genders. As a matter of fact, even with just one minute a day of meditation practice is really helpful.

Why Mindful Sex Matters?

As mentioned, having a deeper and more connection both emotionally and erotically during sex is great. However, it seems that some are not truly experiencing the beauty and pleasure of sex while making love.

As one woman told her story, the first time she had sex it seemed she was not really there. Or, at least she was half present only.

Her story is not unique. There are many women and even men experiencing the same thing. In fact, there are people who have distracted while they are having an intimate encounter with their romantic partner.

When a couple is disconnected or at least half connected while making love, orgasm may not be intense or exciting. The sensation may not be as passionate as it is supposed to be. It is possible there would be some sort of shyness to initiate eye contact.

Having eye contact during lovemaking is truly amazing. It seems like the eyes make the deep connection resulting in not only wonderful physical sensations but emotional, as well. Moreover, a mindful sex can lead to a bolder performance and longer stamina.

Now I know that there are no limits to the pleasures that await me. I now consider my sexuality to be as much of my spiritual practice as sitting on the cushion.

Mindfulness Matters

Certainly, mindfulness can lead to more satisfying sexual experiences. Furthermore, this not only improves intimate experience but also provides a stronger bond. Better sex always leads to better relationships. It may not the case for all but definitely, in most cases.

In today’s hectic and stressful society, a lot of people don’t fully experience the intense and satisfying intimacy. Fortunately, a regular meditation practice can help achieve it over time. This is not a magic solution but the more mindful you become, the better your mind and body response to it.

In fact, even bodybuilders employ mindfulness and that they can build muscles with the aid of their brains. For those who are into penis enlargement, regardless of the method you are using such as manual exercises, penis extender, a penis pump or a combination, being mindful while doing it truly helps.

For women with sexual dysfunction problems, mindfulness is helpful1.

Mindfulness-based improvements in interoceptive awareness highlight the potential of mindfulness training as a treatment for female sexual dysfunction.


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