Exercise Will Make You Happier Than Money


Besides being healthy, the other significant thing people want is happiness. The majority of think and feel that money can make people happy. However, a Yale study says it is not money but exercise that makes an individual happy.

In the study published at the Lancet1, also found that people who exercise regularly are just as happy to those earning over $25,000 a year. Additionally, the researchers say certain social sports have a better impact on mental health.

Exercise Improves One's Level Of Happiness
Exercise Boosts Happiness

Of course, this does not conclude that money is not essential. It just shows one of the significant advantages of regular exercise. Moreover, money is not the cause of happiness but the outcome of happiness.

If you’ve heard the law of attraction, this is it. Of course, the happier a person becomes, he feels better and healthier. Not to mention that happiness also results in clarity of thinking. Eventually, clear thinking results in better decisions and productivity that are essential factors for earning money.

A Catalyst For Motivation To Exercise

Clear thinking is one of the benefits of exercise. Regular exercise has positive benefits on brain health. It boosts brain health and memory including seniors.

The findings in this study is crucial. Today, most people work hard for money while neglecting their health.

Unfortunately, focusing on earning a living and forgetting the healthy stuff can lead to depression.

The Type of Exercise You Should Be Doing

So, if exercise is important, what type of exercise you should be doing? While experts recommend a moderate to vigorous physical activity, any physical activity counts.

For instance, walking, although it looks easy and simple, many forget to walk very often due to a sedentary lifestyle. There are many health benefits of walking.

Among the known benefits of walking includes longevity, anti-aging, and even beneficial for hypertension.

Of course, if you’re interested in losing weight, HIIT is a good option. Moreover, strength training is just as beneficial for weight loss and building lean muscles.

One thing to keep in mind is not to over exercise. While regular exercise is good, it can have unhealthy consequences when doing too much of it.

Experts suggest that 3 to 5 sessions lasting between 60 to 60 minutes per week are ideal. However, this does not mean the rest of the week you would spend sitting all day binge-watching TV.

Throughout the day, make an effort to move like doing house chores. If you want to watch TV, stand up more often instead of sitting. If you’re in the office, stand up from time to time and take a walk outside during breaks.

There are many things we can do to stay active. Particularly, physical activities involving nature like walking. It is a good stress reliever. The less and more controlled the stress, the better you will feel.


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