Consistent Lifetime of Exercise Slows Down Aging


While eating the right kinds of foods is helpful in slowing down aging, regular exercise, too. As a matter of fact, one study says that a regular exercise throughout a lifetime is an effective natural anti-aging.

The Study

Researchers from the University of Birmingham and King’s College found that the key to staying young and healthy is to keep moving. In their study, the researchers compared a group of older people who exercised regularly throughout their lives against those same aged adults and younger individuals who don’t exercise regularly.

Their findings showed that individuals who have done regular exercise regularly defied aging. Moreover, physically active individuals have better immunity and muscle mass as well as healthy cholesterol levels than young individuals who don’t exercise.

Exercise Slows Down Aging

In this study, the researchers recruited 125 amateur cyclists with ages ranging from 55 to 79. On the other hand, individuals who smoke and drink as well as those with high blood pressures and other health conditions were excluded.

During the process of aging, muscle loss is common. However, the participants in this study who regularly exercised do not experience such symptom of aging. Additionally, body fat, cholesterol, and testosterone levels remain at healthy levels. This suggests that regular exercise may avoid male menopause.

Even better, even at their age, their immune system does not show any sign of aging, as well.

Should You Become A Cyclist To Achieve Similar Fitness Level?

If you’re interested in cycling, why not? But know that any form of physical activity as long as you do it regularly, it counts. For instance, resistance training has been found to help maintain muscle mass in seniors.

Another fun way of keeping yourself moving is dancing. Scientists say that dancing slows down aging, too. If you can do more intense physical activities, try jumping rope and HIIT.

There is no shortage of exercises even a simple walking exercise counts. The key is to do it consistently and keep moving throughout your lifetime. It’s not just about slowing down aging but regular exercise also boosts your memory and even revved up your sex life.

For seniors, staying physically active helps maintain motor skills, which is a very important thing to maintain. This is one very important thing to remember if you want to stay fit and healthy, keep moving and avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

Here’s another living proof that exercise is truly an effective natural anti-aging pill.

Nutrition Matters

It’s clear that exercise really matters to stay fit and young. But, never forget the other important part of the whole equation and that’s nutrition. Good nutrition and diet matters. In fact, doing your exercise without eating cleanly and healthily will only waste your efforts.

Therefore, combine a good exercise routine and do it regularly along with a healthy diet. For instance, the DASH and Mediterranean diets are among the recommended healthy diets by experts. So, don’t just focus on exercising but also take a look at certain dietary changes that can make you healthier and improve the overall quality of life.


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