Penis Desensitizer Spray For Longer Performance While Overcoming Premature Ejaculation


There is a prevalence problem in men when it comes to performance in bed, which is early ejaculation or premature ejaculation. You can check out these tips on how to last longer in bed, but there was no mention of an on-demand solution like the application of a penis desensitizer spray.

For men with premature ejaculation, it is vital to work on the problem using methods with long-term results while having an on-demand solution at hand.

VigRX Delay Spray For On-Demand Premature Ejaculation Solution
VigRX Delay Spray – Penis Desensitizing Spray For Longer Performance

Some commonly on-demand solutions for men with premature ejaculation are using desensitizing creams, patches, and oils like VigRX Oil. These are topical male enhancements.

Recently, the maker of the popular male virility enhancement pill, VigRX Plus formulated another male performance-enhancing solution in the form of a spray. This is the VigRX delay spray.

However, it is important to keep in mind that this penis desensitizer spray won’t make you compete for a porn star. Those actors in porn movies are unrealistic, you should not model your performance after those people.

Instead, focus on your partner to achieve the most satisfying sexual experience between the two of you.

The Penis Glans or Head Is Sensitive

Penis Glans or Head of the Penis
The Penis Glans or Head of the Penis Is Sensitive

The penis particularly the glans or head of the penis is so sensitive to sexual stimulation. This is why many guys ejaculate very early and lose control over their orgasm and simply let it go even before her partner reaches orgasm. In most cases, seconds into vaginal penetration causes ejaculation.

Even worse, there are men who ejaculate even before vaginal penetration. This early ejaculation happens when there is an over-excitement due to extra penis sensitivity and eventually resulting in losing ejaculatory control.

A male desensitizing spray can help men with this issue of early ejaculation and be able to last longer in bed. There’s nothing more exciting and fulfilling when a man has full control of his ejaculation and be able to last long as he wants until his partner reaches several orgasms.

Having the ability to control your orgasm or ejaculation is like driving a powerful car where you can do whatever you want allowing your partner to enjoy your performance.

And, guess what… this will let her crave for more. If you think this is just a theory, try it and you’ll see what good performance means to your partner.

How Does A Penis Desensitizer Spray Works?

A penis desensitizing spray like VigRX delay spray with the mild anesthetic effect is good enough to reduce the sensitivity of the penis while still allowing pleasure sensation to a controllable level.

With a lower penile sensitivity, as a user, you can still enjoy sexual pleasure without the overwhelming effect and be able to have better or full ejaculatory control. Hence, enjoying a longer performance.

The formulation of this topical male enhancement helps men with a super sensitive penis to be able to gain ejaculatory control, enjoy a longer performance, and offer better sexual satisfaction to his partner.

The application is pretty simple. Simply spray once or twice into the penis and use your hand to spread along the penile shaft. First, try with one spray and see how it reduce the sensitivity of your penis.

If there’s not much reduction in sensitivity, spray one more next time making it two sprays, and this time, observe how it improves your control over sensitivity. In the case of VigRX delay spray, it contains active ingredient benzocaine.

It’s designed to suppress VDSC(voltage-dependent sodium channels) on the nerve membrane, which regulates the overwhelming action of pleasure during sexual stimulation.

7 Reasons to Use a Male Desensitizing Spray

Now, we will quickly explore the benefits of using penis desensitizer spray like the VigRX delay spray.

1. Improved and Longer Performance

The most obvious benefit of using a male desensitizer spray is it allows the user to perform longer especially those with premature ejaculation problems.

In the case of VigRX delay spray, it sets apart from other topical male desensitizers because it contains benzocaine, which most users find it performs better than lidocaine.

2. Experience Longer and More Intense Pleasure

If your partner is good at foreplay, she will probably be giving you a good performance. In cases where you are unable to hold or delay your ejaculation, you might end up ejaculating while she is still in the process of stimulating you.

The good news is applying male desensitizer spray would be able to enjoy while having control of your orgasm and ejaculation.

3. Perform Longer Than Most Guys

Although there’s no contest here, it feels more satisfying and gains that confidence if you know you can perform longer than other guys.

According to one study, an average man can last up to 5.4 minutes of sexual penetration. Most guys are below that number. Imagine if you can perform a bit longer than that when you use a desensitizing spray.

4. Bring Your Partner To Multiple Orgasms

Part of having sex with your female partner is to bring her to orgasms. Women can have multiple orgasms, and if you can give her more than once, it would be a great experience for her.

How much more if you can give her 3 or 4 orgasms in a row? It would be an amazing experience that will let her crave for more, and expect the same or even better performance from you next time.

5. Greater Intimacy Between You And Your Partner

Sex is meant to be enjoyable for both partners and not just for one partner. Women are hardwired to reach orgasm longer than men and need more stimulation. Men, on the other hand, which is the problem of most men is early ejaculation.

Your ability to perform well from foreplay to penetration and eventually to orgasm matters. Most men and even most women simply accept their male partner’s performance. I think there’s nothing wrong with that, but if there’s something you can do to perform better, why not do it?

The longer and better you can perform, the greater the intimacy. And, when there is a greater intimacy, it can lead to a happier and more satisfying relationship.

6. No Prescription Necessary

Unlike premature ejaculation medications, a penis desensitizing spray does not need a prescription. This means, you can buy it over the counter, if it’s available locally in your area, or order it online, which is the most convenient way.

The billing and shipping are both discreet. Therefore, no one knows what you are buying.

7. Works Quickly

A male penis desensitizer spray typically takes effect in 10 minutes or less after it is applied or sprayed. Therefore, you and your partner can enjoy an erotic conversation using dirty words of your choice in which both of you are comfortable while waiting for it to take effect.

Once you feel you’re ready, foreplay can begin, and the rest of the exciting performance follows.

Since you already have your stamina ready, take advantage of using the 5 senses during foreplay to make your partner’s experience more intense.

VigRX Delay Spray

Now let’s talk about the new topical male enhancement available, VigRX delay spray in which the user spray it on his penile glans and shaft, then use his hands to spread the liquid on the entire penis area.

The penis desensitizer spray is fast-acting and its formulation is designed to absorb quickly into the penile tissues. And, then it starts to work by making the nerves less sensitive to sexual stimulation with no numbness and still enjoy longer sexual pleasure.

In other words, upon absorption of the formulation into the penile tissues, it gives a sense of relaxation. The benzocaine, which is a mild anesthetic is also being used on many male condoms called endurance condoms, which has the same goal to give men the ability to perform longer in bed.

However, with VigRX delay spray, the user does not need to wear a condom but apply the spray instead. Benzocaine has been in use for this purpose starting early 2000, and the VigRX team has been able to put it into a spray form for easy and convenient use.

VigRX Delay Spray Users Reported

  • Longer performance in bed
  • Ejaculatory control and able to orgasm when they choose to
  • More fun and intimacy with their partner resulting in more intense orgasms
  • Have the ability to give their partner multiple orgasms
  • Improve the quality of life when it comes to sexual experience

Apart from these benefits enjoyed by those who have used it, VigRX delay spray also found to render better results than other male penis desensitizers, and truly non-invasive and painless male sexual enhancers.

However, let’s do some clarification on the partner’s multiple orgasms. This product is not for women, and won’t help them achieve or experience multiple orgasms. Rather, VigRX delay spray is a product designed for men to last longer in bed.

When a man can last longer during intercourse, there’s plenty of time you can do your best performance from foreplay to actual penetration in order to bring your partner into multiple orgasmic experiences.

There Is Always Room For Improvements

If you think you’re fine with 1 to 2 minutes of performance, think about what you can do more if you can extend your performance up to 7 minutes.

In 2008, the researchers from Pennsylvania State University conducted a study to determine how long does good sexual intercourse lasts, and what they found is between 3 minutes to 13 minutes.

In another study, Ghanaian believe normal sexual intercourse should last between 6 to 15 minutes.

In 2013, Glamour found based on their survey that women want 5 to 9 minutes on foreplay and 10 to 14 minutes on sex.

A paper in 2009 suggested more attention should be given to improve the quality as well as the duration of penile-vaginal intercourse rather than foreplay.

There was also one study conducted by the British in which the researchers found women preferred to have intercourse for about 21 minutes.

Durex, the world’s renowned condom maker conducted a survey on 1000 adults about sex duration and how satisfied are they.

Half of the people asked were not satisfied with their duration of sex. It’s clear that the longer a man can last during sex, the better the experience for him and his partner.

However, lasting longer is just a part of an overall equation because of performance matters, and even penis size matters, too. Fortunately, if you can last longer, there’s a higher chance you can do better with your performance and bring your partner into a multi-orgasmic experience.

More Choices and Options

When it comes to male desensitizers, it’s not just VigRX delay spray. Although it has been proven to perform well based on user experiences, men including you have many other choices.

And, probably the best source to search for penis desensitizer spray is at Amazon.

Currently, Promescent Prolonging Delay Spray for Men is the best-selling male desensitizing spray at Amazon.


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