Planned Penis Transplant For A Wounded U.S. Soldier Is Now Waiting For A Donor


Surgical procedures on a male penis is not a new concept. Penile surgery is available for penile implants for men who have severe erectile dysfunction, and for penis size enlargement purposes.

However, when it comes to penile transplant, it is fairly new. In fact, this planned penile transplant for a wounded soldier from Afghanistan is the third in the world, and first in the U.S. The first penile transplant was done in China back in 2006, but it was not so successful as surgeons remove the transplanted penis due to severe psychological distress on the patient and his wife. The surgical procedure may have been effective and perhaps a success if it wasn’t removed as surgeons didn’t see any negative signs. The second penile transplant was done in Africa, and this time, it’s a success. Doctors were able to connect transplant the penis from a donor to the recipient on a 9-hour surgical operation. In fact, the recipient of the transplanted penis has been able to impregnate his girlfriend and he is about to become a father.

In the U.S., reports have been circulating about the first penis transplant to be performed in America by Johns Hopkins Hospital doctors. The recipient of this first penis transplant in the U.S. is a veteran soldier in Afghanistan. The unnamed veteran soldier is now waiting for a donor of a penis from a recently deceased individual possibly a fellow serviceman.

Johns Hopkins Hospital has been known for its expertise on innovative surgical procedures, and this very complicated transplant procedure may just fall under the capability of their doctors and equipment. They also offer a Q&A on this penis transplant attempt. They’ve already done implanting the first defibrillator in a human heart and separated twins joined at the head.

The penis transplant operation will be performed by Dr. Richard Redett, a plastic surgeon at Johns Hopkins Hospital. During the surgical procedure from extracting the penis from the donor, Dr. Redett will carefully perform a precise dissection making sure the blood vessels, nerves, and connecting structures are intact. Then, he will carefully attach the donated penis to the recipient and connect the blood vessels, nerves, and connecting structure with precision with expectations that the donated penis would be able to have full functionality including sensation, urination, and sexual function.

Hopefully, this very first penis transplant would be a successful one. People who have worked with wounded soldiers like doctors and advocates know that the loss of a penis is one of the most traumatic injuries affecting emotionally especially for those men who are hoping to become future fathers. Dr. Redett told Reuters News;

When you meet these guys and you realize what they’ve given for the country, it makes a lot of sense.

If this is penis transplant operation becomes successful, this is a good news for those soldiers who lost their penis due to injury and even those men who lost it for some reasons like accidents. This is not an easy operation for sure, but hopefully, doctors at Johns Hopkins Hospital led by Dr. Redett will be able to perform it precisely and successfully. Moreover, good ol’ penis exercises along with devices like penis pumps and traction penile extenders could be helpful as part of the rehabilitation process.

It has been estimated that it will take a few months before the recipient can resume sexual function. Although, the one successfully done in Africa recovered earlier than what doctors expected.


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