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Exercise Effectively Slows Down Sarcopenia or Muscle Loss Due To Aging That Typically Begins In The 30s

Sarcopenia or loss of muscles due to aging is real, and it begins earlier than most people thought. Most of us notice that muscle loss due to aging starts in the late 50s and beyond.

However, sarcopenia begins to occur when a person reaches 30 years old and it affects more women than men.

Fortunately, staying physically active or engaging in regular exercise can slows down sarcopenia.

Regular Exercise Slows Down Muscle Loss Due To Aging

There is no way to prevent sarcopenia or muscle loss. As a person ages, muscle loss is inevitable. But there is a way to slows it down, or somewhat delay it to some extent.

Engaging in regular exercise, particularly strength or resistance training, helps slow down the loss of muscles. Others call it weight lifting, but in reality, any daily activities that involve using your strength regularly can help.

It is not even necessary to visit the gym or engage in an exercise routine if you are someone doing the heavy lifting. Of course, for people living in urban areas where most natural movements are somewhat not very common, engaging in exercise routines like HIIT and resistance training is essential.

An earlier study found that strength training is effective in regenerating muscle growth in older people. In another more recent study, researchers confirmed that regular physical activity is essential for muscle regeneration and growth.

skeletal muscle has remarkable regenerative capabilities, and age-related muscle loss can be drastically attenuated with exercise. On a physiological level, regular exercise has been shown to increase vascularization and perfusion, important for waste removal; muscle efficiency and greater recruitment of myofibres; flexibility and muscle tension; and bone strength and density, required to support muscles

William Chen†, David Datzkiw† and Michael A. Rudnick https://doi.org/10.1098/rsob.200048

In other words, the more often you use your strength, the better your chances of regenerating muscle growth. As the old phrase says, use it or lose it.

Why Is It Important To Maintain Muscle Mass?

It is the muscles that give us physical strength. The more muscle mass we have, the stronger we are. When muscles are flex regularly, it significantly helps in maintaining mobility.

Maintaining Muscle Mass
Maintaining Muscle Mass

Have you notice most sedentary men and women are suffering from some sort of pains including back pains and join pains? Not engaging in regular physical activities we somehow loss control of these muscles.

Or, at least our brain has not been able to have full control over it. In addition, inactivity or sedentary lifestyle reduces proper blood flow to the entire body. And, unfortunately, for men and women, it includes sexual dysfunction as less and less blood flows to the sexual organs.

In a study, researcher found that resistance training is helpful in preserving muscles of seniors. Even more interesting, another study confirmed that regular exercise is helpful for seniors in maintaining motor skills.

Now, do we need to wait to be in our senior age to begin engaging in regular exercise? Well, another study confirms starting exercising at an early age is beneficial for having a healthy gut and maintaining metabolic health.

Staying physically active and having lean muscles are excellent natural metabolism boosters, which is essential for maintaining a healthy weight.

Are There Any Particular Exercises To Prevent Muscle Loss?

Strength or resistance training is suitable for stimulating muscle growth. However, many natural movements and activities like house chores and gardening are also excellent and helpful. Plus, other daily activities that involve using your strength are just as beneficial for stimulating and maintaining muscle growth.

If you’re living in the woods where you do all your housework including chopping woods for fuel and fetching water, these are good natural physical activities.

On the other hand, if you’re living in typical city life, you need to consciously engage in regular physical activities or exercises like weight lifting and HIIT (high-intensity interval training).


Going to the gym is not an absolute requirement since you can exercise at home doing quick full-body exercises. There is even a quick exercise that helps your body release nitric oxide, which is essential for facilitating proper blood flow in the body.

And, if you’re keen to maintain better sex, exercise is a safe and better choice over Viagra. Even better, men who exercise regularly have better fertility.

Of course, do not ignore simple activities like walking and running. And, walking alone, although innate and straightforward has many health benefits including healthy blood pressure and a strong immune system. Hence, integrate as much as possible every activity you can do, either intentional or natural movements like walking.

And, don’t forget the memory-boosting effect of regular exercise. One study found that in just ten days without physical activity can reduce blood flow to the brain. Also, if you want to maintain an effortless feeling of happiness, do regular exercise.

Diet and Proper Nutrition Matters

Exercise is crucial for muscle growth. But let’s not forget that exercise is just one side of the coin, and the other side of it is proper nutrition.

Proper Nutrition For Muscle Growth
Proper Nutrition Is Just As Crucial As Exercise

Increase your fruits and vegetable intake while minimizing or even better avoiding highly processed foods. When you can, always choose organic produce. Although the food industry promotes and advocates that non-organic produce is just as healthy, still organic foods are clear winners.

If you’re eating meat, which is very common in the majority of people, prefer naturally raised animals like chickens and beef. But as much as possible, keep it as a small portion of your diet. Include organ meats when you can. They may be uninviting, but they’re packed with essential nutrients and delicious when properly prepared.

Should You Take Supplements For Muscle Growth?

There are useful supplements for stimulating muscle growth, but you should prefer more on proper nutrition. Proteins are the building blocks of muscle-building. And, many foods are rich in proteins.

Taking Supplements for Muscle Growth
Taking Muscle Growth-Stimulating Supplements Can Be Helpful

On the other hand, you may need supplements and take them when you can. However, if you don’t like taking supplements, you can do that, too. But make sure to be very disciplined when it comes to your nutrition.

But don’t think of becoming a bodybuilder when taking muscle growth-stimulating supplements. Take it not bulk up but to maintain muscle mass, which can be helpful along with your regular exercise regimen.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of some studies prove the importance of exercise in maintaining muscle mass and slows down sarcopenia, we’ve seen clear evidence that physically active men and women are far healthier than sedentary individuals.

Besides, proper nutrition is just as important as exercise. If you want more scientific evidence, a study found that regular exercise can slow down aging. It may be the most natural and free form of anti-aging available to anyone who wants to achieve it.


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