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Memory Booster and Anti-Aging Benefits of Regular Exercise

As we aged, most of us become interested in natural anti-aging and memory booster solutions. One of the natural and effective ways to stay young is through autophagy.

Moreover, taking naturally known herb like black maca not only helps increase sperm count but also been found an effective memory booster. Even staying active sexually can maintain smartness.

But do you know that regular exercise is also a natural memory booster? Truly, exercise has many health benefits.

Study Finds Exercise Is A Memory Booster

A Northern Manhattan study1 has proven the effectiveness of exercise for maintaining cognitive function on older individuals.

A previous study2 also linked regular exercise to reduced risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Harvard says that exercise causes positive changes to the brain improving memory and thinking skills. In 2013, one study3 found that exercise has benefits on a wide range of ages.

Exercise Plus Good Nutrition Makes A Winning Combo

Without even looking at the studies mentioned and simply engaging yourself in regular exercise, you’ll be able to reap the benefits. However, exercise is not an all-in-one magical pill for physical and mental health.

Instead, make exercise as part of your healthy lifestyle practices. Exercise is just one part of the overall health and wellness equation. The other part that completes a healthy lifestyle is good nutrition.

Another important factor that affects mental and physical health is sleep. One can eat the healthiest foods and exercise regularly but when there is a sleep deprivation, one can never be truly healthy.

Optimzing Brain Health Through Exercise

Dr. John Ratey is Harvard Medical School’s associate clinical professor of psychiatry. He wrote many books covering topics on improving brain performance through exercise. The majority of his books can be purchased at Amazon.com.


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