Today’s Fast Foods Contain More Calories Than Those In 1986


Fast foods can be traced back as early as 1921. But it became more popular in 1940 when McDonald’s was established, which was followed by KFC in 1952.

However, fast foods quality back on those days is superior to today. A recent analysis study1 say that today’s fast foods contain more calories than in 1986.

Increase Calories in Fast Foods Since 1986

These findings are important as it obesity epidemic is linked to fast foods consumption. Today, more people are eating fast foods than home cooked meals.

These results demonstrate broadly detrimental changes in fast-food restaurant offerings over a 30-year span including increasing variety, portion size, energy, and sodium content.


Does These Findings Apply in The U.S. Only?

While the data analysis is US-based, fast foods chains are now dominating globally. Therefore, these findings will not only apply in the US but in a global scale.

Although many fast foods are in their infancy period in many areas of the world, it could become an issue over the long run.

Today, we do not only see the rise of obesity in the Western world but in developing countries, as well. Besides causing weight gain, our bodies recognize it as a dangerous infection.

Hence, besides making people fat and obese, it also triggers a problem with our body’s immune system.

Occasional consumption of fast foods may not be that harmful at all. However, eating fast foods as daily meals can be a considerable health risk.

What Can We Do?

The best thing we can do is prefer home-cooked meals. When we cook our meals, we can pick the right foods and other ingredients to be health beneficial.

Additionally, increasing intake of fruits and vegetables can be a vital act, especially for young children.

Moreover, cooking at home is also a healthy idea for kids. The earlier they learn how to prepare their foods, the healthier they become as they grow.

Now, it may not be practical for some people to cook due to hectic schedules. This is where fast foods can be a convenient option. However, bringing your own meal at work is possible.

The preparation may take up some of the time but it’s worth in the long run. It will not only make you healthier, but it also make you feel better and happier.

Of course, initially, it is difficult to start a healthy lifestyle. But the key is making it a habit. Hence, regardless of how much time you spend preparing foods; because you know the healthy consequences, you will likely to stick to it.

Most Fast Foods Menus Have Calories Than What The Label Says

If you’re one of those who counts calory, fast foods may be your bad choice. Are you aware that many fast foods menu contains more calories than what the label says?

Relying on fast foods alone as your daily staple can be an unhealthy choice. It is particularly crucial if you’re trying to lose weight. You can do your exercise, but it will not be effective because of poor nutrition.

In the end, you will likely feel tired and frustrated because you cannot lose weight regardless of the exercise routine you are doing.

Minimizing Fast Foods Is Beneficial For Both Adults and Children

Usually, children eats what their parents are eating. If the parents eat fast foods regularly, so the children.

By minimizing fast food consumption, we not only make ourselves healthier but also our children.

Furthermore, the majority of fast foods are highly processed foods. Of course, we can salads on the menu but most of the foods are highly processed.

Also, the quality of meat like chickens and beef come from CAFO or concentrated animal feeding operation. These animals are raised in a non-ideal environment plus given with dosage of antibiotics.


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