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Longevity Tip – If You Want To Live Longer? Get Married and Have Kids!

One of the benefits of being married and raising kids is longevity, especially for men. Previously, we explored the three primary benefits of marriage for men.

And, it seems this another study favors men once again. At least for Swiss people.

A nationwide Swedish study1 of men and women finds that parenthood is linked with increased longevity.

Having children is associated with increased longevity, particularly in an absolute sense in old age. That the association increased with parents’ age and was somewhat stronger for the non-married may suggest that social support is a possible explanation.

Longevity Links To Marriage and Kids

In this study, the researchers find that even having just a single child is a benefit. Moreover, regardless of the child’s gender, parents are still enjoying a longer life than their childless counterparts.

What’s even more interesting is that men live longer than women. Well, the difference may not be significant, but that’s what the researchers find. Additionally, unmarried who have kids enjoy more longevity benefit.

The researchers also believe this longevity impact for married individuals is due to the social support of their children. Obviously, this is something in which unmarried individuals lack.

Health Benefits of Having Kids

In an earlier study by researchers at the Brigham Young University find having children is beneficial for health.

The researchers find that parents who have children experience lower blood pressure regardless of the troubles the make during teen years.

Additionally, having children is even more beneficial for mothers than fathers. The study finds that as part of childbirth, mothers have a lower risk of developing breast and ovarian cancers.

Moreover, as we grow older, loneliness creeps especially when living alone. However, having children who could spend more time, it is an advantage having more reasons to live longer.

In one study2, the researchers find that loneliness is a predictor for a decline in functionality and even results to death.

Is This A Sure Ticket To Longevity?

It may be, it may not be! This is because everyone has a different lifestyle. Some people have a good mindset and healthy lifestyle while others have the complete opposite.

I’ve seen people who are single and childless, yet they’re happier and live longer than those married counterparts.

Longevity and Having Kids

Children, of course, are blessings. In fact, the moment a man enters fatherhood, positive changes in the brain occur.

Therefore, we can’t discount the benefits of having kids. Certainly, they make the parents happy and able to stick to their goals and purposes.

On the other hand, good mindset, stress management, and healthy habits are among the best tickets to longevity.

Lastly, aside from having kids reaping the benefits of marriage, caring for others is another way to achieve a longer lifetime.


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