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Your Cell Phone Is Hurting Your Fertility And Increasing The Risk of Cancer

Regardless if you’re single, married, or living with your special someone, male fertility is vital if you and your partner want to have a child. In most cases, it’s the female side that is mostly the culprit when it comes to fertility. However, men should also consider taking a look at their fertility, as well. In the past, we’ve covered myths, facts, and how to boost male fertility, which offers good insights on maintaining fertility in a natural way.

Microwave Reduces Sperm Count
ehtrust.org encourage men not to put cell phone on their pockets.

While knowing how to maintain male fertility, it is just as important to know what are the causes of it. Common causes of male infertility have been mentioned previously, there are other causes that we’re not aware, but they’re harmful including eating genetically engineered foods(which has been mentioned previously), and RF or radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation.

We’re going to cover RF radiation in this article, and that includes your cell phone, and any gadgets and devices you’re using at home with wireless communication like a cordless phone, Wii, PlayStation, wireless router, etc.

Although, this may seem very difficult to let go and live without our modern electronic toys, don’t worry. Instead, continue reading the article as we go through several studies that looked at the negative effect of RF radiation on male sperm and fertility. Keep in mind, the key here is to minimize RF exposure as much as possible because, in today’s environment particularly in urban living, it’s almost impossible to eliminate RF radiation completely. Unless, you want to live in the deep of the Amazon jungle, or up in the caves in high mountains of India, it’s impossible. However, minimizing exposure is doable.

Just recently, ABC Catalyst, an Australian-based media network aired a documentary called “Wi-Fried”, which covers the dangers of wifi devices due to RF radiation especially to young children. Interestingly enough, Dr. Devra Davis, epidemiologist, writer, and one of the forefront in radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation, or RFEMR investigation that men who put the cellphone on their pockets are risking of damaging their sperms. She cited several studies [1][2][3] that showed how damaging are these electromagnetic waves produced by cell phones, wireless devices, and antenna towers. Below is ABC Catalyst’s Wi-Fried documentary, and it’s highly recommended you watch it for awareness purposes.

Another study[4] published at Reproductive Biomedicine Online found a 33% decrease of sperm concentration on men who used cell phones for more than an hour per day, and the percentage could potentially be doubled when cell phones are plugged into a charger. This is the latest study to conclude the negative effect of cell phones on male fertility.

In 2011, one study[5] published at the journal of Fertility and Sterility found that men using a laptop on their lap with wireless connection experienced a decreased sperm motility and induced DNA fragmentation by a nonthermal effect. The researchers who conducted the study say that men using a laptop with wireless internet connection near their testes can lead to a negative effect on male fertility.

How To Protect Yourself From RF Radiation

Living in a conventional urban environment, it’s almost impossible to completely eliminate RF exposure. The reason is lots of cell phone users are simultaneously using their cell phones from all directions, plus the cell phone antennas installed on many buildings in the heart of every city to boost signals in every corner. Additionally, almost homes and offices today are equipped with wifi routers, which has a similar effect to RF electromagnetic radiation from cell phones. The gaming gadgets children play like video game consoles also emit RF radiation when they’re using a wireless connection to the internet, and wireless controllers.

The good news is, you can minimize your exposure by using your wireless devices responsively particularly cell phones and unsuspecting wireless devices in your home. At first, this might seem silly to do, because you may not see a huge spike of tumors and infertile males. However, the data according to experts is consistent. And, Dr. Devra Davis mentioned in the documentary “Wi-Fried”, we would not be able to see a sudden increase in the negative outcomes as it may take 10 years and above to develop. I don’t know about you, but most people don’t take the risk of experimenting until it is too late.

Frank Clegg, who is also featured in “Wi-Fried” said, he was one of the advocates for providing wifi services for small children in schools. Now, he said, if he had known before what he had known now, he would have a different recommendation. So, what can you do to reduce your RF exposure? Here are some tips;

  • When buying a cell phone, choose one that has a low SAR(specific absorption rate) not exceeding 1.6W/Kg as recommended by the FCC.
  • When talking, don’t talk putting your cell phone directly to your head. Instead, use either the hands-free feature or a headset.
  • Instead of calling, simply use the text messaging option when doing communication instead of voice.
  • Avoid using a cellphone on weak spots where the signal is weak because the RF transmission increases as both the cell phone and tower try to reach another to establish a connection.
  • When dialing on your cell phone, dial the number and wait for an established connection before putting on your ear, if you have no headset or no hands-free option available.
  • Do not use your cell phone as your alarm clock, or bring it inside the bedroom because even if it’s not in used, it is still in constant communication with the antenna tower.
  • When choosing a place to stay whether for long-term or short-term rent, make sure the building does not have a cell phone antenna tower installed at the rooftop.
  • Turn off your wireless router during night time when it is not in use. Also, pick a wireless router that has an option to selectively turn off the wireless feature.
  • If you have other wireless devices, turn them off when not in use, and in the case of Wii or other gaming consoles that used wireless, make sure to unplugged them as simply turning them off won’t prevent them from stopping the RF transmission.
  • When planning of buying, or replacing a cordless phone choose the experts recommended ECO DECT cordless phones. This is mentioned and recommended by Dr. Devra Davis in the video presentation below.
  • When buying a casing for your cell phone, try to choose the ones with an RF shield protection like the Defender Shield, or Pong Cases
  • Whenever you can, do earthing or grounding. This simple method has a tremendous effect on your health, not just RF but many other health benefits.

Dr. Devra Davis On RF Electromagnetic Radiation

Here are 3 of Dr. Devra Davis presentations regarding the subject of radiofrequency electromagnetic waves and its effects on human health especially on children.

Lastly, here’s another informative documentary about the potential negative effects of wireless technology on human health. The documentary is entitled “Full Signal”, and was first released back in 2010.


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