Bright Light Therapy Boosts Men’s Sex Drive


Normally, men have high sex drive. However, due to certain factors, sex drive goes downhill. Fortunately, one Italian study suggests bright light therapy could fix low libido in men.

Bright Light Therapy For Men With Low Libido

Scientists from the University of Siena in Italy find that using a light box or light therapy increases men’s testosterone level.

This light therapy box is similar to those used in the treatment of depression.

Furthermore, light therapy for men results in a better sexual satisfaction although further studies are needed prior to recommendation low libido treatment in men.

During the study, 38 men who are diagnosed with hypoactive sexual desire disorder were recruited. Scientists also call it sexual arousal disorder or lack of sexual interest.

Half of the men were given bright light therapy treatment. Each one undergoes a bright light therapy every morning for 30 minutes sitting in front of a 10,000 lux light box.

In the real world, direct sunlight exposure reaches up to 100,000 lux on a bright day while it’s around 1,000 lux during a cloudy day.

Bright Light Therapy Results

Two weeks into the treatment, men who were in the bright light therapy treatment reported high sexual satisfaction.

Bright Light Therapy Device

The participants report a three-fold increase in sex drive.

On the other hand, the other half of the men who were assigned to a placebo treatment have no significant increase in libido.

The light box for the placebo treatment was not as intense.

Additionally, the group who were in the bright light therapy saw an increased in testosterone level.

The study’s lead researcher Andrea Fagiolini, M.D. says;

When your body is exposed to bright light, it produces more luteinizing hormone(LH). And, more LH may lead to greater production of testosterone.

Does Rolling Up The Window Shade Do The Trick?

Well, it might not be. The study finds that the bright light should be as bright as 10,000 lux.

Fortunately, if you’re in a region where sunlight is limited, you can purchase bright light therapy. You can use this light box at home and experience the benefits similar to the participants achieved.

One of the available light boxes that you can buy online providing 10,000 lux of light is the Sphere Gadget Technologies Lightphoria.

The use of the light box really mimics what nature does.

However, prior to using a bright light therapy to boosting your sex drive, you might want to talk to your doctor. There may be certain underlying causes of low libido and declining testosterone production.

Fortunately, if you’re in a region with plenty of sunlight, aim to have regular sunlight exposure.

Bright Light Therapy via Sunlight Exposure

Sunlight Exposure Benefits

Sunlight exposure is the best way to get the right kind of Vitamin D. An article from Environment Health Perspectives says that sunlight exposure have many health benefits.

Additionally, in 2010, the BBC reports a study that finds that sun exposure boosts sex drive. Austrian researchers from the Medical University of Graz found that higher level of Vitamin D is linked to higher level of testosterone.

Therefore, aim as much sunlight exposure when you can. It is blessing if you’re in a region with plenty of sunlight all year round. However, if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, don’t worry as you still have option.

The good news, bright light therapy box is available. Just get one and you’re on your way to getting enough light exposure. Additionally, taking vitamin D supplements is also a good additional option.

And, studies find that supplementing with vitamin D also has many health benefits including sexual health. As a matter of fact, one study1 finds vitamin D deficiency is linked to erectile dysfunction.

Build Your Own Bright Light At Home

If you have the technical skill or know someone who has, you might want to consider building your own source of bright light mimicking the sun’s daylight.

Fortunately, if you want to build your own customize bright light source, DIY Perks has a new DIY tutorial on making your sun at home.

Check out the tutorial for DIY homemade sunlight.


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