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Belly Fat Is Linked To Brain Shrinkage, Memory Deficits and Dementia

Belly fat has always been known for its negative health consequences. For this reason, getting rid of belly fat and staying lean is essential.

An even more disturbing fact is that higher BMI(body mass index) has a negative impact on the brain of young adults1 suffering from occasional memory loss.

Another disturbing findings from a previous study2 is that visceral fat is linked with lower brain volume in healthy middle-aged adults. In other words, the grey matter in the brain is shrinking.

Belly Fat Increases The Risk of Dementia

In one study3 by Kaiser Permanente, the higher BMI due to belly fat increases risk of dementia.

Central obesity in midlife increases the risk of dementia independent of diabetes and cardiovascular comorbidities. Fifty percent of adults have central obesity; therefore, mechanisms linking central obesity to dementia need to be unveiled.

What Is Visceral Fat?

Hopefully, you’ve watched the video. If you did, by now you know the health risks associated with visceral fat.

Normally, as we commonly see it, fat is accumulated around the middle section. However, the fat from the inside surrounding the internal organs like liver and kidneys is the visceral fat.

Visceral fat is not just there sitting. It releases hormones that are inflammatory4 as well as risk of insulin resistance. To further explain the nasty effect of visceral fat, watch this;

Taking Care of Your Brain Health

One of the ways you can take care of your brain’s health is through exercise. In fact, regular exercise boosts memory function. Of course, eating a diet high in healthy fats is brain-friendly.

Healthy oils like olive and coconut oil are both beneficial to brain health. Sticking to healthy lifestyle eating habits like intermittent fasting and the Mediterranean diet are also great not just for weight loss purposes, but brain health benefits, as well.


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