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10 Walking Health Benefits And A Potential Life Saver

Walking is one of the simplest and most effective forms of exercise. Although simple, there are many walking health benefits everyone can enjoy.

The good news, it’s free and simple to do yet the positive impacts is huge.

If you’re not exercising and planning into getting physically active, start simple and small.

Walking is your friend and a good starting point. Instead of thinking for a gym membership focusing on grueling workouts, start with walking.

Getting yourself physical active does not require a gym but movements. The simpler you start, the higher your chances of sticking to it.

Many who aimed at complex workouts end up stopping it and return to their sedentary lifestyle.

How Walking Can Save Your Life?

Science has proven the valuable health benefits of walking. Although simple, one of the many walking health benefits is life-saving.

One study1 by the researchers from University of Cambridge finds that walking provides a significant reduction in risk of death.

With just 20 minutes a day, a person can enjoy one of the many walking health benefits. As simple as getting up and walking around the park is not only enjoyable, it also provides lots of health benefits.

Walking 10,000 Steps A Day

You might have heard from news and fitness gurus recommending to walk 10,000 steps a day. But why 10,000 steps?

This study2 says that walking 10,000 steps a day ca be traced back to the Japanese walking clubs around 3 decades ago.

The number 10,000 steps of walking a day seems to be a reasonable daily estimate of activity for healthy adults. There are also studies3 documenting that attaining this number of steps per day have health benefits.

Walking and Staying Physically Active At Work

For most people working on a desk, it’s impossible to move and walk. Unfortunately, although in this kind of work the hands and brain are active, sitting is unhealthy.

There studies4 that prove sitting for long hours is not good and it’s unhealthy. One health expert says sitting for long hours daily is the new smoking.

This means that even non-smokers can get similar unhealthy outcomes just like smokers do. The Standard reports a study that sitting is more deadly than smoking.

Fortunately, work is not a hindrance to walking and staying physically active. Here’s one woman’s story and how she lost 200 pounds and reverse her diabetes.

The 10 Known Walking Health Benefits

If the life-saving benefit of walking is not enough to convince you, let’s break down some of the common walking health benefits. These are the specific benefits of walking backed by science.

However, combining all the benefits result in a more significant benefit such as good health and longevity.

Walking Health Benefits

  • 1. Boost Endorphins
  • 2. Improve Blood Pressure
  • 3. Reduce Risk of Heart Disease
  • 4. Stronger Bones
  • 5. Reduce Risk of Colon Cancer
  • 6. Enhance Mental Health
  • 7. Improves Brain Function
  • 8. Increase Muscle Strength
  • 9. Reduce Body Fat
  • 10. Helps Breathing Easier

The overall positive impacts of these walking health benefits are compounding. Hence, we should not discount the simplicity of walking as a form of exercise.

As long as we keep moving and avoid sitting for too long more often, walking is a good and simple solution. If you have concerns about over exercising, walking is your answer.

Moreover, walking is a simple and effective alternative for weekend warriors, too. For some people, their only time to workout is during weekends. But as one woman has shown, being at work is not a problem. Simply get up and start walking.

What’s even more beneficial about walking is sun exposure. The sun provides the best quality of Vitamin D for the body. Whenever possible, walking barefoot keeps you grounded. This is what experts call grounding, which is even more beneficial.

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