Things Hurting Your Sperm and Ruining Male Fertility


Generally, a man’s fertility depends on the quality and quantity of his sperm. There are certain myths and facts about male fertility and infertility, which is a topic covered in the past.

Moreover, the amount of sperm released during ejaculation does not always mean enough quantity and good quality to fertilize the female egg.

The WebMD says that only one sperm cell is required to fertilized a woman’s egg to achieve pregnancy.

However, males need as many sperm cells because the majority of the sperm cells die during their journey inside the fallopian tube before reaching the woman’s egg. Basically, at this stage, the survival of the fittest starts.

Hence, it is vital for men to maintain good quality and healthy sperms as well as produce many of them to ensure its survival and reach the female egg to begin a new life.

Sperm’s Ejaculation To Fertilization Journey

We don’t really think how difficult the journey of the sperm before it meets the woman’s egg. Therefore, men should take care of their quantity and quality of sperm cells to impregnate a woman.

It’s not just sex and the pleasure of it. There’s a whole event happening from that stage of forming a new life and in this case a new human being.

What Hurts The Quality and Quantity Of Spem Cells

Here are certain things men need to know when it comes to maintaining good quality sperm cells, as well as quantity.

Many people asked if masturbation can hurt male fertility, but there’s no evidence it could. However, masturbation addiction has adverse effects, including erectile dysfunction.

Irresponsible use of technology particularly cell phones and other wireless devices also contribute to male infertility.

There are many ways to maintain enough quantity and produce functional quality sperm cells, and it’s about healthy lifestyle practices. Eating foods touted as aphrodisiacs is a good starting point.

As a part of a healthy way of life, prioritizing good nutrition is essential, and every man should be prioritizing their health.

A healthy man has higher chances of possessing healthy and enough quantity of sperm cells; and a high probability of becoming a father.

Managing stress is another thing to look at as stress causes many illnesses.

It might not affect the sperm quality directly, but specific pathways can be changed, resulting in low sperm count and less healthy sperms.

Manually Injecting A Sperm Cell Into An Egg

Today, the advancements in research and technology allow scientists to do what was thought impossible in the past.

Among these medical breakthroughs is the manual injection of a sperm cell into a woman’s egg.

Among other things a man can do to maintain good fertility is to lose weight particularly who are overweight.

Taking known herbs used in lots of dietary male enhancement supplements can also be helpful, and even taking cold showers on regular is just as beneficial.


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