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The Myths Surrounding Masturbation And Do They Entail Harmful Effects

Masturbation has been mentioned several times on this website. There are many positive impacts that masturbation offers such as helping one achieve better and longer performance in bed, and potential means of overcoming premature ejaculation.

However, there are still many myths that surround masturbation and some even consider it a harmful and sinful acts.

Maturbation Myths

Hopefully, this article can clear up some of the most widely spread myths about masturbation. Although, mentioned of a certain myth with regards to it has been covered in this article.

What Is Masturbation?

Masturbation is a self-stimulation of the genitals or sexual organs with the goal to achieve orgasm.

Although masturbation is mostly linked with self-stimulation, it can also be done with a partner with the aim to satisfy either or both partners sexually without penis-vaginal penetration.

Hands are mostly used when masturbating. However, today’s advancement and innovation, sexual toys such as dildoes and vibrators are available if one prefers to use any of these toys. Either hand or toys, the goal is to simulate sexual stimulation that provides sexual pleasure.

Masturbating is also a means of releasing pent-up sexual energy. Masturbation mostly occurs during puberty period.

During puberty, hormonal changes occur causing a surge of sexual energy, which can be released to either masturbation or sexual intercourse, and it occurs mostly in males than in females.

As to why more men masturbate than women is more than a physiological difference in sex drive or libido.

Sex experts suggest this may be due to females’ sociological taboos. In addition, females tend to avoid, minimize, or quit masturbating once they are engaged in a relationship.

Does Masturbation Entails Harmful Effects?

Masturbation is a normal sexual act, especially during puberty period. However, myths are widely circulated about masturbation causing harmful effects in health.

Contrary to myths, masturbation is a healthy practice of releasing sexual energy, provided it is indulged moderately.

Moreover, certain cultures even religion consider masturbation as harmful as it results in making a man weak as well as lost of his seeds.

On the other hand, masturbation in women has been ignored in religious texts significantly.

Other myths circulating about masturbation include decrease male virility as frequent masturbation will result to less dense semen reducing a man’s ability to impregnate a woman.

The other popular myth is it reduces penis size as mentioned here.

Just to keep the facts straight, masturbation does not reduce a man’s virility and reduce the penis size.

The Norm And Its Benefits

Other Common Masturbation Myths

Masturbation is not really a bad thing provided it is done in moderation and self-control. The one thing to consider is not getting to a point of addiction.

So, let’s explore more common masturbation myths for educational purposes. Knowing these myths somewhat unlock a sense of freedom and knowledge, instead of fear.

1. Masturbation is for males only

Although the majority of those who masturbate are males, females do masturbation, as well.

Additionally, females report less than male, perhaps due to social reproach linked to it.

Moreover, females tend to quit, minimize or even quit masturbating at all when they found a stable and meaningful relationship.

2. Masturbation is an unhealthy act

Masturbation does not cause harmful effects on health, and it is not an unhealthy habit either.

Mentally, it might be harmful when indulged substantially to the point where it becomes one’s obsession.

In addition, it may become unhealthy when using dirty sex toys during masturbation.

3. Masturbation is hugely linked with adolescents

It is true that masturbation begins at the period of adolescence. However, adults do practice masturbation, as well.

4. Masturbation offers inferior experience than actual sexual intercourse

There are situations where masturbation is more satisfying than sexual intercourse.

When masturbating, one has full control of the pace and movements in achieving maximum pleasure according to one’s preference.

5. Masturbation is for people who have unfulfilling sexual experiences

This fact is not totally true as there are many individuals who masturbate for self-satisfaction purposes, even though they have perfect sexual relationships.

Stopping The Practice

Anyone who is masturbating has the power or ability to quit the practice of masturbation.

It is a matter of willpower, and determination to stop masturbating completely, or perhaps keeping it a minimal occurrence if it is difficult to quit at once.

If one can live without sex, so does one without masturbation.

However, always remember there is nothing to be ashamed practicing the act of masturbation as it normal and no scientific evidence that masturbation can lead to something that is adverse.

As long it is done in moderation, there is no need to aiming at stopping it.

However, anyone is free to do so at his or her own discretion, and it can be done. Sexual energy and thoughts are very powerful.

It should be released through masturbating or sex. Additionally, one can channel it via a more useful outlet such as playing sports like tennis, basketball, and other cardio-like sports activities.

If you feel you are addicted to masturbation, click here to learn how to overcome it and achieve long-term results.

Exploring The Techniques

Jane Langton Reveals The Naked Truth About Masturbation

Jane Langton at TEDx Talks shared her experience. You could also watch the video at TED.com’s website where this video was posted originally.

Sextember Masturbation Discussion

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  1. Jane Langton’s message opened up a new window and a new me… Thanks for sharing. Btw, thank you also for pointing me to this article form the article where I first stumbled your website.

    • Hi, Angeline I shared the same view as you. Another one who talked about it(female orgasm) is Nicole Deadone. I think she is the creator OM(orgasmic meditation) for women.


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