How To Use and Take Advantage Of The Five Senses To Boost Pure Sexual Sensation


Pleasure comes from the senses we have. Why not use and take advantage of the senses to boost sexual sensation? Many of you might have been already using it. Some may not be aware, while others are consciously using it everytime.

We have five senses such as touching, hearing, smelling, seeing and tasting. Each of these senses can be hacked for sexual advantage. Let us begin exploring with the sense of touch.

Sense of Touch

The Sense Of Touch

One study conducted in the Journal of Sex Research revealed that touch mainly triggers a woman’s desire for sex. On the other hand, purely touch is a reciprocal sense in which a woman feels the man’s touch while a man feels touching her.

In sex therapy, this is known as sensate focus. Couples should take advantage of this technique to further boost sex experience especially during foreplay. To do it, allow your girl to lie flat on her back.

7 Steps To Rev Up Sex Drive Using Sensate Focus

Let her close her eyes while you slowly caress her hair, head, lips, ear and pretty much every part of her body. Do it like there will be no more tomorrow to savor her body. Gradually, move towards her torso, her legs and to her feet. Then, let her lie face down and repeat the process you have just done.

The purpose of doing this is to establish the points where is more sensitive and responsive. It is like taking a blueprint of her entire body plotting all the erotic and sensitive spots.

Normally, body parts that hold most of the nerve receptors are breasts, inner thighs, and genitals, of course. However, keep in mind, almost every spot or part of the body can be turned into an erotic spot if one learn how to associate with sexual pleasure.

The Sense Of Smell

Most people especially those who are regular at the gym such as a fitness instructor will tell clients to mask masculine scent resulting from sweating due to heavy workout. However, research had discovered that natural masculine scent can be an extremely powerful tool for a man’s arousal arsenal. Scientists have found evidence that humans have pheromones.

Male Pheromones

In fact, there was an actual case study conducted where potential male pheromone was hidden secretly under the chairs. The result, females were clumping on that spot where the male pheromone was placed.

How to take advantage of this scent for a sexual boost for you and your partner? Go sweat together regularly. The best means of doing it exercise together. Besides the bonding and health effects of doing it, your manly sense makes her revved up her desire for sex. Furthermore, doing exercise activates the apocrine glands where the male pheromone is released.

However, every woman may react differently, in fact, according to research by Dr. Hirsch that musk can lower vaginal blood flow. Sometimes, women may link male scent with jerks. However, dusting the body with a pleasant scent baby powder can bring the vaginal blood flow back substantially.

Lastly, if this is going to be the first date, take with you a scent of camphor, eucalyptus, or menthol as these scents have properties to increase empathy.

The Sense Of Hearing

Moaning may excite her during sex. However, this may not be the main thing that drives her crazy. Usually, men notice the sound from women during arousal. On the other hand, women see physical actions when their man get aroused. Therefore, moaning may not be the best option to make her aroused quickly and intensely.

The Sense Of Hearing (Whispering)

The key to using the sense of hearing to boost your girl’s sexual pleasure is through communication. Most women prefer to hear a four-letter word. Whispering her explicit language is the key. However, when whispering nonsense things does not come effortlessly or naturally, telling her what you want during sex can be exciting.

Moreover, it has been found that using substitute dirty words for normal sexual vocabulary helps a lot. Some of the common words women prefer are “cock” instead of “dick”, or “give head” instead of “blow job”.

Begin telling her to do things she is comfortable as you do not want her to feel out of control. In addition, music is another way of taking advantage hearing sense. Explicit song lyrics can deliver the same results as dirty talks.

Choose a naughty music and begin playing it prior to foreplay. It is also a good idea to ask her what music she wants to be played while both of you are in foreplay mood, and make love eventually.

The Sense Of Sight

An Anthony Weiner sex texting style is not what majority women want. It is not because women think that a man’s rod is repulsive they simply want to see their man physically. Body parts can often be a turned on for men. However, women are turned on by people and context.

Eye Contact While Having Sex

If you ask women to look at pictures about sex, they tend to look other things other than the genitals. Women observe things around such as things were on the table, or colors of the flowers at the centerpiece. These acts do not mean women pay more interest to the things around rather than the penis, they simply more in tuned to visual cues to better develop an attraction.

In fact, a man’s face could be the most resounding cue for women as research suggested. Therefore, when you have first met your girl online through social media sites, it is advisable to send her a head shot along with a sexy caption with it.

However, it is a different story when it comes to action in bed. Let her observe all what you are doing clearly especially when it comes to the moment you penetrate into her. Try doing this set of actions;

  • Let her lie on her back.
  • Tell her to keep his knees up.
  • Spread out her legs while you kneel in front of it.
  • Relax and take a deep breath before you enter her.

Particularly, this position can make your muscles more visible to her. In other words, you will be more masculine to her. In addition, she can watch you with an eye to eye contact while inserting your penis into her vagina.

The Sense Of Taste

When it comes to pleasing mouth-tasting, women are more cautious than men. Possibly, this is because women’s sense of taste is more tuned finely than men. However, scientists estimate the effect is more Pavlovian than primal. Taste can influence arousal if it cues a successful sexual experience.

The Sense of Taste

Some women like to taste semen when their man ejaculates while others do not. If she is not open to tasting your semen, do not bother changing her mind. Instead, take another obvious route towards gustatory arousal like foods.

Pick a certain virtual or flavor she eats rarely, but enjoys eating it. For instance, feed her chocolate-coated cherries while in foreplay mood. The pleasure for food can boost sex and vice versa. In certain instances, food alone may be sufficient to trigger arousal in women.


  1. If a couple told me they have sex 66 times a year (as the video states), I’d tell them they have may just have a problem. Intercourse 5 times per month is far less than the average man needs. He’s likely using the hand or has someone else.


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