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Regular Exercise Helps Seniors Maintain Motor Skills

Motor skills are learned since childhood. These are the motions due to the coordination of the nervous system, muscles, and the brain. However, motor skills with age. Fortunately, with regular exercise, senior people are able to maintain motor skills.

Among the motor skills include picking up small things and objects, holding a spoon, and every move that involves the use of small muscles of the wrists and fingers, toes, tongue, and lips.

Degradation of motor skills are one of the signs of age-related brain aging. Fortunately, regular exercise can prevent this from happening. One study1 back in 2015 says;

Higher levels of physical activity may reduce the effect of WMH(white matter hyperintensity)2 burden on motor function in healthy older adults.

White matter hyperintensities begin to accumulate as people age. This increases the risk of cognitive impairment and stroke, which is can have a profound impact on a person’s mobility and motor skills.

In this study, researchers find that senior individual although they didn’t reduce the amount of brain damage, being physically active minimizes the detrimental effects on motor skills.

Regular Exercise Boosts Cognitive Function

Although researchers do not yet understand how physical activity impacts cognitive decline rate, an increasing number of studies3 recommend to adopt exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Fortunately, with regular physical activity or exercise, the researchers find it alleviate the negative impact on both the body and brain.

Moreover, exercise has been found as a good and natural anti-aging and memory booster. Additionally, people who stopped exercising for just 10 days have decreased blood flow their brain.

Aerobic Exercise Boosts Brain and Heart Fitness

One study in Aging Neuroscience4 finds that aerobic training is beneficial not only for heart health but also for brain health.

In this study, the researchers suggest that the earlier a person starts exercising, the better it can help in mitigating age-related problems. The researchers also added that brain and cognitive decline become steep when a person reaches the age of 50 and beyond.

On the other hand, training kids to adopt a healthy lifestyle and do regular exercise is beneficial to them. This early habit of exercising makes the kids gut healthier. Of course, it also allows children to develop motor skills5.

In another study6, researchers find that exercise contributes to motor learning and performance. Additionally, there are suitable exercise programs that may help slow the progression of cognitive and motor deterioration.


Doing regular exercise has many health benefits and does not only focused on brain health but exercise boosts sex drive, too.

On the other hand, always remember not to overdo exercise. The effect of overtraining has a toll on your sex life, particularly for men.

Moreover, you don’t need to spend on an expensive gym membership. As a matter of fact, walking and running are very effective physical activities that deliver positive benefits.

Additionally, you can even make exercise more fun rebounding on a trampoline. Lastly, exercise or any form of physical activity won’t be as effective as they should if not combined with a healthy diet.

Therefore, eat mood-boosting foods that put your motivation high whether you’re exercising or while at work. One thing you should avoid is added sugar. Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables, instead.


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