Copper Water Bottles Kills Bacteria Simply By Storing Water In It

Copper Water Bottle
Pure Copper Water Bottle

Water is life. Our bodies consist of 70% water. We use it for drinking, washing, irrigating plants, and many other uses. Particularly, it essential to keep drinking water clean and safe from harmful bacteria.

Unfortunately, regardless of the modern technological advances that we have today, there are still areas that do not have access to clean drinking water.

So, storing safe and clean drinking water in these areas is a priority.

One study in India found that storing water in copper containers can kill the harmful bacteria in the water. It is such a phenomenal discovery.

Who would have thought that as simple as storing water in copper bottles or containers can kill the known harmful bacteria?

The antibacterial effect of copper pot against important diarrhoeagenic bacteria, including Vibrio cholerae O1, Shigella flexneri 2a, enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli, enteropathogenic E. coli, Salmonella enterica Typhi, and Salmonella Paratyphi is reported. When drinking-water was contaminated with 500 CFU/mL of the above bacteria and stored in copper pots for 16 hours at room temperature, no bacteria could be recovered on the culture medium. Recovery failed even after resuscitation in enrichment broth, followed by plating on selective media, indicating loss of culturability.

Sudha VB, Ganesan S, Pazhani GP, Ramamurthy T, Nair GB, Venkatasubramanian P. Storing drinking-water in copper pots kills contaminating diarrhoeagenic bacteria. J Health Popul Nutr. 2012;30(1):17‐21. doi:10.3329/jhpn.v30i1.11271

The study is very straightforward to read. It is brief and direct to the point. Hence, if you want to learn more details about that study, please read it.

It may be somewhat challenging to understand some terminologies used in the study as scientists write it, but it’s a simple read.

Why Copper Kills Bacteria?

The researchers are not clear on the mechanism of how copper kills bacteria. But it is a well-known fact that ancients in India, mainly those mentioned in Ayurveda texts, used copper and silver pots for water purification.

Today, in the West, there are hospitals using copper materials in operating rooms.

Furthermore, a professor of microbiology at the Medical University of South Carolina says copper can kill superbugs. Interestingly, more hospitals are using copper materials to fight against infection.

Instead of using expensive and harmful antibiotics to kill superbugs, as simple as using copper materials can do the job. Sure, it may be costly to implement, but it just built once, and it is just a matter of maintenance to keep it clean.

Of course, it is safe for both the medical professionals and patients, not to mention the environment. Well, mining the copper might tell a different story.

Actual Demo Where Copper Exterminates Bacteria

You will find this interesting showing an actual demonstration while copper is obliterating the bacteria. It is an actual study by researchers at South Hampton University.

Here it is…watch the video from start to finish while it shows copper killing and getting rid of the bacteria.

Is It Time To Replace Plastic Bottles with Copper?

If you have the budget, yes, it is worth replacing plastic water bottles with copper. Unfortunately, copper is more expensive than plastics.

However, you can buy your re-usable copper bottles for personal use. When you buy water in a plastic bottle, transfer the water from the plastic bottle into your copper water bottle.

Then, dispose of the plastic bottle properly for recycling. At home, copper water containers can replace plastic pitchers and even glasses.

Where To Buy Copper Bottles?

First, check your local malls and stores if there are available copper water containers and bottles. If there is none, check online retailers like Amazon.

However, you may find those sold on Amazon are expensive. Probably, it is because sellers sourced these copper bottles and containers from elsewhere.

The next place you would want to check is eBay. There are many sellers on eBay from India, where most of the copper bottles and containers are manufactured.

Do you remember the first study on copper we’ve mentioned? It was in India.

Copper has many uses and touted as a miracle metal.

And, would you believe that some researchers are actually working on copper as a potential replacement for antibiotics?

It is an interesting development. Hopefully, this will become mainstream and could replace antibiotics.


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