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Excessive Exercise Has Negative Effects On Male Sex Drive

Doing regular exercise can surely boosts male sex drive. In fact, resistance training such as kettlebell workouts and weight lifting boost a man’s testosterone.

On the other hand, a recent study1 finds that doing strenuous endurance training is bad for male libido.

The study is more like a survey. Participants answered a questionnaire about their sex life and workout routines.

Too Much Exercise – Bad For Male Sex Drive

The researchers find that men who engaged with long and strenuous exercise were more likely to have low libido. On the other hand, light and moderate exercise is linked with stronger male sex drive.

Excessive Exercise Causes Oxidative Stress

Long and strenuous endurance exercise or aerobic workout causes oxidative stress. One study2 based on a 30-year history found that aerobic workouts has subsequent oxidative stress effect on both humans and animals.

Additionally, another study3 looked at the potential negative impact of endurance exercise on DNA. Although the researchers were not able to pinpoint exactly the mechanism, their findings are worth considering.

Moreover, another a study4 in 2012 finds a potential link between excessive endurance exercise and cardiovascular damage. Another study5 supports these findings.

There are many more studies that supports the negative impact of excessive exercise. Another one is a paper from Mersin University in Turkey. The paper6 says;

…During the acute bouts of exercise even with a standard treadmill stress testing, a transient increase in vascular oxidative stress may be initiated. So, we have to be careful when prescribing the exercise to patients with cardiovascular disease such as coronary artery disease or heart failure.

What Is Oxidative Stress?

A paper in PubMed defines oxidative stress as;

a disturbance in the balance between the production of reactive oxygen species and antioxidant defenses.

Normally, when we spend energy through exercise, our bodies produce free radicals. When there are not enough antioxidants to get rid of these free radicals, oxidative stress happens.

Is Exercise Bad?

Definitely, not! Exercise or any form of physical activities should be a part of a healthy lifestyle. What’s bad is excessive training such as long hours of cardio workouts.

Cardio or aerobic exercises were very popular in the past. Today, interval training take its place. Many people call it HIIT(high-intensity interval training). However, just as with cardio, doing too much of it can be bad.

The recommendation for doing it HIIT is 3 times a week along with other light to moderate exercises. One doesn’t need a gym membership to do HIIT. There are simple but intense short full body workouts anyone can do at home.

Light to moderate physical activities includes doing yoga, brisk walking, cycling and even sports activities.

Rebounding exercise on a trampoline is another fun exercise to do.

HIIT Is Good For The Heart

Don’t just exercise because we’re celebrating heart month. But exercise regularly because it’s good for your heart particularly interval training. As a matter of fact, regular exercise is medicine.

Keep Your Stress Minimal

One of the most notable libido killers in both men and women is stress. Stress has negative impacts on overall health including heart health.

So, make sure you manage your stress and keep it at minimum every time.


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