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Cannabis on Sex – Does Cannabis Have Beneficial Impact on Male Sexual Health

Studies find that Marijuana is beneficial for chronic pain treatment1. In fact, Patrick Stewart admits using it on his arthritis. But, what about marijuana benefits for male sexual health?

Cannabis Impact On Sex

On study in 2011 finds1 that there are cannabinoid receptors in the penis smooth muscle tissues. Cannabinoid receptors are present in other parts of the body such as in the brain2 3 and gut4 5.

While cannabis has been found beneficial and effective therapy for a many illnesses, it may not be as useful in boosting sexual health. In one case report6, cannabis is linked to priapism.

Cannabis Negative Impact on Sex

Anecdotal evidence shows that cannabis is effective for treating various kinds of serious illnesses including cancers.

However, when it comes to using it boost sexual function, the results are not good. One study finds that frequent used of cannabis can result difficulties in men achieving orgasms7.

In another case report, cannabis combined with Viagra is a dangerous recipe. One reported1 case wherein the young man suffer from heart attack from doing it.

Future Of Cannabis On Sex?

Most men and women seeking to further boost their sexual function and performance resorted to recreational drugs. One of these widely used recreational drugs is marijuana.

However, while the study that finds cannabinoid receptors in the penis is promising, it is very early to tell its mechanism.

Hopefully, scientists could conduct bigger studies in the future discovering the possibility of using marijuana for erectile dysfunction treatment.

A more recent study8 finds that cannabis as the reverse effect for sexual function. Another study9 back in 1984 find cannabis can lower testosterone level.

Occasional use and smoking of cannabis may have a positive benefits for sex drive, but too much of it is bad.

Porn Stars Say Marijuana Makes Sex Better

People who have used marijuana in the right way manner finds it boost sexual experience. However, keep in mind that too much of it can have the opposite effect.

While these porn stars have good experience marijuana, it does not mean it’s good for you, too.

It’s not to say these porn stars are addicts but let’s say, they become more of an expert in using it. They know their limits and when to stop using it.

What Works Better and Safer For Boosting Sexual Health?

For the majority, cannabis on sex is certainly not a good option for better sex. Fortunately, healthy lifestyle changes can do wonders in your sexual function.

Eating a ketogenic diet, or eating lifestyle involving the consumption of healthy fats is among the effective ways to boost sex drive.

Furthermore, taking good quality supplements including male enhancing supplementations is also a good addition to a healthy lifestyle.

More Alternative To Cannabis On Sex

Final Thoughts

Let us not totally discount the effective medicinal property of cannabis or marijuana. It has been found many times already how helpful it is for various serious illnesses, particularly chronic pains.

In cancer, many people find cannabis as their last resort, and it works for them. As a matter of fact, there is a documentary by Rick Simpson entitled Run for the Cure. In this documentary, he provides details about the beneficial impact of cannabis and even shows how to extract the oil.


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