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Water Health Benefits Are Vital For Nourishment Preventing Dehydration And Numerous Unhealthy Consequences

When it comes to hydration, a lot of people opt for other liquids like juice, coffee, tea, soda, and even alcohol perhaps rather than drinking plain and clean drinking water. Sure, experts have said that consuming any form of liquids count as hydrating to the body. Hydration is one of the primary water health benefits.

However, the truth is that the majority of these bottled drinks like sodas and fruit juices contains a high amount of sugar, and even worse the sugar it contains is artificial sweetener like aspartame, which has been proven health risk.

Even energy drinks are health risks. They supposed to hydrate and energize the body but because of the ample amount of sugar loaded into it, this makes not ideal for hydration. Sure, it can make short boost but can end up a crash, which makes a person crave for more.

Not consuming enough water throughout the day can lead to dehydration, which the infographic below outlined the most common effects from inside and outside the body. The most obvious sign of dehydration is thirst. However, it’s not just thirst that makes up the entire dehydration process but also includes sleepiness, headaches, feeling of hunger and urine color.

Enjoy Water Health Benefits – How Much And When To Drink Water?

Experts suggest although not all experts agreed on…is to drink 8 eight ounces of a glass of water each day. There are even those who follow a strict routine of drinking water at certain times of the day just as a glass of water before breakfast, prior to bed, or taking a bath, etc.

I don’t necessarily do this, but as long as there is enough water consumed on a daily basis, dehydration can’t occur, and it’s always a healthy idea to stay well-hydrated. It also helps proper digestion of food especially those who are constipated, it may be a sign lacking water consumption.

There is no exact amount for each person, but here’s a good idea when to drink and how much to drink water. I’ve been doing this for many years and I haven’t feel dehydrated, but of course, I sometimes experience mild dehydration. The good thing is…I recognize it and once it happens, I immediately reach out for a glass of water. Here are a few tips on when to drink water;

1. When You Feel Thirsty

This is very obvious. When you feel thirsty, don’t postpone it, but immediately drink water. Drinking a glass is ideal referring to an 8-ounces of water, but half a glass maybe enough for some. Always observe the feeling because sometimes, even a sip is enough.

2. Untimely Hunger

Most people when they feel hungry at mid-morning reach out for sugary snacks and drinks. However, the truth is the body is experiencing mild dehydration. Next time when you feel hungry in an untimely situation, drink a glass of water and see if the hunger goes away in a few minutes. If it does, you’ll surely experience mild dehydration.

And, if you’re someone who is trying to lose weight, water is our friend. When the time came you crave for sugary drinks and high-carb foods, drink water instead and I mean pure clean drinking water without any additives.

3. Unexpected Headaches

The human brain is composed of 80% water. Sure enough, if water level drains down in the body, the brain is affected. When brain tissues sense a loss of water it shrinking and pulling away from the skull. Once this happens, pain receptors that surround the brain area trigger a headache.

Furthermore, when dehydration occurs, blood volume drops resulting in reduced blood flow and so does the amount of oxygen the brain needs because oxygen is carried through the bloodstream. It also causes the blood vessels in the brain to dilate resulting in inflammation and swelling that both contribute to a headache.

4. Feeling Tired, Moody and Fatigue For No Reasons

Have you experience drowsiness during the middle of the morning, yet you sleep enough hours during the last night? Mild dehydration can trigger this drowsiness and among others including headaches(mentioned above), fatigue, lack of concentration, and moodiness. Therefore, when you feel sleepy, or moody at 9 AM at the office, don’t reach that coffee or soda, yet.

Instead, stand up and get a glass of clean drinking water and drink it. Room temperature or slightly cold from the water dispenser is a good choice as long as it’s clean drinking water free from toxic. You may say, coffee helps! Sure it does, but if you already have enough prior or during breakfast, you probably don’t need another during mid-morning.

5. Urine Color Is Turning Yellowish

This is also one of the obvious sign you’re dehydrated if you notice you have yellowish urine, most importantly if it’s a deep yellow. Unless of course, if you’re drinking some sort of medication that can turn urine into yellow, but still you need more water when this happens even if you don’t feel thirsty.

These are a few of the notable signs I always pay attention to that it’s time for me to drink water. Also, during hot summer days, it’s always a good idea to have a bottle of water at hand especially when outside because, during these days, scorching heat from the sun can quickly dehydrate the body through sweating. Even if you don’t feel thirsty, or notice any signs of dehydration mentioned earlier, simply do a few sips throughout the day.

Another situation when I always pay much attention to drinking water is when I do a water fast, or even by just doing intermittent fasting. If good foods are medicine according to Hippocrates, so does water and I mean clean drinking water not fluorinated, or chlorinated water.

Making it a habit of drinking water regularly can also help reduce cravings of those sugary beverages like sodas and numerous bottled drinks containing a high amount of sugar. We can say that drinking clean water on regular is one way of detoxifying the body and a small step, yet has a profound effect on effort toward minimizing sugar consumption. Make it as your first step if you have difficulty minimizing sugar in your diet.

Uncommon Instance Where Drinking Enough Amount Of Water Is Vital

In my experience through years of doing numerous male enhancement means, drinking water is vital. One of the most notable areas where I find water is useful is when getting started with Kegels exercise and maximizing penile enhancement in general. Kegels involve isolating the PC muscles or pelvic floor muscles and the best way to practice the proper isolation is stopping the urine.

However, it’s not advisable to drink a gallon of water or too much water every time because over-consumption is not good either. Drinking a glass every time after peeing is a good routine for someone who is trying to familiarize with pelvic floor muscle isolation.

During urination, stopping the flow of urine every few seconds is a good practice but don’t to do that every time upon urination. Make it a way of recognizing when and which muscles are to be contracted even while not urinating. This is Kegels exercise helpful for both men and women especially when it comes to improving sexual performance.

Too Much of a Good Thing is Bad

You’ve read it right. Too much water is bad, so avoid consuming a gallon of water in one go. This is called water intoxication as Wikipedia defines it. Scientific American also reported a few cases where over drinking water can be deadly. In another report, Daily Mail reported TOO MUCH water is unhealthy.

What Other Liquids When Clean Drinking Water Is Not Available

It may seem impossible running short of drinking water, but when that happens, I always tend to opt coconut water. However, I always prefer fresh coconut water right from the coconut itself and eat the young coconut, as well. I’m no comfortable drinking bottled coconut water unless I know the brand well.

Watery fruits like watermelon are also good for refreshment, especially during summer. Make sure to eat the whole fruit, or if you juice it, make sure it’s pure and no added sugars in it. Of course, don’t forget to take advantage of the health benefits of watermelon rind.

Special Types of Water

Besides clean and fluoride-free water, which ideal to drink, you have heard about many other types of water sold in the market, but are they worth it? Well, some of these unique water types can have benefits like the ones mentioned below;

You might have heard it as this is very popular in the detoxification arena. Lemon water is simple to do. Simply squeeze a lemon on room temperature or slightly warm water and drink it. It’s good for cleansing the body, helps facilitate proper digestion, reduces inflammation, boost the immune system, freshens breath, and may help for weight loss purposes as it helps the detoxification process.

2. Water With ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar)

Apple cider vinegar preferably unfiltered has many health benefits including aid for proper digestion and other stomach problems as it helps restore the balance of the gut bacteria.

3. Structured Water

This type of water has been around and many people buy the idea, but are there really any benefits to it than normal clean drinking water? Structured water according to experts is produced through natural action of water when they flow and stumble on rocks or flows down on waterfalls. Dr. Igor Smirnov, Ph.D. call this Molecular Resonance Effect Technology(MRET).

The active flowing and twisting of the water as it flows down the mountains structured the water. The molecules in the water are free to move and able to dance with nature so to speak in a lively and energetic manner. This natural process changes the structure of the water to reflect less surface tension, toxins are neutralized and achieve balance in the particle level.

A prominent person involved in the research of structured water is Dr. Gerald Pollack. Dr. Mercola interviewed him back in 2010 about his research on structured water and other important things regarding his research. Dr. Pollack also wrote the book Cells, Gels and the Engines of Life that talked about the role of water in cell biology. He said water is absolutely central.

4. Hydrogen Water

I’ve first learned this hydrogen water in a documentary series by TruthABoutCancer.org. Unfortunately, the docu-series has ended its free viewing but you can still watch Episode 1 and 2 for free. The hydrogen water and MRET or structured water is in Episode 7.

[Infographic] Dehydration Causes Weight Gain and Sickness

Infographic Source: GetSkinnyBeHappy.com

What About Fluoridated Water?

You may have noticed I’ve mentioned earlier about fluoridated water. This is important and although I don’t drink fluoridated water, those who are drinking it should know why you should avoid drinking it. In the first place, fluoridation was done in order to protect the teeth against cavities, but is it really helpful?

If you’re not an expert, it’s really difficult to explain. Thankfully, there are people who share their knowledge about the risks of fluoridated water. One of the most active against water fluoridation is FluorideAlert.org, and here are the reasons why;

There you have it! Hopefully, after reading this article you will recognize the importance and water health benefits, and not just to drink any type of water, but clean drinking water. There are lots of controversies about commercially-produced water especially those so-called flavored water.

Whenever you can opt for spring water, which is the most natural and ideal water. However, it’s not always available if you’re living in urban areas, but the good news, there is still clean drinking water through filtration processes like reverse osmosis.


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