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Turn Your Smartphone Into A Male Fertility Testing Kit

When it comes to fertility, the focus is mostly on women. However, men have infertility issues, too. Unfortunately, male fertility test is expensive. But a promising development unveils by turning a smartphone into a male fertility testing kit.

Recently, CBS News reports a new development of a male fertility testing kit. This technology can be useful for men who are monitoring the quality of their sperms.

The good news, this does not involve expensive testing and can be done right in the comfort of their own home.

This technology is a creation from the researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital. The device provides impressive results in identifying abnormal semen samples.

Moreover, the smartphone male fertility testing kit provides a 98% accuracy. The findings of the study are available in the journal Science Translational Medicine1.

YO Male Fertility Testing Kit

Earlier this year, a similar technology is available to the public. The YO male fertility testing kit is an FDA-approved device.

Watch how the Trak fertility testing kit works.

Cheaper Male Fertility Testing Options

Standard male fertility tests are expensive. Additionally, personal appearance is necessary at the laboratory and requires masturbation for semen extraction.

Of course, with this process, not many men are comfortable in doing it. Hence, it means many will not go through the hassle of testing male fertility.

This just compounds the issue resulting to desperation and sometimes can result in relationship issues.

Monitoring While Making Changes

These new portable male fertility testing kits are a valuable tool for monitoring sperm quality. First, you need to know what causes male infertility resulting to bad sperm quality.

Once you’re aware of the various causes of infertility, make the changes and monitor your progress. Among the not so familiar causes of male infertility is wireless technology.

There are natural ways to boost male fertility. Make them part of your healthy lifestyle habits including regular cold showers.

Fertility Testing Kits Availability

The latest one on the news is not yet available in the market. But the YO male fertility test kit is available at their official website.

The good news is that more of these type of male fertility testing kits are available at Amazon such as the Trak Male Fertility Testing System and SpermCheck.


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